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Woomera 18th Nov 2004 02:09

PNG Ples Bilong Tok Tok Long ol Lapun!
Someone suggested a thread where ex PNG geriatrics lapuns could live in the dim distant past.

Where ever ex PNG staff post in Dunnunda, the thread seems to get hijacked with ever more incredible and unbelievable stories, so a dedicated thread sounds like a good idea.

So, grab your SP Brownie and go for it...........


Lukim yu.........


Sir Shags 18th Nov 2004 02:15

Your going to regret this...........

tinpis 18th Nov 2004 02:30


Ok olgeta lapun man na meri

this is Goroka right what the hell is the balus the lik lik meri standing by?



Numba wan ples for sucking greenies and telling lies


Torres 18th Nov 2004 03:24

SAAB Safir?? And if it is, the registration will be VH-RHG and owner Bobby Gibbes. (Just a guess - I never saw the aircraft).

And if the guess is correct, pounds to peanuts the lik lik meri's name is either Robin or Julie???

And if the lik lik meri is Robin or Julie, the photo is circa 1959.

Crowley A model Ashtruck in the background. But whose is the DC3/C-47 - is that Ansett-MAL?

Smugglers in Madang? Home of some memorable hang overs.......


tinpis 18th Nov 2004 03:30

By jove you could be right a Saab saffir.i've had a few memorable trips in the other RHG a twin comm Paddy Gibbes in rear and IFR in the cabin from Bobs cigar....

TAA Sunbird DC3??

Yup Smugglers circa 1976, god the memories and braincells destroyed there..
Who fell in the soda warra off the balcony?.

Torres 18th Nov 2004 03:36

Then you'll all know this legend....... who looks a tad spak!


Photo taken Christmas 2001.


Fell off the balcony at the Smugglers - geezus, that could be painful!!

Was the tide in or out?

I know a few who "recycled" they dinner over the balcony........ :yuk:

Chimbu chuckles 18th Nov 2004 05:36

Ahh yes...Smugglers...met my ex wife there...the place certainly has got a lot to answer for:}

69s 18th Nov 2004 09:22

Psst ......... Woomera

Masta bilong sampela diwai long spia

Great idea.....lets go for it :O

Night Watch 18th Nov 2004 13:43

Aaaah P.N.G.... God i miss that place! Just got out of the Sim up here in Hong Kong, and was downing a few quite beers in the Dakota bar, when the subject turned to PNG. It's amazing how when you come across someone who flew in PNG, who you have never met before in your entire life, in a bar on a completely different part of the earth, you inevitably talk about Niugini for hours. Any other conversation that had been going has now been hijacked, as you reminisce about the best flying of your life.

Don't get me wrong..... I love my current job, but will NEVER forget the country that taught me how to fly an aeroplane.

Hope to go back next year for some wreck diving out of Madang!

Torres 18th Nov 2004 22:51

Night Watch

"God i miss that place!"

Don't know when you left PNG but beware - it probably is now not the place you once lived and worked in.

Gone is the peaceful country and people; gone are the "characters" of aviation that gave much of their flying careers to PNG; gone are the operators, Gibbes, Mandated, Ansett, TAA, Qantas, Patair, STOL, TAL, [email protected], Aerial Tours - and gone is DCA with whom many of us had memorable fights.

It may be better to remember PNG as it was long taim before, than return only to be very disappointed!

But I will agree with you - diving off Madang has not changed! :ok:

Torres 19th Nov 2004 00:02

Reminds me of a story from thirty odd years ago..........

Many will remember Jack Thick who owned a timber mill in north Goroka - and, with "Poppa" Raasch recovered the JU52 from Wau after Peter Manser tried to demolish the Qantas office - and the legendary Gillies brothers - Les and Merve.

Les went to Jack's timber mill to buy timber. After eying off Jack's sawn timber, Les suggested to Jack he "...take the timber down to TAL at the airport"

"Why is that, Les?"

"Make bloody good props!"

Then there was Les and Merve's side kick, Sparrow..... who went head first into the sewage pit at the Goroka butcher's shop! :yuk: Someone suggested his odor was an improvement!

C'mon Animalclub, Hanoi, Sharpie ......... you must have some unbelievably tall stories to add........

Animalclub 19th Nov 2004 00:07


We had a meeting of mentors at the local Granite Belt high school and met, for the first time in umpteen years, Marcia Bastow. Hale and hearty and only too willing to talk about PNG and the goings on at Smugglers.

How many of you are writing of your experiences? Good and bad. A good idea for a book? Proceeds to charity in PNG? Or am I talking pie in the sky? I'm willing to be on a team and I'm sure we can get Torres, Jan Balan and Hanoi (if that's still GH's handle) to help.


tinpis 19th Nov 2004 00:45

Ok...whos thrown the chairs in...?


Torres 19th Nov 2004 01:44

[email protected] the PNG charity! Whilst books don't make profits - ask Jim Sinclair - any surplus should be applied to subsidise PNG reunions and the Talair reunion! :}

Yup, tinpis, remember the Smugglers well! :yuk: At least the balcony was closer than the toilets!

tinpis 19th Nov 2004 02:07

Cant for the life of me remember the story does anyone know of the famous (Ben?)
Young go-around at Aseki in an aztruck?


Pinky the pilot 19th Nov 2004 09:08

The one and only time I ever was able to get to Smugglers was on a (non pay) Friday night, somewhere around 10pm back in early March 1992. The bloody joint was empty. :{ I was the only customer and the bar staff were bored stiff!!
If only the walls could speak!:ok:
Night Watch; Check your PMs.

You only live twice. Once when
you're born. Once when
you've looked death in the face.

Chimbu chuckles 19th Nov 2004 12:12

Had more than a few beers with Pierce Brosnan at Smugglers when he was filming Castaway....they used a Twotter for a wind machine and had a ship 'set' in the old Patair hangar...now Airlink I think.

Rooted my ex misses in the Smugglers pool more than once:}

Remember Ricky Johnson's go pinis party that ended up with him falling into a lava crevice off the verandah...lucky he was really, REALLY pi$$ed...he might have felt it...bet he still has scars..both physical and mental:E

In fact we 'borrowed' a Bandit so we, the Lae contingent could attend said function. Bones was PIC and Marty Yarde and I amused ourselves making paper planes in the back and flying them into the cockpit enroute...after a while that got boring and I noticed a plastic cover in the roof liner...not yet being endorsed I enquired of Marty what it's purpose was..."It's the smoke detector cover for when we fly frieght".......:E Shoulda seen Bones sit bolt upright when the smoke alarm went off in the cockpit... :E

PNG was and always will be the best years of my life...nothing else can come close for comradery, adventure....and sheer, unadulterated group stupidity:ok: :}

OzExpat 19th Nov 2004 13:23

Can't wait for the day when I finally leave here forever. That's when I'll be able to write my own memoires!

But, heck... who the hell would believe it... :}

Which Rick Johnson was that Chuck? I remember two people of that name - both pilots and, at one time, both worked for the same company. :eek: :D One went into QF... was it him, or the other one? ;)

Chimbu chuckles 19th Nov 2004 13:28

The QF one...as opposed to the PX but now Korean Airlines one.

Animalclub 20th Nov 2004 01:52

Anybody remember the TAA catering guy Cec?

He had more red lines (scars) on his bald head than a road map. He had this persistant habit of falling off the verandah, every verandah at the TAA mess, every time he got pi**ed and landing on his head... but he was always there at 4 in the morning for work.

He was carrying some aircraft catering across the Lae tarmac one early morning and got very close to the TAA C185 prop... everyone who saw the incident swore that it was only because he was drunk that he avoided walking into it.

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