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Originally Posted by Asturias56 View Post
"Astute" was completed in 2007 - so that's a +21 year programme for 7 boats. Gives you some idea of how hard it is to build up a fleet.
There was also a built-in timeline, to have continuality of build for the ship yard. Going into the next class. This was also suppose to happen for the Collins. Only they stopped all plans, the gov of the day had other ideas. Hence another reason of where we are today.
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Originally Posted by rattman View Post
Nulcear ships have never been banned from australia. You might be thinking of NZ but australia pretty much continuously gets visted by nuclear powered aircraft carriers. Subs are way less common and neither invincible or a illustrious was nuclear powered
Spent enough time on Invincible and Lusty to be perfectly familiar with their propulsion thanks.

It was carriage of buckets of sunshine that was the problem - or more precisely refusal to confirm or deny presence onboard.
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Fremantle council declared they were nuclear free, but it was completely ignored by everyone as councils have zero authority over ports its generally state, sometimes federal. Australia has never been nuclear free, labor went to an election in the mid 80's with a nuclear free policy and lost. I remember in the 90's 3 nuclear carriers all anchored off freemantle, the freemantle port is unsuitable for nuclear carriers so they anchor out to see and crew get ferried in

Hmm factually wrong, considering Andrew Peacock was head of the liberal party, seems factually wrong, seems a mish mash of errors. Paragraph its banned, paragraph its docked in sydney fixting the propeller shaft

Ahhh figured out. Berthing/anchoring in australia with nuclear weapons was fine, as it was in the sea. Going into a drydock was considered on australian soil because its no longer floating. Nuclear weapons are banned on australian soil because of the poms. But weapons or propulsion is fine as long they as they are floating. The issue was that they needed deammunition the ship while be worked in dry dock, they refused

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