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Hi.Is Norwegian still hiring? What bases do they have and how are they expanding? Thanks
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Yes, they are. OSL, SVG, BGO, TRD & WAW. Quite rapidly. You're welcome!
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Still expanding.....

"Norwegian to purchase 42 next-generation airplanes
Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA has ordered 42 new Boeing 737-800 airplanes with Blended Winglets. The airplanes have a list price of USD 3.1 billion or just over NOK 18 billion. Parallel to this, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA has ensured purchase rights for an additional 42 airplanes of the same model from Boeing. These cost-efficient airplanes with leading-edge technology are significantly more environment-friendly than the existing airfleet.

This is the largest order in Europe received by Boeing for the company’s 737 series thus far in 2007. The new airplanes will supplement the 11 Boeing 737-800 airplanes Norwegian ordered from Boeing in May this year."
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Minimum requirements for First Officers:
  • Valid JAR CPL license
  • Valid instrument rating
  • Valid proper medical certificate
  • Valid frozen ATPL theory
  • 1500 hours total time on aeroplanes
  • 500 hours in multicrew environment
  • English, written and spoken
  • An advantage if you are fluent in one Scandinavian language or Polish depending of base
  • No criminal record
The recruitment process
The first step is to fill out and submit your application. You will then receive an e-mail which confirms the receipt of your application.
Our application database will be open even if there is no planned recruitment. Opening of recruitment process will be announced on our website.
When a recruitment process starts, a number of chosen applicants who fulfil our requirements will be contacted via e-mail for interviews. An important part of the recruitment process will be to contact the candidate’s references.
The only acceptable way to submit an application for pilot position in our company is to use this online application system. Due to high administrative workload, we appeal to the applicants not to contact us by phone unless there is important information to mediate.

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Terms and conditions

Can anyone tell a little bit about Norwegian:

1. Likely base for new FO's?

2. Roster stability and pattern?

3.Pay and taxes in Norway, pension, LOL, uniform etc.?

4. Crew travel?

5. Crew composition, mostly scandinavians?

6. Time to command?

7. How is management?

If you have anything to add please do so. I would really appreciate an answer. Thank you!
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On the subject of Norwegian, they said a while ago that they were seriously considering a new base in Copenhagen. Have any news come up internally in the company?
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2. 5/4 - 5/3
4. Yes, with NAS only. No ID agreements whatsoever
5. I would believe so... I think the former requirements were knowledge of the Norwegian language.
6. Depends on experience, but minimum 1000hrs on type. Don`t know how this works when newcomers with the hours on type bypass all other F/Os en the list for the left seat, who don`t have the hours yet. Have heard som rumours, but they sound too stupid to be possible
7. Cheap

Last I heard was that they estimated a need for 100 pilots the next year, so if you aready have a rating and some hours then this could mean quick employment. If you don`t have a rating then it might be better to consider the traditional airlines, where yoy don`t have to buy you way in. BTW, you don`t get an offer for employment until AFTER you pass the lincheck. 1 shot only. BS company.
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OK... guess you didn't pass that linecheck then... I have plenty of friends who work for NAS and they are all very satisfied. But, of course, thay have been hired after the linecheck. Chip on your shoulder perhaps?
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You do get travel on FlyNordic as well.

Most crew are Scandinavians, but as well quite a few poles, and crew from other eastern-Europe country's, due to the WAW base.

And from what I heard last, the average time to command is about 5 years, according to the rumors ...

And they will be needing about 100 pilots (at least) for the next few years, due to great expansion, as well as the fact that SAS will be re-heiring, witch is something that will draw a lot of pilot out from all the other Norwegian airlines.
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@Stjuk, Sindree
3. Pay is good, we have Pension, LOL and uniform is paid for, including dry cleaning.
6. Time to command - when you reach the required hours you will quick get an evaluation, if you pass it, command course within a few months.
There is nothing like ex. 5 years at the moment, people who joined this winter are doing there command courses now. We need commanders for the expansion. When you get the time, you get your shot at it. Requirements 4000hr TT and 2000hr 737 or 5000hr and 1000hr 737.
7. Approachable.
You don´t recieve the empolyment offer after passing your line-check. You get your offer after getting the TR on your licence, before you start line-training. It is a big difference! But if you never ever pass your line-training, your probation period (6months) won´t be transformed to a permanent contract, nothing different to any other airline. Who wants a pilot who needs a linetrainer flying with him/her untill pension.
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Dissident, no I didn`t pass a linecheck with them because I declined their "offer" after the interview. Lack of seriousness on their part at the interview was the first reason, the second being buying the rating. I was also told at the interview that there would be no offer of permanent employment until after the linecheck.

