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A very good military read

Military Aviation A forum for the professionals who fly military hardware. Also for the backroom boys and girls who support the flying and maintain the equipment, and without whom nothing would ever leave the ground. All armies, navies and air forces of the world equally welcome here.

A very good military read

Old 18th Apr 2008, 13:21
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Still trying to track down a copy of Devils Guard, I've heard so much about it. Trouble is that 95.00 makes it a bit painful for a paperback and definately not something I want to get pool water splashed over.
Old 18th Apr 2008, 13:45
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GPMG - Great! I've got a copy! Didn't realise they went for that much.

That said, I see that it mainly gets rave reviews on Amazon but there is one dissenter who I side with. I'm convinced it is a novel rather than an authentic memoir. There are too many discrepancies in times/locales etc.

That said, a good read.
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Old 18th Apr 2008, 13:54
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Yep, my brother had a copy in NI and left it in the Coy library. He's a bit disappointed now about that decision.

I guess that it's along the lines of The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer. An excellent book that has a fair bit of discussion surrounding it regarding it's authenticity, still a terrific book though.

Old 18th Apr 2008, 14:13
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Got that one as well.

I agree. Of the two it's definitely more authentic. I'm sure a bit of research could reveal whether times/dates etc match.
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Old 18th Apr 2008, 14:24
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Additional Suggestions


Mark Berent's 5 books. Rolling Thunder etc....

Another set of novels written by a pilot.


The first few by Richard Herman Jr.
Kind of went downhill after Iron Gate.

Also not aviation but...
Stephen Hunter's Bob Lee Swagger books
and 'The day before Midnight'

Non Fiction:-

The Ravens by Christopher Robbins.

About the Raven FAC's in Laos.



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Old 18th Apr 2008, 14:28
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Re; Devils Guard


Gave my copy away.

''Ravens'' is deffo v. good as well
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Old 18th Apr 2008, 20:03
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GPMG, Maybe this is the kind of thing that you have been looking for too.
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Old 18th Apr 2008, 20:25
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I don't own this space under my name. I should have leased it while I still could
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A dirty distant war By E. M. Nathanson

He wrote the Dirty Dozen. The Major is now reassigned to French Indo China. The book really is an eye opener.

The Japanese are in military control. The French are in nominal control. The Americans arm the Vietnamese under a guy called Giap.

Having read a bit on the Dutch East Indies and the troubles there this story has a striking resonnance. A good read.
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Old 18th Apr 2008, 22:12
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Recommendation 1 - The Dying Place, David A. Maurer, account of special ops in Laos by Long Range Recon Patrols (LURRPs) during the Vietnam War. A perfect holiday read, short and punchy, you will not want to put it down once you start.

Recommendation 2 - TROTTI, JOHN: Phantom over Vietnam - Autobiographical account of USMC pilot. Factual, detailed and a brilliant read


Recommendation A1 - For the best read I've had in recent years try "My War Gone By, I Miss It So Much." Searing and heartrending account of Times journalist Anthony Lloyd's experiences in Bosnia, Chechenya, and heroin addiction. Enjoy!

Edited to add:

Ref Post 12, AA mentioned the most excellent A Rumour of War, autobiographical account of Phillip Caputo's time as a USMC 2nd Lt in 63/64, for which he quite rightly won a Pulitzer Prize. His follow up to that was the fictional "Indian Country", Vietnam vet returns from war, difficulty adjusting to life back home etc. Further on in his career is "Delcorso's Gallery," successful but very jaded commercial photographer takes on the establishment. All rollicking good reads.

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Old 18th Apr 2008, 22:43
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Not Vietnam/Korea but as I'm stuck in Korea for 3 weeks I've just read Tail End Charlies by Nicholl/Rennell and found it a cracking read and very moving as well. Have got Patrick Bishop's Fighter Boys to re-read as well..

Most of the standards have been covered here - racking my brains for any others I may have read in the past. As I'm here I wish I'd got a good history of the Korean War to read!
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Old 18th Apr 2008, 23:53
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Gulf of Tonkin Yacht Club by Rene Francillon. Huge grey war canoes and real naval aircraft - a heady mix as they say.

The Last Valley is also excellent - but just how many of the Foreign Legion had previously been in the Waffen SS?

The Korean War by Max Hastings is a good starter for 10. Am reading The Fighter Boys (for the second time) at the moment. It still makes my eyes water. I can't think why.

Wings on my Sleeve by Capt. Eric "Winkle" Brown CBE DFC AFC RN. IMHO one of the best flying books.

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Old 19th Apr 2008, 07:29
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My books have just turned up from Amazon, a quick glance looks positive.

Great service from Amazon.
Old 19th Apr 2008, 10:21
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I can recommend Maritime Books for their service; IMHO they're as good as Amazon. I've finished Fighter Boys now and started "Life at Full Throttle" by Admiral Sir John Treacher. Looks OK so far.
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Old 19th Apr 2008, 10:31
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Try This One

A Bright Shining Lie by Neil Sheehan. Absolutely superb

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Old 19th Apr 2008, 14:05
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I just re read a book of anecdotes of RAAF fast jet pilots seconded to US forces in Vietnam as FAC pilots. Good read.

Hit My Smoke: Targeting the Enemy in Vietnam
(ISBN: 1864484802)
Coulthard-Clark, Chris
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Old 19th Apr 2008, 14:40
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If you enjoyed Chickenhawk and other book about the H/C war you will enjoy RATTLER ONE - SEVEN. by Chuck Gross, isbn1-57441-178-0
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Old 19th Apr 2008, 18:28
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Rasimus 'When Thunder Rolled'
Cook ' Once a Fighter Pilot'
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Old 19th Apr 2008, 19:11
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Try Rescue Under Fire, tells the story of how Dust Off was created, the son of Korean medevac helicopter operations.

Brilliant book, ISBN 0-7643-0461-5
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 07:37
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If you like a bit of black humour from the Vietnam era try "Gunship: Spectre of Death" by Henry Zeybel. The story revolves around a fictional hero who just happens to have the same initials as the author, who is a sensor operator on an AC130 gunship. The technical bits are very detailed, the flying sequences gripping and the funny bits absolutely hysterical.

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Old 20th Apr 2008, 11:54
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Dammit... I've turned my house upside down looking for my copy of Devils Guard... Nowhere to be found...
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