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Al Reef is not a good option if you have an option. The buildings are of very poor standards indeed. Also, they are right next to the airport; the closest buildings are in fact just over the fence from runway 13L/31R. It'll be rather noisy there. I personally would never chose to live in that area if I could go somewhere else.

If you can, try to get something in Khalifa B - those buildings are definitely better standards. And since you have a car anyway, what does it matter if it's close to the city or not. It's quiet, and plenty of Etihad-neighbours are around.

If you don't need a villa but can do with a flat, then Musaffah is a good place to stay in. 15 Minutes from the airport, next to a small shopping mall, ten minutes from Carrefour, and in an improving area (the labour camps are just being removed).