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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 2nd Apr 2011, 18:29
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They will consider 500 hrs below the published minimums for interview, but any change in the 30 ton rule?
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Old 2nd Apr 2011, 18:33
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nope, still the same.
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Old 2nd Apr 2011, 19:33
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hello everybody, i need info about hiring after selection, can you postpone starting date for a 3-5 months after beeing offered a job? are EK flexible about that? i think not? am i wrong? thanks for you time...
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Old 2nd Apr 2011, 19:39
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nope, still the same.
That sucks. So the CRJ-200 doesn't count, but the CRJ-900 is game. Sad part is, the 900 is a lot more advanced and easier to fly than the -200. Yet, the -200 is excluded based on the weight.
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Old 3rd Apr 2011, 05:34
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Hello all,

I am a US based pilot, without an ATPL. Does anyone know if EK will grant me an interview without it, but with a date to take the flight test in the near future?

I'm thinking if I can get the interview and get a conditional offer I will hurry to get it. Otherwise, no hurry....
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Old 3rd Apr 2011, 08:18
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Requirements for the Position of First Officer
- A minimum of 4000 hours total flying time (may include 25% P3 or FEO time to a max of 500 hr).
- A minimum of 2000 hours multi-crew, multi-engine jet aircraft (P3 time cannot be used for this requirement).
- A minimum of 2500 hours total flying time on a modern commercial multi-engine, multi-crew aircraft jet. (P3 time cannot be used for this requirement)

We do not accept simulator time for flying hours calculation.

- Must hold a valid ICAO ATPL
- English language fluency (written and verbal comprehension); ICAO English level (4 or above)
- Must be current within 12 months of joining
- Experience commensurate with age
- Type rating would be advantageous

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Old 3rd Apr 2011, 11:38
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Ticket confirmation

after confirmation of the selection, how long does it take to know what the dates for tickets are??

Is it gonna be a week before of the selection??
Thank you

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Old 3rd Apr 2011, 12:24
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short flights long nights
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Please consider......for those of you with minimum time/international experience.....your line training at EK will consist of 12 sectors (6 flights) before your final check... if you have no international flight experience or low time on light jets give this a lot of thought...IT IS NOT EASY PEOPLE.
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Old 3rd Apr 2011, 14:45
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I had 10 training sectors and the final line check.
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Old 3rd Apr 2011, 17:08
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short flights long nights
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I stand corrected..12 sectors, which INCLUDES your line check.....
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Old 3rd Apr 2011, 17:20
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Yup and i got to go to all these lovely cream of the crop destinations.... (well first 2 sectors was a mid east turn, and next 2 india turn - remaining 6 were to very nice and 'western' destinations including the final line check).

Then the normal line Capts taught me how to fly to the African and subcontinent destinations with all their unique intricacies, not to mention hot 'n' high fields.

I'm not complaining - its just how it is.
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Old 5th Apr 2011, 00:16
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I have been invited for an interview in May. I am looking forward to seeing "everything" EK has to offer. Hopefully I can see past any wool that is being pulled over my eyes.

I know that all companies have positive and negative aspects, and I am still torn on whether EK is the right place for me but to not interview would be a dumb move. I need to see it with my own eyes and make my own decision if I make it through the selection process.

If anyone who has interviewed recently can pm me with any must have info, it would be appreciated.

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Old 5th Apr 2011, 01:13
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not interview would be a dumb move.
Sometimes, to do the interview is a dumb move.

If you do the interview and turn them down, that bridge is burnt forever. So if things go to hell again in the states or get a long term furlough, the airlines you've turned down will not be there for you.

IMO, if your not 100% sure you want it..........don't do it.
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Old 5th Apr 2011, 04:48
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Worth remembering that the process is not easy. They are still rejecting about 50% of candidates. If you fail they won't come out and tell you why! Preparation is the key.
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Old 6th Apr 2011, 14:50
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I have heard that as long as you have any time on the CRJ7/9, they will consider your total time on the CR2 as well?

3 years ago when recruiting got tough, they loosened up on the 30T requirement. Haven't heard anyone coming home who went over there off the CR2.
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Old 7th Apr 2011, 09:43
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tech questions

Anyone done the interview in the last 2 weeks that could give any feedback about the tech question they may ask???

PM me if you want to tell anything regarding the interview

thank you

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Old 8th Apr 2011, 13:16
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emirates interview

Good day all,is it possible to accept your application and call you for interview having frozen ATPL?I heard they did and gave one year period to have a full one,but i don't know if it is true....
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 13:20
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Out of the guys who are going to the MAY interviews with EK,
1) how long ago did you get the call and
2) how long before that, were you shortlisted for??

