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Military Aviation A forum for the professionals who fly military hardware. Also for the backroom boys and girls who support the flying and maintain the equipment, and without whom nothing would ever leave the ground. All armies, navies and air forces of the world equally welcome here.


Old 31st Mar 2018, 17:54
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So the result fail, reason when looking at a distance eyes came together therefore under pressure might see 2 runways
I think that is called ocular divergence. I had it when I went to Salisbury, Rhodesia, when I first applied (with three O levels). I passed the aptitude tests, looking at pictures of instrument panels and ticking off what they were indicating. I also passed the interviews done by RRAF officers whom I knew from my Rhodesian army service.

However, I failed on OD so I was offered navigator. My father, ex RAF pilot advised me against this on the basis that if you were going to be killed in an aircraft you may as well be flying it.

I went to an optician in Bulawayo where I lived and I had a course with cards that encouraged my eyes to diverge normally. Whether this worked or not but I went back and the medic passed me on the basis that my eyes must have been tired during the first assessment.

Two weeks later I was in the back of Johnny Johnson's Argosy en route to South Cerney.

I never did pay the opticians bill. I was gone before he sent it.
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Old 31st Mar 2018, 18:09
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The OG

Risbut The 'OG' input would cover:-
Flying and instructing on mosquito's and meteors after the war; long time involvement with instructing and AOPA matters, managing the Shuttleworth Trust, and always a keen supporter of the Comper Swift although I do not know if he ever actually owned one, but would have been very keen for Shuttleworth to get one (which they did in the end). He also was a great supporter of 'Airfields', and spent many hours on the (good guys side) defending the case against objectors and developers. I flew a Swift into OW in the early 70's during one of their shows (no one seemed to mind in those days) but do not recall seeing him on that occasion. He has written several interesting books, and the Mosquito input covers the RAF aspect plus air testing them later when they were in civilian mode.
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Old 31st Mar 2018, 22:27
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My dad - Ian Sanford did his flying scholarship at Oxford, for 3 weeks in Sept 65, at Oxford. Piper Colt - first flight was in G-ARJG.

From there he went on to join the RAF - 2 tours on the Lightning was followed by the fateful tour to Valley, which sadly ended up in the mid-air collision between 2 Gnats in April 76.
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Old 1st Apr 2018, 08:22
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Ken Parry , thank you sir . Get in early , or number dislexia . Might explain why I could never do my 3 X table and fly a Glideslope .

rgds condor.
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Old 1st Apr 2018, 17:20
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Gliding scholarship in 62. Flying scholarship Aug 63 to PPL with Rodgers Aviation at Cranfield. Joined RAF Oct 63; 14 Sqn B(I)8s Mar 66, then Buccs, Hunters, Tornados until 96. Only 2 short ground tours!!!
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Old 1st Apr 2018, 19:38
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Did my Flying Scholarship at Thruxton, where I still keep my aeroplane, 6 weeks after my 17th birthday. Drove there on my 49cc NSU Quickly scooter from Wimbledon, was shown to a rat infested sleeping hut by the old black hangar (which housed several Mosquitos that were for sale) and then to a briefing on what to expect in the bar of the Wiltshire Flying School that evening. The following morning my first air experience trip was in Chipmunk G-AORL with a Polish instructor, Mr Ruprecht from Middle Wallop who just did aerobatics until I was ill. From then on all the flying was in Thruxton Jackaroos, first solo in G-AOEX on the fifth day, dual cross country as to Christchurch airfield and qualifying one to Portsmouth and Shoreham. PPL Flying test at 30 hours was with CFI John Heaton 13 days after I arrived there, which was the excuse for the instructors and a young actress called Sheila Scott to have another party in the bar that evening. I left for home the following morning feeling as ill as after my first flight there, but for a different reason. Another year at school for A levels and then onto Cranwell....I am still addicted to flying which proves the system really worked!
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Old 2nd Apr 2018, 14:59
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I had the good fortune to be awarded a Flying Scholarship at Halfpenny Green in 1972. My first solo was just 6 weeks after my 17th birthday in PA28-140 G-AZMX. My instructor was Bert Benson and the school was run by Ray McKenzie-Blyth with whom I am still in touch, and he has posted here in the past. Co-incidentally, I started to frequent pubs at the same time (I was tall and got away with it!). Bitter was 10p per pint, mild 9p and 'best' 11p! Some things you never forget. I joined the RAF a year later on a University Cadetship and have flown professionally ever since.

