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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 29th Mar 2003, 17:29
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Just 18 months agaoI was offered an interview with EK. Working for a major European operator it turned out to be harder than I thought to make up my mind and put it up to PPrune to brief me on EK.
In short it came like this :If you are working for a major then stay where you are and so I did. I can't say that my feet are not itching sometimes but reading the different threads on the topic I think it was sound advice. I worked in DuBaÔ many moons ago and I loved it. Great place and as far as the driving goes I don't see how it can be worse than the french driving. Someone wrote DubaÔ is the Paris of the middle east. You mean they have hookers and dog**** at every street corner ??? Blye me, things have changed !
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Old 1st Apr 2003, 16:41
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Do they really make you pay for your own ticket?....I 've been waiting to hear from them for 6 weeks,and still-----NADA.
I was told that I would hear one way or the other within 3 weeks.--- What's this second interview about?
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Old 16th Apr 2003, 05:07
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EK Interview...

Did anyone get called for an interview at EK?

Just trying to find out what kind of experience they are looking for,
and how to prep for the interview...

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Old 23rd Apr 2003, 03:50
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Interesting reading as I have an interview with them soon, but after reading some of the threads here I donít know whether I shall bother!

Have been to Dubai many times and think it is a great place as has been said there is plenty to do but have not yet decided whether I actually want to live there!

If Iím honest with myself I only applied because of the situation my present company finds itís self in!

So going back to original question what is the format of the various assessment stages?

PS go to www.cheapflights.co.uk I have seen return confirmed for as little as £300
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Old 23rd Apr 2003, 05:32
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Great place Dubai for a holiday but from what I read, hear from freinds, see when I go there it's not a place to live long term so unfortunately despite it being an expanding airline the big picture says stay put if your in a good carrier. Personal choice though.
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Old 23rd Apr 2003, 05:42
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It seems to me (and I'm not living there-yet) that the people who are happiest in Dubai are the ones who want to be there and want to fly for Emirates. If you only applied because of the state of your present employer I feel you are off to a bad start. (And they might be able to see that at the interview?) Just my opinion though....
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Old 23rd Apr 2003, 22:08
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I think anyone that makes a decision about joining the Emirates or coming to Dubai based on the comments on this site must have rocks in their head - there are way over 700 pilots flying for the Emirates, and if you look at the comments made on these threads it is mostly by the same people over and over again, that is less than 3% of the pilots. If you get an interview come see for your self, talk to people in the flesh about how they feel about the place, and if possible bring your wife with for the interview. As I have said previously, I came with my husband, and he had my full backing on the move, a move that we are still very happy we made several years later. BigGeorgie has a point, if you are only coming, because you have no other option and would rather stay in your home country, that might be a problem.
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Old 24th Apr 2003, 07:46
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Dumpvalve...that was a good posting. Sometimes there is a little too much negatism on forums especially by pilots.

I am convinced anywhere in the world you can find something good and something bad.

But can you tell me if EK is, has, or may in the future hire direct entry 777 Captains? I think the web site says they don't need to and don't.....

That must means they get enough people or people who are capable of upgrading satisfactorily.
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Old 24th Apr 2003, 16:42
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I would not count on DE Capt's, not ruling it out, but there is still a supply of excellerated guys to go through.
You have to see Dubai for your self, we love it, family is happy and that's what counts. Question the people that are really negative there may be a reason for that, that only applies to them ie: bypassed for upgrade
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Old 24th Apr 2003, 18:44
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ďPoint taken allĒ and be rest assured I do not make my career or any other decisions based on what is said here, that would be like believing what you read in the tabloids!

Reason for most of my reservations are that I have a wife with a very close family and Iím not sure whether she will like it. Personally as long as there is a golf coarse, which I know there, is as I have played it I donít care where I am.

But family is the most important thing to me and if their not happy it means that Iím not either hence my dilemma!
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Old 24th Apr 2003, 23:17
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Did your wife not go with you on your previous trips to Dubai? If not (or even if so!) the best thing to do is have her accompany you for the interview. You are shown the accomodation, schools etc and get the chance to ask as many questions as you like. Obviously the recruitment team puts a positive spin on things but they know that if your wife hates it in Dubai you are not likely to stay and that is the last thing they want. When I went for my interview we stayed on afterwards at one of the beach hotels for a couple of days, partly for a holiday but partly to have a better look around.

I'm pleased to say my wife is 100% behind the move but I'm not sure I'd like to try it otherwise.
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Old 28th Apr 2003, 08:22
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Guys, for once:
Does they pay for the screening tickets or not? Positive space?
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Old 28th Apr 2003, 14:18
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No!! But look on the bright side, a concessionary ticket cost about the same as a train ticket from Manchester to London! If the price of a ticket is going to stop you going then it is unlikely, if you went, that EK would prove to be the choice for you.

