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Future Carrier (Including Costs)

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Future Carrier (Including Costs)

Old 8th Mar 2022, 19:10
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820 NAS would need to supply the cabs and don't seem to be planning to.

There appear to rumours the USS George H W Bush may deploy in the near future. (I believe the only anything like worked up CVN in an Atlantic port.) Just saying, no real evidence. The Ford is due for a truncated deployment later this year once it is fully worked up. The other CVNs on the east coast are long term unavailable undergoing PIA, DPIA or RCOH .
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Old 12th Mar 2022, 16:59
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HMSQNLZ has been hosting the Junglies of the CHF OCU 846 NAS. Road closures connected to her trip up to Loch Long to restore is causing ructions among local councillors, demands for compensation for the record high priced fuel consumed by those having to take a diversion.

'Captain Ian Feasey Royal Navy, Commanding Officer of HMS Queen Elizabeth, said: “We return to sea today as the United Kingdom’s Very High Readiness Strike Carrier for routine operational activity and training.
“The hard work of both my ship’s company and our supporting industrial partners has improved the condition of the Fleet Flagship.”
The 65,000-tonne aircraft will return to Glen Mallen on the Clyde in Scotland for a routine logistics visit and also hopes to visit Liverpool on her return leg to Portsmouth at the end of the month.
During this short stint at sea, training will focus on individual, team and whole ship exercises as well as working with commando-carrying Merlin helicopters from RNAS Yeovilton-based 846 Naval Air Squadron.
The ship will be conducting further exercises and training later in the year as the carrier is kept at very high readiness to deploy anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.'
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Old 17th Mar 2022, 20:11
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Royal Navy aircraft carrier takes centre stage at the heart of mighty naval task force

No F-35B Lightnings are embarked - perhaps due to the slow build up of the RAF/RN force? She is still working with them and directing them against simulated hostile aircraft. I assume that the jets will be embarked on other exercises and deployments this year. HMS Prince of Wales is however carrying Merlin HM2s. One of my annoyances is the simplistic way that the ASW Merlins are frequently described as being for the defence of the carrier, as opposed to the protection of the task/strike group as a whole, and any forces being escorted or supported. The authors of the news items on the RN website sometimes get it right, and Twitter updates can be correctly worded too.

At the start of last years CSG21 deployment: Merlin squadron commanding officer speaks of Carrier Strike Group pride

In terms of the number of people we need to operate those aircraft, we will have approximately 60 aircrew and about 130 engineers and other support staff. That will give us the ability to fly aircraft 24 hours a day with between two and three lines, constantly supporting and protecting the carrier and the strike group.”

After the WESTLANT19 deployment:

The Type 23 (Northumberland) in the surface group also has a Merlin HM2 and a towed array sonar, and the USS Roosevelt carries a pair of MH-60R. The carrier will also coordinate their operations. RAF P-8 Poseidons will also be part of the exercise so we can say that ASW is a major part of the exercise. We can also say that the surface group is there to protect the amphibious group.

Watch this space...

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Old 17th Mar 2022, 20:28
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'WEBF' said above: "...due to the slow build up of the RAF/RN force?..." Slow build up? Perhaps waiting for BLOCK 4 [now problematic itself] aircraft is a bonus? An explanation of sorts in this photo essay: https://www.navylookout.com/royal-na...ussian-attack/

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Old 29th Mar 2022, 07:25
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Frustratingly, there has been no news thus far on either the RN or MOD websites, or the Twitter feed from HMS Prince of Wales, about her ASW role as part of Exercise Cold Response 22. As well as her own 'surface group', I assume that she is also taking charge of Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1). In any operation in the NATO theatre other NATO naval forces would be attached to the British carrier group, not just surface warships and auxiliaries but also submarines. The addition of NATO naval units is something that critics often ignore.

Here is an interesting Twitter update from SNMG1 which mentions their role in protecting amphibious forces - including with ASW helicopters.

The Merlin HM2s from Prince of Wales will of course be contributing to this.

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Old 5th Apr 2022, 07:30
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The last few weeks - commanding a surface group and protecting an amphibious force. The next couple of weeks - ASW and defending the Atlantic SLOCs.

