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Etihad company accommodation

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etihad company accommodation

Old 13th May 2010, 13:29
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Etihad company accommodation

I appreciate the fact that it's a hot issue right now with the new notice re:living in AUH, but would appreciate some of your time for some important feedback.

May I please ask where new pilots are being accommodated once they join EY. Are only apartments available to new joiners or are villas allocated for families with kids?

I have asked in other thread (maybe not the right one) to no avail as emotions were running high (and rightly so may I add). Any honest feedback would be greatly appreciated as I think where to live and in what type of accommodation is very important.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Old 13th May 2010, 15:58
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Accommodation is important, but just check all the threads here and you will have an answer. It sucks here in the sandpit, no matter where you are. Most important is the money you can save to get the hell out of here as soon as possible.
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Old 14th May 2010, 16:42
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Unhappy Aussies in the ME

Slightly off topic:

Seems to me like a lot of the Aussies on this Middle East forum (at least those who contribute) are VERY, VERY unhappy (i.e., saying "this place sucks."). I don't understand the situation. I have been to Australia a few times and it is a wonderful place - gorgeous scenary and super-nice people. Why not just return to Australia if you are so unhappy? Aren't airlines hiring there - Virgin Blue, VAustralia, Tiger Airways, Jetstar, etc.? Sure, probably not paying that well, but you can still fly and be happy again in a far less abusive environment...

Life is too short to be constantly unhappy....
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Old 14th May 2010, 17:05
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The only villas that you are likely to get are 3BR, in the middle of nowhere...Khalifa City B. Most likely you will get an apartment.
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Old 15th May 2010, 07:57
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sorry Khalifa B is going very soon for all who are here

its al reef shortly... for those there and newbies from now on

welcome to the wonderful world of Mohammed

sooner this world picks up the better

Ryanair and Easy sound like wonderful jobs

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Old 15th May 2010, 11:16
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That's a new one, from what I have seen there are a number of villa's empty in Khalifa B and some are being used for storage.
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Old 15th May 2010, 12:04
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Boeing 777-300ER. A quick question, are you coming as a Direct Entry Captain?
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Old 15th May 2010, 13:25
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Boeing 777-300ER. A quick question, are you coming as a Direct Entry Captain?
Had to cancel an interview (I think a year ago due to personal commitments) and been 'promised' an interview when they start recruiting in the future (whenever that may be).

A friend of mine told me that they might start towards the last quarter of the year as there is a shortage on the 320 plus I might be of some help as I am a TRI on the 320. However only time will really tell if they start recruiting again DEC's.

Thanks to all for your kind help. Can make a better decision once the day arrives. Is Al Reef a nice area if I may ask?

Thanks once again
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Old 15th May 2010, 16:15
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Villas in Khalifa B are very spacious-3 bed all ensuite and very large rooms. They are quite nice I think and usually in compounds of six or eight villas all etihad. they are in BFE though. 40 mins from downtown but close to the airport. Big problems downtown in apartment blocks with parking but again usually big apartments. For pilots everything is unfurnished. You can rent a big six bed villa iin Khalifa A but they are all five or six beds (for the extra wives presumably!) and are about AED230k-ie way oveer the allowance. The only place semi affordable on the allowance is this new estate called al Reef which is literally on the northern perimeter fence of the airport and therefore even further from downtown. Also have heard of some who have bought in Al Reef who have refused to accept a handover of a completed property because it is so badly made. Oh and expect to have your rooms flooded in Khalifa when it does rain as none of the window frames are sealed and if you car is in an underground carpark again expect your car to be flooded and nobody to give a shit.
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Old 15th May 2010, 18:12
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Al Reef is not a good option if you have an option. The buildings are of very poor standards indeed. Also, they are right next to the airport; the closest buildings are in fact just over the fence from runway 13L/31R. It'll be rather noisy there. I personally would never chose to live in that area if I could go somewhere else.