By the way, it isn't a screening interview, it is the only one you get.

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Old 29th Apr 2003, 01:41
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Ive been at Emirates a while now.

Some facts:-Its not for everyone,but IMHO its still a good job,research it well,but IF youre coming as youre current airline is in trouble,or you are "safe" with a big carrier,think twice.We need people,but ideally,you should WANT to come.

It is a deliberate policy not to provide a ticket,it tests your incentive,whilst we all bitch and moan at EK s lack of lolly paid to the pilots,they are not cheap with recruitment,its taken seriously and done professionally,they dont cut corners here.

Direct Entry Capts,a long mulled over subject,and still IMHO a likelihood,but in limited numbers.Expansion dictates this, it will be highly controversial,but with no association,nothing to stop it,potentially.

There are a number of ACCELERATED commands occuring,but I can assure you,these are are being closely monitored,and at the expense of long serving FOs who did many years at established mature airlines,these are controversial decisions too,many are angry whove done their time.Again,EK need Capts fast,and at 13-14 months to command,its almost DE anyway,most of the guys are very able,some less so,and they simply have not had time to cover the entire network.

My advice is come and have a look,spend a few days extra with your Mrs,and ask as many questions,and see as many people,
its horses for courses,its not perfect,and there are many frustrations,the vast majority come and stay.

There are plenty of golf COURSES also,and apart from the summer the weather is excellent,loads of planes coming,generally good rosters.

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Old 1st May 2003, 16:51
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What are EK salaries for

Year 1/2/3 Fo's
Year 1/2/3 Capt's

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Old 2nd May 2003, 01:02
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1. 4085 euro
2. 4209 euro
3. 4334 euro

1. 5830 euro
2. 6005 euro
3. 6186 euro

converted with rates of 1.5.03
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Old 2nd May 2003, 02:58
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Looking at those numbers and considering the obvious glut of qualified colleagues wanting/having to go there - I have to thank Tim A. and the other guys for sparing me the decision a few years ago (no hard feelings)... T&Cs will most definitely not get better - but they could be worse, too - and still be OK.

Most comments here from "insiders" seem right on target according to my personal "inside info".

Donīt go there just because the sun shines all year long... On the other hand, there are a lot worse jobs in aviation these days.
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Old 2nd May 2003, 15:40
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Perhaps you will get a better feel for the pay if you look at it without exchange rates interfering and allied to the whole package. The UAE Dirham is tied to the US dollar at a rate of 3.67, so the pay is as follows (both before and after tax):

First Officers:
Yr1 $4564/month
Yr2 $4704
Yr3 $4846

Yr1 $6517/month
Yr2 $6713
Yr3 $6915

Yr18 $10785

Of note, the Captains starting salary is based on a step increase of his F/Os salary. The minimum is above, were his time to command to exceed 3 years then he would move onto a higher rung of Captain's salary when promoted.

Accomodation provided or $23,000/annum F/O, $26,000 Capt housing allowance.
42 days leave with annual leave ticket
Family Medical Cover
Education Support Allowance
Provident Fund 12% company contribution rising to 15%.

I don't know how much is enough, the figure varies from individual to individual. A senior Captain with Emirates earns less than a lot of other airlines but when tax is brought into the equation fares pretty well.

I do know that a lot of people question how EK can have achieved such good results in a downturn. The answer lies in cost control.

When I taxi past a United 777 at Heathrow the guy sitting in the F/Os seat earns nearly as much as our entire crew and the guy in the left even more than that. That said, we are in an enviable commercial position within the industry and have just been granted a healthy profit share that adds up to $9000 for the F/O at the bottom and $20,000 for the Capt on top.

Hope that helps but I suspect it won't. If money is all that is at issue lets resurrect Sabena and then all go on strike for more pay as the airline goes bankrupt.

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Old 2nd May 2003, 23:45
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if you convert it into sri lankan rupies it looks even better, the only problem is I don't retire there.

how many american pilots are with EK?
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Old 3rd May 2003, 12:01
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Good post ghost, I think it is fair to say that everyone is fairly happy with the end of year result. What must be kept in mind though, if you are to present a balanced argument, is that most of us who send money home (in other than US dollars), have taken around a 20% paycut in real terms over the last year with reference to our home currency. This has come courtesy of the fall of the US dollar and adds up to a far greater amount than the bonus. So in fact despite the bonus, i will have earned less ( in home currency terms) than i did last year. This may or may not be important to the viewers, but it is all part of the picture.
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