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Qatar salary reductions and redundancies 😬

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Qatar salary reductions and redundancies 😬

Old 13th Sep 2020, 09:30
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Anyone left out due to vacation etc and COVID ban think themselves lucky if they are with family and friends. If families separated then itís goes with territory ..sorry. My suggestion Is get the family out ASAP and sell everything in sandpit, the goods furniture cars are no value anywhere else. Think long term another career, business anything but airlines and air travel. I always kept my family back home where rock solid grammar schools cheap cost of living and most of all law and order where you have protection (well sort of except USA).
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Old 15th Sep 2020, 18:01
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Originally Posted by FlyingAce77 View Post
I am not talking about Airline anymore, it is more, maybe you haven't see all the social media frenzy regarding Qatar on twitter and FB Pages, glad people have stood up, and are openly talking about, and i am happy, i am leaving early next yeat
Hi flyingace77, can you be more specific about FB and Twitter? can you send some links..

Originally Posted by rolloutflare View Post
Doubt so, with this pandemic, Airlines worldwide will have their pick at their discretion when time comes to do so. Thousands will line up for the rejoining, no hard feelings, and if there is, move aside and cry on your own while many will simply keep moving on.
I doubt there is going to be a long line to rejoin QR. After all the salary cuts, more stress on flights, more stress for stupid things by management (CHECKING WHATSAPP pilot groups is one of them) and many more things that are really wrong in Qr..

Originally Posted by mmorel View Post
Also noted They terminate Alkoot insurance on your departure from Qatar ...Most of the insurance back home needs 90 days grace period so I don't have any insurance in my home country. Instead of making sure they care about staff's health during these times they just kick you out of Qatar with no health insurance.
They just don't care mate..

Originally Posted by Jack330 View Post
Just a new update from a friend, one of the whatsapp victims, he was made redundant at the beginning of July then suspended and kept without ANY communication and NO salary for more than a month in the accomodation, today, September 6 he's still waiting for his final settlement money, this is the way qatar airways treats ex employees, I would say a five star treatment, amazing right ? Considering that those guys went flying during their days off or while on leave just to help the company during the covid issue, congratulations Qatar Airways, you are truly a five star airline
This is crazy
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Old 16th Sep 2020, 01:02
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Originally Posted by Count von Altibar View Post
Have the redundancies stopped for now or are they still happening? For the pilots who remain employed at QR it can't be a safe feeling if they're still ongoing without any kind of structure or published plan.
I was wondering the same. Any update?

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Old 23rd Sep 2020, 15:19
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yes more people will be let go soon because of single engine taxi
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Old 24th Sep 2020, 15:53
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I have a question in regard to Gratuity payment... I signed up for ISP and I noticed the way the calculated end of service benefit is wrong.
As an example, someone with a service period of 7 years and 9 months will receive 8 years of service ( (90 days termination notice).

gratuity pay @ 21 days basic salary for 1825 days ( 5 years) = 150,000 QR
Gratuity pay @ 28 days basic salary for 1095 days (3 years)=. 120,000 QR

Total =270,000 QR

They stopped contributing to ISP right after your termination so they won't be depositing any money to ISP for the 90 days termination.
And since ISP has outperformed and acquire interest since inception 2016.
So imagine this person has up until the last day of employment not 320,000 QR.

So according to Qatar airways, they won't have to add any gratuity pay since the amount is higher in your ISP account.

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Old 26th Sep 2020, 22:55
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I can only suggest you visit the ZIO website to find out your total contributions and where you've invested your money into (investment strategy-you chose when you enrolled for ISP). What I do is check it most of the time and see whether I'm making money out of my present strategy in the short term. Then look at the options available on whether I can gain by changing it for the long term. This also shows me whether how much is the approximate value of my entire portfolio (Company contributions plus my additional contribution).
And by the way, your computation is based on those people who didn't get ISP (gratuity payment, based on EOSB without investing). As to the actual amount it varies I believe based on the additional contributions (5%, 10% or 15%) you have signed for and again the Investment Strategy you've chosen. But it would help a lot if you visit the website and from there you can print all your contributions plus the company's share and compare this to the actual value (surrender value) stated in your account.
Just my two cents. Hope this helps.
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Old 27th Sep 2020, 06:46
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What I meant was , when they terminate you they are not going to pay the last three months of contribution (5% of your salary into the program) .they just going to calculate what they own you from old program
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Old 27th Sep 2020, 13:58
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That should be in your final settlement. Pay in-lieu of notice. As you were made redundant and separated from the company, the 90 days worth of allowances should be in final settlement. They can’t continue contributing to the ISP fund if you are no longer an employee.
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Old 27th Sep 2020, 14:52
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Iím not sure thatís correct OW

The policy documents state that QR will continue to contribute towards the savings plan fund (fund A) up to the last calendar day of the previous month, prior to the last working day (LWD) of an Employee.

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Old 27th Sep 2020, 15:21
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exaclty, no one I know of got notice but immediate separation. So you get pay in-lieu. If you get notice, ie you will be laid off in 90 days from said meeting, then they should continue paying as per normal as you mention above until your LWD.

PS I would suggest waiting until receiving Final settlement before kicking up a ruckus.
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Old 27th Sep 2020, 17:15
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I have already received my final settlement, there is a column called "notice days paid 90 days" but this is not including the %5 mandatory contribution of the employer for the 90 days. So it's meant they won't pay you 15% of your salary contribution for the 90 days to ISP. When they terminate your contract they are not going to let you fly for them for the 90 days period. They just pay you upfront the three months.

If someone voluntarily quit the company then they will pay you up until your last working day but not when they terminate your contract. Which is sad.

Originally Posted by FlyingOW View Post
exaclty, no one I know of got notice but immediate separation. So you get pay in-lieu. If you get notice, ie you will be laid off in 90 days from said meeting, then they should continue paying as per normal as you mention above until your LWD.

PS I would suggest waiting until receiving Final settlement before kicking up a ruckus.
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