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wiggy 31st Jan 2019 18:04

2 signatures from this household...

ShyTorque 31st Jan 2019 18:52

I was one of the first five to sign and was a little alarmed when it went offline. Good to see it back again.

ExAscoteer 31st Jan 2019 20:32

I have signed.

kenparry 31st Jan 2019 20:55

Me too, now that it is available again

Donkey9871 31st Jan 2019 21:59

Originally Posted by tucumseh (Post 10376001)

Good first post! Unfortunately, MoD confirms it doesn't hold the 1992-3 (un)airworthiness documents I mention. Luckily, we have two letters signed a few weeks after the accident confirming the Air Staff knew beforehand it wasn't airworthy. MoD and Ministers (esp Adam Ingram) denied their existence, but Lord Philip chose to believe the physical evidence.

As you've worked in an aircraft IPT (as have I) can you ever recall the concept of a time-limited Release to Service? The Chinook HC Mk2 one ran out two weeks after the accident. It was for ground training and familiarisation only, and this was to be extended because Controller Aircraft had stated it was not airworthy. To me, the very notion is barking but someone else might say it was common practice.

Thank you!
I wasn't implying that the aircraft were fit to fly, only that all documentation should, by MoDs own rules, be retained and not destroyed. I don't see how any other organisation can claim that their rules are different, as I recall it is a flow down from CAA/EASA regulations.
I was actually on HEIPT but the same rules apply to airframe as engines.

Watson1963 31st Jan 2019 22:30

Signed .. 142 now.

Dutystude 31st Jan 2019 22:44

Signed (154)

Out Of Trim 1st Feb 2019 00:47

196 Signatures now!

heights good 1st Feb 2019 03:50

Signed and forwareded to others

Bergerie1 1st Feb 2019 04:59

I've signed.

filbey1944 1st Feb 2019 05:12

signed, posted on facebook

FantomZorbin 1st Feb 2019 07:25

Signed, DCO

Arkroyal 1st Feb 2019 09:35

Signed. 316 now!

Fitter2 1st Feb 2019 10:08

Checked daily and signed as soon as it I found it live again, at number 38 or so. Also written to my MP, although I suspect he has currently more urgent issues on his agenda.

Engines 1st Feb 2019 13:14

Signed. 425 now.

Arkroyal 1st Feb 2019 14:01

Originally Posted by kintyred (Post 10371920)
May I again recommend David Hill's excellent book 'Their Greatest Disgrace'? Not the source documents we are petitioning to retain but an outstanding précis of the while sorry tale.

Thanks kintyred (😂love it) for the recommendation. I missed it earlier somehow. A great read I’m about a third through. David Hill writes a very compelling account somewhat in the style of one of our contributors here! 🤔

The appearance of the name of my ex-MP Andrew Robathan in the narrative explains a lot. He refused to see any of my points during the campaign, against my reasoned arguments.*

Now I know he was being shmoosed in Philadelphia by Boeing as the crash happened goes some way to explain his intransigence.*

His initial answer to me to me that he ‘doesn’t sign EDM’s’ was just one of his obfuscations. (I’m too polite to use the word ‘lies’) He was less than pleased when I sent him a list of those he had signed.*

Politicians eh? His toeing of the party line served him well. Now known as Lord Robathan of Poultney.*

Genghis the Engineer 1st Feb 2019 16:36


I never had anything to do with the accident, or the investigation. But I did occupy a post at MoD at the time where I saw the iterating draft reports - which told me more than enough to believe firmly that these documents should be archived and ultimately in the public domain.


dragartist 1st Feb 2019 18:28

Over 650 now.
shared on Social Media channels

Bazzo 1st Feb 2019 20:53

Number 803

mmitch 2nd Feb 2019 09:22

Signed now 947. mmitch.

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