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ulisse 13th Jun 2012 21:50

norvegian air shuttle jobs info
good day
I' like to have some info regarding the possibiity to get hired from norvegian as foreign pilot

according with the huge order of airplane they will need some driver


Diper 14th Jun 2012 09:41

Utenlandske piloter er å foretrekke! De bør helst bo i Tallinn, Bangkok eller Malaga. Bør være kjernesunn da sykepenger ikke utbetales. Sats på å jobbe til du dør, da pensjon ikke er innkludert.
Opprettelse av familie er ikke ønskelig. Du har kun 8 fridager i mnd. Det kan bli færre, litt avhengi av om ny subart Q blir implementert.:D

ulisse 14th Jun 2012 13:47

ok thanks

this seem not to solve the mistery

i know thath the company is talking with pilots union's

any other info is welcome to gain a clear picture


viking767 14th Jun 2012 23:23

Not enough interest first time around?

Dear Captain,

We have you registered as a Captain with experience flying wide bodied Boeing aircraft.
We have reopened recruitment of Captains for Norwegian Long Haul’s B787 operation.

Please confirm your interest and availability for contract start in January 2013 by completing the attached Flight Crew Data Summary sheet and sending it back to me with any queries you may have.
Also please let me know if you are available for screening 14JUN or 18JUN where we still have slots available.

If you have already received this briefing from my colleague Torkel Waak and are not interested or available, please disregard.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

Claudia Dahlgren
Senior Consultant

trancada 22nd Jun 2012 10:12

But about Foreign pilots, do you if they accept experienced pilots that can make an agreement about the payment of the B737 type rate?

OSDELATROPO 4th Jul 2012 11:15

AGP base working patterns

Could someone tell me what kind Of working pattern are going on in AGP ( do we sleep in AGP everynight or do we carry our suitcase for à different location everyday)?

Depending on that I might consider applying as DEC.


Robert Palmer 7th Jul 2012 13:27

On any 8 day rotation you must spend a minimum of 6 nights at AGP, otherwise your duty is extended until you have 6 local nights in the last 8 days

captplaystation 7th Jul 2012 15:06

Current recruitment is for LPA, no-one knows exactly how that roster will be, I expect a few nights in hotels in Scandinavia, as some of the destinations will be too far to facilitate a round-trip in one duty.

Current recruitment is not for AGP, but, in any case, the roster there is leave AGP Day1, nt stop in 1 or 2 different places "up North" return Day 5.

Constantly changing story regarding AGP based aircraft,rumours of anywhere between 2 & 6, recently expected by Winter, todays story is that it ain't gonna happen, so continue as gypsy. . . . . . .

Latest rumour is that LPA base will operate (round trip?) to Brazil to facilitate company ETOPS approval for 787 operation. :ooh:

VNAV PATH 17th Jul 2012 18:00


i've filled an application for B 787 .

Any info on the assesment process and sim test ?


PropsAreForBoats 17th Jul 2012 19:53

Drop pants, bend over. Good luck ;)

Init-Refpage 19th Jul 2012 22:25

Well, you might be wrong..
Since May we have introduced personality tests for new pilots and captain
candidates.( it is also an IQ test) These tests are developed by a company called Assessio, and it is used by the Long Haul-, Short Haul Fleet and the administration. The personality test is based on “The
Big Five”, which is a highly respected test system. Assessio has trained a group of HR and OPS personnel on how to interpret these tests and how to provide feedback.
Aaaaand by the way, there is also an simride.

So i think you`ll be left behind if you based your training on PS2`s :-)
God luck:-)

NAIA 20th Jul 2012 00:51

we have introduced personality tests for new pilots and captain
candidates.( it is also an IQ test)
So you're gonna fire about 90% of your present pilots I take it?

berserker 20th Jul 2012 06:46

Why all this hate? Remember that these are our fellow collegues.....
They are not to be blamed how things has become.
But of course, one start to wonder why they sudddenly have decided to start some serious screening.......

Init-Refpage 20th Jul 2012 09:06

I give up!!!

this forum has lost all it`s former use..
all you people seem to be interested in is talking shit and being negative no matter what!?!
I remember at time when this was a serious website where a man could actually use some of the information that was shared here.
No it seems that the main goal is to trash everything.
(Before you start, this is not just the case in DY related threads)

Our profession don`t need more negativity.
how about growing up ;)

Goldenbawls 20th Jul 2012 09:10

Some of us need to grow up, and and some of us need to grow a pair in order to secure this profession for the long haul :ok:

But of course, one start to wonder why they sudddenly have decided to start some serious screening.......
Probably because HR/Training themselves realized the "screening" was a freaking joke :D

NAIA 20th Jul 2012 09:19

Why all this hate?
No hate - all love man. I've got this far without doing any of that psychobabble and have not crashed an aircraft yet. I always believed the best assesment of a pilots true potential was his logbook, but to be honest, this is just too funny to be true.