I first left mother earth in an aeroplane in 1968 as a CCF cadet on an air experience flight in a RAF C-130 from RAF Fairford; this was some 50 years after the formation of the RAF. I am still flying UK military registered aircraft, including RAF airframes, professionally as we pass the RAF's 100th anniversary. This must mean that the RAF is quite young or I am quite old - or a combination of the two! I certainly have never forgotten the start to my powered flying career that the Flying Scholarship gave me.

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Old 2nd Apr 2018, 15:43
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Soloed at Sealand in a T31 Easter 1961 and like Wander did my Flying Scholarship at Sywell with Les Hillditch but in 1962. Soloed on Austers at Easter but contracted appendicitis towards the end of the course and had to be invalided home for the operation. Went back in July to finish and joined the RAF at South Cerney in September. In those days the 30 hour Flying Scholarship gave you a PPL provided your parents could afford the paperwork costs. Drove my own Austin 7 to Sywell before being taken home ill. Car sat in the carpark until July whereupon it started first swing (always started it on the handle unless it was warm!)

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Old 2nd Apr 2018, 15:46
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First solo on 01.07.57 Cadet Mk.III XE785 at 662 GS RAF Edzell. Then Flying Scholarship at Perth. First Solo (Power) 20.07.58 Tiger Moth G-AHUE. (PPL No.52662). First RAF solo (at RAF High Ercall) Piston Provost XF612 25.01.61 6 FTS RAF Ternhill. Finally hung my flying boots up in 2012 (medical). Without the wonderful ATC organisation I would not even have got started.
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Old 2nd Apr 2018, 17:44
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Without the wonderful ATC organisation I would not even have got started.

Amen to that .................. !


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Old 2nd Apr 2018, 18:37
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Absolutely agree with the comments above about ATC. To amplify my post No2 I got my gliding A+B at 16, PPL from the Flying Scholarship at 17 and then IACE to Canada that summer. First attended ULAS while too young to legally drink, post degree had my 21st during IOT, Flt Lt during M/E Groundschool, Operational by 23. Driving licence was summer of 1971 - needed it to get to Cranditz.
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Old 3rd Apr 2018, 08:05
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I'm another golden club member, although a few months ago. In my case August 1967 at Elmdon airport (now Birmingham International) on the Cessna 150. Fond memories
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Old 3rd Apr 2018, 09:05
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I see someone else had the joy of experiencing the Thruxton Jackaroo!!I did my first AOSC just before Hornchurch closed in 62,but failed it,and told I could try again a year later.This time a travel warrant was issued for another try at Biggin Hill.This time success followed by Western Air Training Services offering a complete course within a month,and accomodation in a tiny room off the bar/office in the old Control Tower,The affair being run by Sqd Ldr Doran Webb,and a huge CFI with one ear and a never ending tolerance for Ale,one John Heaton.I was sent solo by "Sprocket",John Spencer-Smith, in GAOIJ and completed the usual Shoreham Portsmouth triangle cross country to qualify.We had time on our hands and some mutual trips were encouraged,so flour bombing was the usual misdemeanour at Compton Abbas and Middle Wallop often led by JH,to be then attacked by Chipmunks led by Ted Clowes,and Jo Ruprecht.Both these two stalwarts also instructed us Studes,and we soon found the full envelope of the Tiger(ANPK) Chipmunk(AORL) and the rest of the Fleet of Jackaroos.To see 3 or 4 Jackaroos taking off into wind in line abreast evoked the old films of the 30s,but that was how it was in the early 60s,and very few if any accidents!!I can only remember the odd undercarriage being swiped,and later a couple were crashed near Chilbolton,but nothing else with no radios and just mark one eyeball.Magic times and very grateful to have experienced-John Heaton,Sprocket,Ramsay-Smith,Bill Leary and his lovely Wife "Tickle" who ran the Cafe,,?Ray Johnson,Jo Ruprecht,Ted Clowes,and any I have forgotten-"Pepe" the Ex POW who ran the Pumps and dragged out the fleet from the bottom hangar to be then taxied up to the Control Tower.Yes, Sheila Scott with GAPAM and Luella Selka with her Emeraude,and MGA giving us lifts into Andover never to be forgotten.How time flies!!!!

