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norvegian air shuttle jobs info

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norvegian air shuttle jobs info

Old 10th Oct 2012, 14:49
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I would not mind working for WF in the future, who knows, no idea about PicMas, not really important! (but I think this assumption is based on his previous threads)

But as I have noticed there is some hostility towards pilots with Low-Co background, specially the ones who have ended up paying their own TR!

I was actually a bit surprised of this, ok here they keep they low profile as nobody knows who they are, I could not imagine how poisonous such a cockpit environment if one was crewed up together with a militant personality like PicMas, having come from a Low Co carrier background!

We are all entitled to our personal view, however we also need to avoid voicing extremist views and emotions!

Anyway back to your point, as some other posters said, the NAS pilots had the full backing from others and union, I have to admit, I am still below the level of knowledge on much of this, as I am in a different stage in my aviation career, where I am standing on the bottom of the ladder trying to get in!

However I do see your view, and I know it is a problem! As an example, from Norway, I had a friend who worked in Statoil offices in Oslo, he got made redundant, as for cost efficiency Statoil decided to move their offices to Estonia or Latvia, don't recall exactly where, but was one of these places!

Now this is a company owned by the government, who to save cost, moved one of their main offices out of the country! What signal does that send to local business people?

I agree that at one point enough has to be enough, and as I think most "normal" view is that we all have to stand together, to preserve terms/conditions!

I personally never subscribed to EU becoming as big as it has become today, as many of those countries in the east have a much lower standard than the west, and that this should have been a criteria before full free movement within East/West, that they had reached similar economical standard!

I personally feel that politicians lobbied by EU Western countries business, made sure of this extension, to increase business profitability on their ventures in the West, get cheaper labour costs and running costs of operations in East European countries! (they never consulted the people on this massive extension of the EU)

I have to admit, my personal circumstances, will decide the way I do think! Having secured my first job, I know that in the future things will change, and I will also be more demanding, this is not being a hypocrite, it is about being a realist!

I can not expect somebody giving me top money to fly an Airbus, when I have no experience, and this is the way I have accepted these conditions! I get pay based on my experience level!
With more experience, I would personally also take a much tougher stand for future work, as I will have more to bargain with!
Of course, the doomsday predictors will say, that that will not matter, because of me paying for my own TR, I have created a market where I will be of no use, and will be just taken over by somebody else!

Let;s make it clear, my airline, does not make a profit on my TR, I was told what TRTO;s they would accept training from, and that deal was than made directly with me and the TRTO, not the airline!

The airline sent their own TRE for my skill test, and combined my skill test and OPC! We was actually 2 pilots, who had the same deal on this!

I know it is not ideal, and it is not a perfect world, but than again we can only act on what is presented in front of us!
And for me to turn down the offer in front of me, would not have changed anything - somebody else would have done it instead! And I would still been without a job!
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Old 10th Oct 2012, 17:01
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Is PicMas with WF? Didn't know that!
From what I have seen in his previous posts, yes. The funny thing is that after my little " investigation" he has not only deleted his posts in this thread but also the ones in the "wf opptak" thread.

I got so pi$$ed of by his arrogance and complete lack of humbleness that I decided to go through all of his posts. From that I could basicly tell when and where he did his initial training, conversions,ratings, work experience ( time, place and company), jobs he applied for, nationality and age and maybe even his intitials from the way he has signed some of his posts.

After all, this is an anonymous forum so I will keep all that for myself. But is it smart to provide info on a forum like this that could potentially track you down?
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Old 10th Oct 2012, 18:26
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Yes saw that too, specially that he consider paying own TR on the 747, anyway who cares! If given chance later I will apply WF when more experience, who knows we might share a trip, and have discussion about our views and backgrounds!

That would be interesting!

I don't see the point to alienate newcomers, rather try to work together to get a good deal for all!

There will always be unfairness, there was a time SAS only employed ex military pilots who had all their training for free, what was the fairness with that?

Time to draw the line in the snow or sand, and stay united for what will be accepted!

