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Alpha Aviation Academy

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Alpha Aviation Academy

Old 27th Aug 2012, 10:35
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If she got bored of these posts why would she have deleted all of her posts?
.. what you talking about mate... which post is deleted.
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Old 29th Aug 2012, 07:48
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strato I would not worry

You will never see her here again!
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Old 29th Aug 2012, 15:01
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why do you say that ?
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Old 5th Sep 2012, 15:07
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Saw an add for the MPL with Alpha, posted up just today. Looked ok until I skimmed through the posts on here.

Is the situation still the same there?

The MPL got me thinking. I have a casa cpl already, but what would one have to do with regards to theory to get a MPL theory credit in Australia. Some of the terms are below from Civil Aviation Order 40.1.8. My real question though, would be, Does a cpl holder need do all 7 subjects again due to the ''must pass all exams in 3 years part'', or does he just continue on to the atpls if not done as I know that they are needed passed within 3 years in traditional training...

1 MP(A)L theory examinations
The separate examination parts for a MP(A)L theory examination are as follows
with the relevant abbreviation:
(a) CNAV – Navigation;
(b) CMET – Meteorology;
(c) CHUF – Human Factors;
(d) CLW – Flight Rules and Air Law – Aeroplane;
(e) CADA – Aerodynamics – Aeroplane;
(f) AFPA – Flight Planning – Aeroplane;
(g) APLA – Performance and Loading-Aeroplane;
(h) AASA – Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems – Aeroplane;
(i) ANAV – Navigation – Aeroplane and Helicopter;
(j) AMET – Meteorology – Aeroplane and Helicopter;
(k) AHUF – Human Factors – Aeroplane and Helicopter;
(l) AALW – Air Law – Aeroplane and Helicopter;
(m) IREX – Instrument Rating Examination;
(n) the type rating examination for the METPA on which the person’s MP(A)L
flight training is conducted.
2 MP(A)L theory examination pass marks
2.1 For a pass in the MP(A)L theory examination, a student must pass all of the
examination parts mentioned in subclause 1.1 within 3 years of passing the first
examination part
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Old 5th Sep 2012, 16:00
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Is the situation still the same there?
most of these harrowing incidents took place in Clark NOT Sharjah

what would one have to do with regards to theory to get a MPL theory credit in Australia?
MPL theory is basically ATPL theory but some of the other stuff you do like flying don't count at all towards getting an MPL license
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Old 6th Sep 2012, 00:41
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MPL, Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL), Multi crew Pilot training, Multi Pilot Training | Alpha Aviation Group

Careers List | Air Arabia

download the course info from the AAG link.
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Old 17th Sep 2012, 05:54
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Hellooo what happen with this thread?
Whats new on AAA?
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Old 7th Oct 2012, 05:06
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@ flyingdumbells and strato
You can get a MPL licence with a CPL. I should know, I already had a CPL when I entered into Clark Av (re branded Alpha Av Group), as did many other fellow students. With some of the students getting 100% free scholarship while the rest of us getting a 50% discount from Alpha.
What you cannot do is jump the core flying just because you have a CPL already. And just so you know, in some ATO's in certain countries that have the MPL in their CAR's there is a conversion process for MPL to CPL and visa versa.

Its not as black and white as strato mentions. then again almost everything strato has ever said is more in the spectrum of grey and blur.
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Old 9th Oct 2012, 13:00
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Note the contradiction:

Every student that completed their MPL Training in the Philippines was provided line training, either with Cebu Pacific, Air Arabia, Zest, AirPhil, PAL or Seair.
This leaves one European still seeking a job.
This now A320 MPL pilot enrolled in the beginning of 2007 for what was to be a 12 to 18 month course, paid in full in advance and with promised employment........ 5 1/2 years later is still unemployed. Why?

What has AAG done to resolve this dramatic situation? What alternate qualification training (CPL/IR/TR) has AAG proposed or provided? What form of a refund or compensation was proposed by AAG?