Sindree, forgot Flynordic. Of course they get staff travel with them since they bougth them. Anybody know what this means vs Finnair?

TFM, where I fly now I was given my contract weeks before groundschool. 100% employed as F/O. 6 month probation, as you call it, but informed very early that there is no pressure. Failure is human, and you get a second chance. Third.... maybe not

Very interesting when SAS begin employing again. Most likely next year. A lot of other airlines will lose some pilots,and will need to fill the spots. The future looks good - don`t buy yourself a job now.

BTW, I also know a lot of guys at NAS, and they all appear satisfied at the moment. Though the days are long. All nice guys and good pilots
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Good reply! I do agree with TFM-why would you want to keep somebody who obviously has problems during LT, unless special circumstances are a factor (i.e irregular schedule, lack of airplanes (FR), lack of LT-captains and so on)?! It would be very costly for the operators.

In comparison with other LCC:s NAS seems solid, nice to work 4 with an approachable (good word!) management (not like...hmmm... FR perhaps..?) and I can't blame them for requiring a completed type rating previous to employment-seems to be fairly standard among the LCCs. It's all about the benjamins!

From what I understand NAS has a different way of conducting their interviews and rely heavily on "in-house" recommendations. On the contrary they are very demanding during courses and LT which might concur with Guttn's argumentation. There are many ways to skin a cat!

Wish ya'll a nice weekend and happy flying!

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Wants and needs... Many ways to scam a pilot too

Diss and TFM, correct me if I`m wrong here, but from what I`ve heard you only get 1 shot at the linecheck right? And from what I`m reading here you`re pretty much on your own when i comes to the linetraining, e.g. you`re not really tought too much... Where I fly, if somebody is struggling during LT, the instructors/supervisory pilots try their best to help out. From your post, this doens`t seem to be the case at NAS.

And... IF you bust the linecheck you`re out on the pavement again looking for another job with a fresh rating and some 50 hrs (give or take a few) on type. How the h**l are you going to explain on your next interview that you busted a linecheck? Why on earth would someone want to hire you then? Or do you lie about it?

But then, what do I know? I don`t fly with the outfit
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You've got some good points Guttn! Nor am I with the company so I don't know if what you are saying is true. I do, however, agree with your stand on LT: It should be a TRAINING not a check. If you are struggling during the LT you might benefit from a few sessions in the sim, to pinpoint your weaknesses and try to solve them. I cannot see the economy behind putting somebody through 60 sectors of flying, failing a linecheck and then, as you said, back on the street... Costly business.

I have never applied to NAS, probably never will, but since you did mention the interview you awoke my curiosity: what was it like since you found it to be unprofessional? Is it just a mere presentation of the company or does it include technical tests of any sort?

You're right: there are more than one way to scam a pilot! Plenty more... Haha! LOL!
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Mind you, it is 2 years since I attended their interview. So, hopefully, things have changed for the better, and I think they have. But from my experience it was 30min with blahblahblah buy your own rating blahblah you need a valid rating blahblahb lahhahaha and you need to finance your own rating. No contract until you pass your linecheck, and then only if we have job openings. Never checked my licenses, nor logbook. Not even my company references. Left the session without having done a single test or being asked a mere technical/operational question. What kind of people are they picking up off the street anyways? So I left there with, not a bad feeling, more a nauscious one. Got the job offer though, and they kept nagging me to buy myself the rating and so on. But luckily during that process my current employer called and asked if I wanted to join .

And now that it seems SAS are going to open up the employment department, one would think that there is going to be some shakin`goin`on pretty soon .

Good luck to all who apply and buy the rating
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I might be missing something here, but wouldn`t it be better for the applicant to be discarded early on (at the interview) rather than being kicked out during LT or final release?

But hey, whatever suits them. As long as the applicants are aware of it and agree to the terms...

From what I hear they are looking for some 100 pilots in the near future. And with the market being very open now (jobs "everywhere"), are they having a hard time getting pilots with 1500TT and their other requirements?
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Subject: SAS hiring or not?

I would use the term IF instead of WHEN!
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WHEN is the logic answere!
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sas hiring:
ex sasere 2008(30 of 300 wants to come back!!!)
rest of us 2009.
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30 of 300 wants to come back? haha...where did you hear that?
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