One of the problems today is RYR are very aggressive in their business, I personally think Norwegian would gain more if they could stay away from the RYR model in their operations, I still believe if higher quality, people Are generally willing to pay a little more!
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Old 11th Oct 2012, 18:31
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Just to make it even more clear:
Your company saves a whole lot of money since you are paying your own rating. So I find you are stretching it quite a bit, when you declare that your company don't make a profit from your self sponsoring your rating.
And then the thing about "stenene og glashuset":
Picmas isn´t the only one deleting posts
Somehow it suddenly looks like Aerosmith is talking to himself on the previous page.
And Dick: talking about arrogance, I seem to remember someone else being a little rough on someone else´s spelling a little while back
And your little private investigation doesn´t really contribute much to anything...

And TF, I think its a bit early for you to begin to question someones CRM abilities

Rant over

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Old 11th Oct 2012, 20:21
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Yes, but he refused all his posts, so mine looked even more nonsense there alone!

Anyway, I fully see and understand the frustration of todays situation!
Honestly I am tired of this discussion! My situation is as it is, I could not wait until I am 55, and hope somebody would pay my TR!

Than again, I will NOT EVER pay another TR again to get a job, that much I know for sure!
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Old 12th Oct 2012, 01:08
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been away for a while who is WF?
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Old 12th Oct 2012, 08:44
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Originally Posted by flydog
who is WF?
Has 33(?) Dash 8, -100, -200, -300 and Q400 series, flying mainly in Norway.
Still has an "old fashioned", in my opinion the correct view, on the pilotgame, ie buying a rating wont buy you a job.
You get hired by your experience and your performance during 2 days of admissionstests.
And with some of the best T&C in Scandinavia, I'd say top 10 regardless of aircraft type(remember; 7 days on/7 days off). Considering they're flying TPs they have to be the top dog(?), and all this while still making money.
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Old 23rd Oct 2012, 17:53
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Any recent news about NAS?
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Old 25th Oct 2012, 09:01
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An interesting & entirely intentional side effect of this, is that it will move 100 flights out of "Core Norwegian Production " I think you can imagine what AOC will be used in LGW base . . . . . "Norwegian Long Haul" for sure

Norwegian etablerer ny base i London og Alicante
Publisert: 25.10.2012 Av: Astrid Mannion

Norwegian etablerer base i London fra våren 2013.

Selskapet oppretter også en ny base i Alicante. Fra London vil Norwegian fly til en rekke destinasjoner ved Middelhavet og i Norden. Med den nye basen i England vil selskapet også være bedre posisjonert for konkurransen fra asiatiske og europeiske selskaper i langdistansemarkedet.

Den nye basen vil komme på Gatwick hvor Norwegian allerede i dag er en betydelig aktør. London-Gatwick er Norwegians største destinasjon utenfor Norden med nesten 100 ukentlige avganger. Det et stort potensielt trafikkgrunnlag tilknyttet en så sentralt plassert flyplass, både i form av turisme og et omland med mange millioner innbyggere. Basen i Alicante vil betjene en viktig del av Norwegians spanske produksjon, i likhet med allerede etablerte baser i Malaga og Las Palmas.

Norwegian planlegger oppstart med tre Boeing 737-800 på London-basen, for deretter å øke til fire fly senere på året. De første flygningene er planlagt å starte fra sommerprogrammet 2013. Piloter og kabinpersonale vil bli rekruttert lokalt i London.

- Bakgrunnen for denne etableringen er å posisjonere Norwegian for den fremtidige konkurransen både innad i Europa og i langdistansemarkedet. Vekst og volum er nødvendig for å være konkurransedyktig i internasjonal luftfart i dag, og veksten må også komme utenfor Norden. Samtidig er det ventet at den største trafikkveksten og turiststrømmene i fremtiden vil komme fra Asia inn til Europa. Skal man som skandinavisk flyselskap være konkurransedyktig og ta del i denne store trafikkveksten må man ut i Europa og til Asia og posisjonere seg nå, sier administrerende direktør Bjørn Kjos.

Norwegian har pr i dag baser i Norge, Sverige, Danmark, Finland og Spania. En ny base for Norwegians langdistanseselskap er under etablering i Bangkok.

Norwegian opens new bases of operations at London Gatwick and Alicante
Published:25.10.2012 By:Astrid Mannion

Norwegian Air Shuttle will establish a new base of operations at London’s Gatwick Airport in spring 2013.

