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Villas in Khalifa B are very spacious-3 bed all ensuite and very large rooms. They are quite nice I think and usually in compounds of six or eight villas all etihad. they are in BFE though. 40 mins from downtown but close to the airport. Big problems downtown in apartment blocks with parking but again usually big apartments. For pilots everything is unfurnished. You can rent a big six bed villa iin Khalifa A but they are all five or six beds (for the extra wives presumably!) and are about AED230k-ie way oveer the allowance. The only place semi affordable on the allowance is this new estate called al Reef which is literally on the northern perimeter fence of the airport and therefore even further from downtown. Also have heard of some who have bought in Al Reef who have refused to accept a handover of a completed property because it is so badly made. Oh and expect to have your rooms flooded in Khalifa when it does rain as none of the window frames are sealed and if you car is in an underground carpark again expect your car to be flooded and nobody to give a shit.
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