Government of Iceland - Defence exercise Northern Viking 2022 to take place in Iceland

The aim of the exercise includes practising the defence of the sea routes around Iceland and of important structures and security infrastructure, e.g. telecommunications cables. The participants will also practice the search and rescue of civilians, with the Icelandic Coast Guard and police. Northern Viking includes an amphibious landing of American marines at Miđsandur in Hvalfjörđur. The landing is planned for 11 April and temporary traffic restrictions may be expected in the area on the day. Members of the media will be invited to observe the exercise and related events, to the extent possible.

The exercise is open for participation of NATO allies and partners. The naval forces of the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Norway have confirmed participation. Military vessels from these states will practice defending the sea routes to the south of Iceland and will participate in a submarine search off the coast of Iceland, with anti-submarine aircraft and helicopters.

US Sixth Fleet Public Affairs - U.S., Iceland Kick Off Exercise Northern Viking 2022

NV22 strengthens interoperability and force readiness between the U.S., Iceland and Allied Nations and enables execution of multi-domain command and control of joint and coalition forces in the defense of Iceland and the Sea Lines of Communication in the Greenland-Iceland-United Kingdom Gap. The exercise includes amphibious landings, expeditionary and construction capability, search and rescue, and humanitarian assistance with forces demonstrating skills in events across multiple domains, climates, and vignettes to enhance interchangeability and interoperability.

On certain websites, namely the UK Defence Journal, the critics are quick to bemoan the lack of embarked F-35B Lightnings. The ASW significance of multiple Merlin HM2s working with a towed array equipped Type 23 (with her own embarked helicopter) seems to have escaped them. Perhaps nobody told them that the carrier has an ASW role?

Historically carriers have been seen primarily as platforms for sea control - at least in the NATO context. I recently found an old 1970s document relating to the problem of integrating the air wings of the 'attack' carriers (a misnomer as they also carried fighters for fleet defence) and ASW carriers.

See also the discussion here: Late 1970s US Congress Report - The US Sea Control Mission (carriers needed in the Atlantic for Air Defence and ASW - both then and today).

By the way, today is the 40th anniversary of Hermes and Invincible sailing for the Falklands following the Argentine invasion.

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Old 14th Apr 2022, 20:25
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What would I call it? I would call it Integrated ASW. It seems fair enough for the towed array equipped frigate to take charge, cuing the MPA and dipping sonar equipped helicopters as necessary.

I feel a bit daft for banging on about the role carriers and their aircraft can play in protecting shipping or amphibious forces, without mentioning that as well as acting as an escorting force, they can be used as a barrier to stop hostile forces getting near our vulnerable assets. Given the inability of the MOD/RN media people to state that the carrier does do things like air defence and ASW, we might be waiting a long time for a press release describing the contribution made to Exercises Cold Response 22 and Northern Viking 22. After all it was the BBC and Sky that reported the thirty intercepts of Russian jets by F-35B Lightnings from HMS Queen Elizabeth during the CSG21 deployment. or the way frigates and Merlins (and our own SSN) kept track of Russian and Chinese submarines, instead of RN/MOD news stories.

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Old 21st Apr 2022, 19:17
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Royal Navy carriers ready for Arctic role after Prince of Wales’ High North operation

HMS Prince of Wales led a task group to 77 Degrees North in the North Atlantic to demonstrate the ability of the UK’s two 65,000-tonne Queen Elizabeth-class carriers to operate in the harshest environmental conditions.

The carrier returned home to Portsmouth in the small hours of this morning after seven weeks away – inside or on the fringes of the Arctic Circle – training with allies from NATO and the UK-led Joint Expeditionary Force, having laid the foundations for Royal Navy carrier operations in the High North for the next half century.

Captain Steve Higham, the carrier’s Commanding Officer, said the concerted period operating in and on the fringes of the Arctic had helped the Royal Navy “to push the boundaries of UK carrier operations in the cold, harsh environment.

“HMS Prince of Wales deploying in the High North has proved our ability to operate in the Arctic. I’m very proud of our ship's company and their constant innovation in the face of extreme conditions.”

Reposted as I forgot this Twitter update:

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