Anyone smart enough to pass “The Big Five”, (which is a highly respected test I might add) ;) , can''t be stupid enough to sign a 6-month back-of-the-fagpack contract flying for pennies through the shadiest of shady tax-loopholes? The one contradicts the other, and is worth a good laugh.

Quality costs, but these guys don't seem too bothered.

Pay low, hire the leftovers.
Pay high, pick and choose.

ENSA 20th Jul 2012 13:21

some extracts from the new personality test:

1. In terms of job security and family planning, what type of employment would you prefer?
A) Call me when you need me
B) 6-month rolling contracts thorugh a third party which can be terminated at any time
C) Proper and defined employment with the actual airline you fly for.

5. Should social benefits and employee welfare ever stand in the way of corporate profits and shareholder gains?
A) Only if I or my immediate family members are shareholders in said company
B) Suck me dry and lube me up, I just wanna fly them jets.
C) Yes, there is a social responsibility that comes with running a human organization.

7. Do moving flight operations from one airport to another airport within the same city constitute a base closure?
A) Why would you do that?
B) Yes, of course it does. 2 new years of contracts, please!
C) No.

21. Have you ever been unable to perform your job as a pilot due sickness or other physiological or psychological reason?
A) Yes, but never for more than 5 days.
B) No, I'm too scared that I will lose my job.
C) Yes, there have been days where I felt my performance on the flight deck to be degraded to a point that would comprimise the safety and well being of my collegues and passengers by going to work.

32. What is the biggest direct threat to most European Airlines?
A) Euro crisis
B) Employee wages and social costs
C) Fuel costs

36. What do the words seniority and scope clause mean to you?
A) Long time to command
B) Barriers to a profitable, flexible international organization making it's shareholders very rich.
C) Instruments used to protect employees from being constantly undercut by cheap labour.

39. Would you be willing to accept substantially lower pay and conditions to jump ahead of all you collegues for a earlier command?
A) Not while there are people behind me on the list
B) Absolutely!
C) No.

68. Do you see a connection between the social benefits provided by the government and the taxes paid by the country's workforce?
A) I see loopholes
B) Nope.
C) Yes

103. Do you have any preference as to where you spend you free time?
A) Not as long as there's a bar around
B) Not as long as I can see my jet from the window
C) Yes, I have a family, friends and children whom I like very much and would like to be in the viscinity of when not at work

143. What.... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

A)This isn't a serious test, is it?
B)Air-speed velocity?
C) What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

Score 1 point for every A, 2 points for every B and -0- points for every C.

HR and OPS personnel have been trained to interpret these tests as follows:

1-3 points. Go away.
3-15 points. Come back later. We might get desperate.
16 points: Would you like a Direct-Entry Command

Hank the F/C 20th Jul 2012 17:11

nothing short of brilliant:ok: It's funny cos it's true:E Or maybe it's sad, but what the hell I'm laughing my arse off:D

Init-Refpage 22nd Jul 2012 03:49

I´m developing temporary bulimia. :-)

I´l be damed if i`m gonna let you bitter guyes shit on my pride!! I have worked my ass off becoming what i am today! have worked for norwegian for 3 years now, and before that i worked in a small cargo airline flying turboprops. Before that i was sleeping in hangars in my sleeping bag just to log one flight hour!! That lifestyle made me a single man TWISE!!!
When i started working for Norwegian i earned that job!
So you just go ahead and make fun of it all, but me and my friends in the company has done what we can do for now..
One day, maybe reality will hit your life to.

By the way: Here`s a fresh can of "shut the **** up and stop judging before you know the fact"!! My treat!

I`m out once again!:ugh::ugh:

berserker 22nd Jul 2012 06:29

I wonder who`s bitter here?:)
Don`t get all fired up, if you dont see why people have a few critical questions then, well......
But then again, its no need for all the trash-talk on DY pilots behalf.
Actually met a couple of them at OSL yesterday, nice people:)
We are all in this shit together......
Oh, by the way Init: Did your company pay for your training and TR?
Worked your ass off to get where you are today or payed your ass off?

Jokes aside, supid argument anyhow. Lets get this forum back to the serious channel it once was:)

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