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Etihad company accomodation saga part 2

If you can read between the lines the new changes for us .... no more moving out in a quick "turn-around" if you find a better place on your own in Abu Dhabi of course, 4 months notice is the deal ... well done !!

"Following recent changes to the Accommodation Assistance Policy, please note that staff living in company provided accommodation must now give a minimum of four months notice when vacating the residence. The change will allow the airline to better manage the portfolio of property it leases to provide staff with accommodation. Notice for residents of individually leased units must be provided at least four months before the property’s lease renewal date. Residents in multi-unit properties, where Etihad has leased the complete block, can provide four months notice at any time. Anyone living in company provided accommodation can find out their lease renewal date by contacting the Housing team within the Facilities department"
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