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Wrightnow...I'm not too sure some of us needed the input from EPC to help us with our decision making. I draw the comparison with our ever decreasing medical coverage.
This like LIPS is self underwritten and as you I am sure have found out is becoming more and more useless. You have to argue with some soulless accountant why you need critical surgery for an ill loved one and then have to justify why you went to X hospital instead of the Iranian hospital as it was cheaper there.
This is where I see any coverage that it is self funded as a threat. This is why I sought out better medical coverage and while the EPC offering was fine I went with Baymac. Again not self regulated or underwritten thereby giving my family security.
This was not due to EPC pushing anything, this was due to me recognizing the threats involved with self funded coverage and them serving their own interest!

Have we not seen this as a group over the last 15 years within EK and amoungst the various offerings from F1 to EPI etc...trust no one else with your hard earned cash or future. Take control of your own future by evaluating choice on merits not on a promise of what may be!

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Where did the other lips thread go?
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Accidental deletion by the thread starter. I've restored it and returned it into view.

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Removed again?
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hmm, I notice a lot of negative posts or complaints about LIPS disappearing.

Remember, a Ponzi scheme needs a constant influx of new money to keep building the house of cards. Makes you wonder how many people really profit from LIPS.

IF LIPS is adjusting their terms for a new GCAA disqualifying condition. You can't trust them.

The only way to protest is to stop giving them your hard earned money. There is no guarantee they will actually pay your benefits if you need them. Its just a "promise" as long as they don't have too many claims.
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Why oh why won't us pilots learn!! Trust no one with your hard earned cash epically another pilot!!
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IPEP / TOPCOVER no more - moved to LIPS.
Silky, may I suggest you read THIS. One of these gents is a close friend and has nothing but good things to say about LIPS.

Now; since we (wife + 3 kids) can't get into any given beach club on any given weekend (every Tom, Dick & Harry in Dubai has an APC card), where are our (E)APC funds going? Exclusivity for sure is gone.

Maybe time to cancel that one too. Platinum is FAR better anyway.
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Thanks Speedbrake. That's worried me even more!
How much a year does it cost to pay these claims?
Pay the "interested" parties?
Who then decide to change the rules to suit?

https://www.pilotinsureifr.ae Is underwritten by Clements who have enough funding for us all!! Again horses for courses, I don't go to karama for car, house insurance. So I defo won't for loss of lic!
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