It is easy to blame the cadets for dropping out for "running out of funds"..... Who would not run out of money, after the tremendous delays in the original schedule, other than the full sponsored students?

Strato must think that money grows in trees......

The MPL program is a competency based type training. How can anyone accept that so many were terminated after being assessed competent to undergo the program? Probably the selection process was not up to standard.... Makes you think, doesn't it? Again, it is easy to blame the students....

Finally, strato admits that wrongdoings were done in the past by the original management and subsequent top teams. He says that now it is different.... Is it?

When managers don't perform as required, the company changes the team to protect its good name and fulfill its objective profitably. AAG changed its team several times but always managed to get the same type of crooks. They did not resolve any issues. On the contrary.....

AAG has to come to the real world and admit that there will be no peace until the old issues are justly resolved.

Strato (an AAG manager) can continue to try to divert the attention from the scam that Clark Aviation is, but he cannot run away from the truth. Facts are facts and they don't change just because one says so.

The solution is totally in the hands of AAG and its owners top management.
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Old 14th Oct 2012, 10:54
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Stormiscoming, if you truly had a CPL when you joined the MPL Programme then you are virtually unique and this could only happen in the Philippines.
There's nothing unique about me strato. If anything I could name at least 14 others that had a CPL before joining Clark Av (aka Alpha Av now).
And its not "this could only happen in the Philippines" its this can only happen in Alpha's Academies

why would anyone spend USD $40K on a CPL (TWICE THAT IN COUNTRIES OUTSIDE OF THE PHILIPPINES) and then a further USD $100K + on an MPL? You gotta be crazy
Why, you know all to well why. none of us (the local Filipinos that is) ever paid the full amount. We either got the course 100% or 50% sponsored, either by Cebu Pac or Alpha Av. The things that Alpha does to make money....

@Taras B
As always your posts are a true reminder to everyone as to the countless errors and ruined futures that Alpha Aviation has caused on more than one continent.
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Old 30th Nov 2012, 07:38
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Hey everyone

Can anyone advise as to the credibility and reliability of AAG as a TRTO/ATO regarding their FOT program for CebuPac?
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Old 26th Dec 2012, 12:37
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No posts for ONE Month

I can only assume that AAG is a happy campus.

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Old 27th Dec 2012, 03:42
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CebuPac has their own training centre Cebu Pacific Air
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Old 20th Jan 2013, 14:20
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this thread has been dead for ages!!
what is the current status at AAA?
I have a question..
Is the 1500hr base training with air arabia guaranteed?
and is the base training already included in the course fees or is it one of those 'hidden costs' .
I know that all the graduated of batch 1 have been inducted into AA, whats the status on the successive batches?

thanks and regards.
Old 21st Jan 2013, 00:47
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things are not good... too many issues with flying in Australia..be ready for a long delay in training it NOT be complete in 18 months... we are stuck for almost 20 mths.
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Old 21st Jan 2013, 07:21
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AAA never ceases to amaze me.
can anyone shed some light on EK's integrated course? I talked to some people regarding their partner academy in lisbon, and I didnt get any good reviews about it. Dont tell me EAC is going down the same road as AAA!
Old 22nd Mar 2013, 16:06
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Heard that all of the graduates of Alpha are now with Air Arabia (or Type rating or Line training or actually flying) so no one is sitting at home with nothing.. But that is only what I've heard.. Someone wants to add something??
captain.weird is online now  
Old 21st Apr 2013, 15:07
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whats the current status with AAA?
have the cadets of the previous batches been inducted yet or are they still sitting at home?
Old 21st Apr 2013, 16:32
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do they hire cfi's????? anyone knows the requirements?
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Old 22nd Apr 2013, 13:23
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Alpha doesn't have a 'flying' school in the Middle East. The flying stage of the MPL program is outsourced to a school in Australia.
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