It will also establish a new base of operations at Alicante, Spain. Norwegian will offer flights to several Mediterranean destinations and the Nordic region from London. The new base in England will also enable Norwegian to better meet the head-on competition from Asian and European carriers in the long-haul market.

Norwegian is already a significant player at London Gatwick. With more than 100 weekly departures between the Nordic region and London, the British capitol is Norwegian’s most popular destination outside its home market. The airline sees a major passenger potential in London and surrounding areas. The Alicante base will – in addition to already established bases at Malaga and Las Palmas – serve an important part of Norwegian’s Spanish traffic.

Norwegian is planning to start its operations at London Gatwick with three Boeing 737-800s and increase to four aircraft by the end of the year. The first flights will commence in spring 2013. Pilots and cabin crew will be recruited locally.

“By establishing a new base in London, Norwegian will be positioned to meet the future competition on short-haul routes within Europe as well as long-haul routes globally. Growth and volumes are necessary to stay competitive in the airline industry,” said CEO Bjørn Kjos of Norwegian.

Norwegian currently has bases of operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Spain. A new base for the company’s subsidiary for long-haul flights is being established in Bangkok.

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Old 26th Oct 2012, 19:09
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This is a copy of the Ryanair MO. In a short while the fleet of externally contracted "Norwegian" pilots will be much larger than the one organized, and by that time any strike in NPF is worthless. Congratulations. NPF actually dictates the future T&C's for all of us in Scandinavia, so please fight this development asap.
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Old 26th Oct 2012, 19:31
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I totally agree with Kristian...it's a sad, sad story.....I still not understand how the pilot union group in DY could be so f..cked.....by the management - and they discovered it too late...
It's a shame...The other scandinavian pilots were ready to support ...
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Old 27th Oct 2012, 00:00
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They weren't f. . . .d by the management, they were doing their job (well, I agree, that is debatable, but you know what I mean) however, with the support of all the other pilots, 10 ? was it ? aircraft on wet-lease, and having BK by the [email protected] . NPF dropped the ball (or both of them I guess ) so, who to blame ?
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Old 6th Nov 2012, 14:41
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How this new bases project is running?
Did they selected all pilots? T&C's any changes or diferences from scandinavian collegues?
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Old 6th Nov 2012, 18:07
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Different Ha Ha ! ! you are joking , right ? or you just can't be bothered to read this, or any other thread on here
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Old 8th Nov 2012, 09:38
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Might have had support of a few more than 10 pilots there, CP... NPF had the support of ECA pilots as well as quite a few iFALPA pilots, because they asked for mutual support for a good cause, despite the fact that they are not a part of these organizations. It was estimated that about 40000 unionized pilots had their backs if push came to shove. For a very important cause. It was probably not easy to be NPF in the squeeze between massive support and probably facing lawsuits from the company, but the fact is that they did have support from many other pilots. This would certainly have raised more than a few eyebrows down in EASA, and likely forced new rules into place regarding employment of pilots. But alas, they threw in their cards and now we can see what is happening. BK keeps dragging pilots further down into the mud.
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Old 8th Nov 2012, 12:02
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What I meant ( & may have confused you with my [email protected] punctuation ) ) was 10 wet-leased aircraft.

As you rightly say, I believe most of Scandinavia & ECA was "on-side" with the NPF as they quite correctly saw this as a battle for all, not just DY. . . however in the same way that BALPA in the UK failed to see Ryanair & Easy Jet's contracting practices as their concern (until it was too late ) letting go of BK's family jewels has cost dearly for the future.
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Old 8th Nov 2012, 20:53
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Ahhh then I understand your post a bit better

But in the end, we`re all pretty much screwed (not in a good way ), and there`s still too many young, aspiring aviators just waiting to get as fast as they can into the RHS of an airliner no matter what.
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Old 15th Nov 2012, 07:18
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Are they now recruiting non type rated people? I applied but never heard anything again? Someone has more up to date info? Thx
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Old 18th Nov 2012, 18:41
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I just finished my "Matrigma" test...Not an easy task to do...40 minutes on line testing with 35 logical tests to solve...Don't drink to many beers before
I wasn't able to solve them all.
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Old 18th Nov 2012, 19:51
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Or what is your guess ? Drink more before ;-)
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