Last edited by FAStoat; 4th Apr 2018 at 12:10. Reason: Left out Bill Leary's Wife one of the main characters!!
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What a 'blast from the past' this thread is.

Was awarded a Special Flying Award in 1968 after attending OASC (did not know what it was when asked, "Would I like to be considered for a ..." at the final interview, just said, "Yes Sir" and found out after.)

Spent the Easter school holidays 1969 plus a week or so, at OATS, Kidlington getting the 30 free hours plus the extra 5 that my parents paid for me to get my PPL. As others have said, most flying in PA28s but with spinning in the Zlin.

Unfortunately for me this did not lead to the flying career I had dreamed of as I failed a medical at Biggin Hill the next year when applying for a University Cadetship. The medics found a heart murmur which was ascribed to my having mild rheumatic fever between the medical at the Test in Advance when the SFA was awarded, and the later one, which ruled me out for General Duties (the diagnosis was wrong as I have a bicuspid aortic valve which I was born with, but I guess I would have been rejected because of that anyway!). I was offered an Engineering Cadetship ( I was going to take an engineering degree) but decided that I could not bear having a career being so close to aircraft and not allowed to fly them. I have spent 40 odd years in the oil & gas business as an engineer, travelling the world and being paid pretty well for the privilege so I cannot complain.

Anyone else on this thread who was at Kidlington doing their Flying Scholarship in April '69? There were quite a few of us 17 and 18 year olds but the intervening 49 years have made me forget all the names.
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Old 3rd Apr 2018, 14:24
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First RAF solo (at RAF High Ercall) Piston Provost XF612 25.01.61 6 FTS RAF Ternhill
You must have been on the course behind me because I started in Oct 1960. Did you finish your Provost flying at Ouston?
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Old 3rd Apr 2018, 15:02
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No; I finished at Ternhill. We (158 Course) started on 12.12.60 and my last flight was in WV607 on 20.07.61.
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I was on 157. We had a gash fortnight after our final handling tests where we just flew to enjoy ourselves. One was a landaway for PPL qualification. It was rounded off by the aerobatic competition and finally the spot landing contest on June 15th.
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I did my A&B gliding certificates at RAF Debden two weeks after my 16th birthday, and my Flying Scholarship/PPL in the summer of 1973 at Southend Light Aviation Centre. My first solo was in PA28-140 S-ASWA, and Edward Clack did my GFT in G-AVLT. Never made it into professional piloting but have been an aviation professional my entire career, working as a Systems Engineer, and latterly a Project Manager, for 3 well known names in the aircraft design and manufacturing industry, both rotary and fixed wing.
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With you there Beags, actually a few months behind as I turned 17 at the very end of July '68 and completed my Flying Scholarship (at Carlisle Airport) with +5hr for the PPL (madness not to) in early September. In Aug.'71 I was privileged to have a back seat ride in a Buccaneer whilst a Cadet Pilot with Oxford UAS and this led to some fun years on the Hunter and Jaguar, "Home and Away" - as they say. Some years later again Civvy flying beckoned and I retired from that coming up two years ago after c.10k hours on 146/Q400/E195 etc. Surely the REALLY scary thing is that the RAF has been going but 100 years and you and I, and many others, have been active Aviators for half that time - and continue to be so. I am undertaking a South African PPL later this year because GA in UK/Europe is just stupidly expensive and bureaucratic. Happy days once more?
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A tadge jealous of the Piston Provost flying. For some odd reason always fancied flying (in) one
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