Also, any of you who have already been there, done that, did you get any help from preparation software (like SkyTest etc.)?
Does it help or is it a waste of money?

Please PM if you dont wanna post answers here!

Thanks in advance!
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 19:07
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first year at EK

Hi guys, I wanted to add my two sense worth to this forum.
I originally discovered PPRuNe last year when I was searching for info for my up and coming Emirates interview. After sifting through the negative posts I found a bit of info to help me prepare for the interview. I was also starting to question whether I should be going at all. I'd like to thank the "disgruntled" posters now, as my attitude during the interview was relaxed and helped me perform well as I didn't know if I wanted to work here at all!
Here's a quick run down of my first year:
- the interview process was intense, thorough and quite impressive, but overall handled very professional.
- the first 3 months were also intense and tiring at times but manageable. The training was pretty good (B777). Most the instructors were excellent with just a few 'dud's'. Alot of training sessions are provided and were enough to prepare for the PPC. (I came from the CRJ) The hardest part is learning what to study and when (weak point: EK has info all over the place in about 6 different manuals). I finally gave in and bought a few study manuals that some local EK pilots make that put everything you need to know into one place.
- first month of line training was much more fun but still challenging to learn all the EK stuff (I came from the regional world). Again most guys were great,,the TRE's I had were tough, smart and fair.
- now flying the line for 7 months and life is great. The airplane rocks, haven't had one bad skipper yet (some are more fun than others). Had some great layovers, good service on board (gained a few kilos eating the first class meals). Cabin crew are generally sweet and usually pretty nice to us. The hardest part is many of the sectors occur through the night/morning...it can get tough staying up until 6am (first time trying controlled rest or sleeping in a bunk), etc,,,but I wouldn't trade it for my previous flying schedule.
- accommodations; I took the utility allowance (152000 Dhs/yr), and my wife and I (no kids) are staying in a large 1 bdrm apartment at a five star hotel in downtown dubai. It rocks. I maxed out my allowance to live in style, however some guys can find a nice place for half of what we get and pocket the rest. I don't touch my salary except for food.
- Salary, I'm averaging 27,500 AED/month. This is basic, flying pay, exchange protection and phone. Since I have no cost of living except food, this is all mine to spend. It's more usable income than my wife and I had in our previous western country after we paid our taxes and living expenses (we both used to make $100K each). I'll point out that we have no car as we don't need/want one in our downtown location and generally if we go out, it's for drinks and would have to take a taxi anyway. (taxi's in Dubai are cheap).
Of course if you have a family, you will have a villa in the burbs, need a car and have family related expenses, etc.
- Dubai, I like it. Coming from a cold country, I like hanging by the pool in January, and yes it's hot in the summer but the AC works everywhere (I'd rather sweat for a few months than freeze my butt off). Lot's to do from recreational, clubs, good bars and restaurants. Prices are cheaper than New York but way more than India! Cool mix of people. We're at 92% expat population so lots of social groups for everyone and lot's of single people.(weak point- sometimes service in DXB is frustrating as the workforce is generally under trained, under qualified, under paid and over worked people from 3rd world countries, so you need a bit of patience coming from efficient parts of the world.)
So a year in and and I'm happy and so is my wife.
I ask almost every guy I fly with (Capt and F/O) and 90% of them are also happy and they have varied from 5 to 18 years with EK.
Is this the perfect job? No..Is there better flying jobs out there? I don't know? This is were it get's very personal to where your priorities are. It seems most guys leave here to get a commuting type job (Korean, Turkish, etc) to live at home, or go back to domestic flying in their home country or try something new like corporate.
The few guys I've met who are not happy here are usually not here by choice (ie. there were layed off prior to coming here or thought their job security/pension were in jeopardy). The other reason seems to be this job was really good a few years ago with 75hr flying with a lower overtime threshold and now we all seem to be doing 90hrs+ for flat salary, also a few ill decisions made by management over the years that lowered morale. For this I completely understand where they're coming from, but as a new guy I never knew the difference and experienced all the same problems and "take backs" at my previous company in my own country.
This is still the best job I've ever had and am glad I came.
Hope this helps for people trying to make decisions. I thought EK was full of sour pilots after reading this forum, but like my former company, the people that are happy don't bother posting and have better things to do....
I know I'll probably get slammed by some people here, but this is my point of view of the company. Others will definitely vary.
For me, the interview showed me what I needed to see. So come if you dare, but definitely prepare...it's tough.
that being said,,,you won't see me again unless it's in the flight deck!
good luck fellow aviators
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 19:34
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(only allowed fifteen )
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