If you can, try to get something in Khalifa B - those buildings are definitely better standards. And since you have a car anyway, what does it matter if it's close to the city or not. It's quiet, and plenty of Etihad-neighbours are around.

If you don't need a villa but can do with a flat, then Musaffah is a good place to stay in. 15 Minutes from the airport, next to a small shopping mall, ten minutes from Carrefour, and in an improving area (the labour camps are just being removed).
Old 16th May 2010, 10:37
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Khalifa B villas are acceptable but as already mentioned, and depending on the direction of the rain be prepared with the buckets during the rainy season. Nice veranda to sit out on during the cooler times of year, very little traffic noise except for the odd quad bike at weekends. The only downside is the distance from town.
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Old 16th May 2010, 13:38
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Al-Reef vs Khalifa B is all relative. Al-reef has more of a community feel to it. There are pools, playgrounds and gyms. Has more of a suburbia feel to it. Khalifa B - nothing. 6 villas in a block and on reclaimed swamp land with a gazzillion of roundabouts. (had an Emarati guy tell me he used to take his canoe out couple of years ago around Khalifa B).
Also, one of the roads from Al-reef almost done (one month) which will put Yas about 5 minutes away driving and Abu Dhabi around 20 minutes.
Although I do agree Khalifa B villas are more of an upgraded style and much larger than Al-reefs. Al-reef very basic box type townhomes.
At the end its all a crap-shoot anyway
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Old 16th May 2010, 13:50
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afternoon all - gather living outside Abu Dhabi is no longer possible. Interesting reading about the Al Reef/Khalifa debate. Presently looking to come out at the end of the summer. Any top tips on where to look, which companies to use in order to find accomodation. Intent to bring the family out as soon as accom and transportation is arranged.

Thanks again for any useful advise - have internet will continue the search. JD

P.S - would have loved to have been able to chose Dubai to live in
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Old 16th May 2010, 16:13
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After all you've read about ey you're still gonna go and work for them? Either you're unemployed or you need your head examined.
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Old 16th May 2010, 16:31
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After all you've read about ey you're still gonna go and work for them? Either you're unemployed or you need your head examined.
Nah. Why that? The information is there for everyone to read. There are better, and also much worse places out there than the UAE.
If somebody chooses to come here anyway, and asks for some info, there's no need to doubt his sanity. Especially by some guys who are staying here themselves despite having other options, and just try to discourage other newjoiners.
Old 16th May 2010, 18:37
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Thanks to all for the information provided.

Sec 3 I really have nothing to add to Nightfire's post as he hit the nail on the head. Thanks Nightfire
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Old 8th Jul 2010, 17:47
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Etihad company accomodation saga part 2

If you can read between the lines the new changes for us .... no more moving out in a quick "turn-around" if you find a better place on your own in Abu Dhabi of course, 4 months notice is the deal ... well done !!

"Following recent changes to the Accommodation Assistance Policy, please note that staff living in company provided accommodation must now give a minimum of four months notice when vacating the residence. The change will allow the airline to better manage the portfolio of property it leases to provide staff with accommodation. Notice for residents of individually leased units must be provided at least four months before the property’s lease renewal date. Residents in multi-unit properties, where Etihad has leased the complete block, can provide four months notice at any time. Anyone living in company provided accommodation can find out their lease renewal date by contacting the Housing team within the Facilities department"
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Old 9th Jul 2010, 05:25
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screw them....
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Old 9th Jul 2010, 14:13
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Do you think that when you give 4 months notice from moving out of Dubai, back to Abi Dhabi accommodation, EY is able to tell you exactly to which lovely villa or apartment you will move to??? Or do you expect to find out the night before your move to which apartment in Al Ain/Mussapha you are going to be repatriated and thereafter give 4 months notice that you are unhappy????

When will these guys ever understand what they are doing???
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Old 25th Nov 2010, 08:24
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Etihad accomodation.

Could someone kindly confirm what type of accomodation are being offered for first officers with kids, whether apartments or villas. And their locations.
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