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Turkish Airlines - THY Recruitment (Merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Turkish Airlines - THY Recruitment (Merged)

Old 2nd Oct 2011, 16:30
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They are not hiring, they are letting people go on all Fleet and seat types.

Scroll up and see the statement from end of August, nothing changed to the better.

The Company has also no power when it comes to Visa-renewals. Some Guys from last December and Janaury course are still not on line due to slow process of Administration / Government coordination or left again as they just could not stand it anymore with the uncertainty of what is tomorrow or even next week.

Profitability is in question, the utilisation of the B777s is not optimized. Some of them went back to 9W and the future expansion is also not so certain anymore. Even they take you on, with one year contract you can start looking again when you signed it.

Flying is still nice, the Cabin - Cockpit relation remains good and getting better the more you know them. It is a pleasure when all works out but the way to get there is demanding.

Fly safe and land happy

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Old 2nd Oct 2011, 21:21
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Does anyone know when the cadet pilot programma will start?
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Old 4th Jul 2012, 16:36
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ThY interview for FO's

Dear sir,

I will have an assessment with THY next week for an FO position on the 737. could you plz give me any info. regarding the interview and the sim.

your help is highly appreciated.
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Old 12th Jul 2012, 18:21
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Danger The Assassins by Prof Bernard Lewis

I seem to perceive a sense of uncertainty of you new comers daring to join this sewer of lies and deception. It starts with the AK Party making people believe on their local papers, that Turkish people are 99.9% religious and observe the rules of the Koran. "Today's Zaman"

I wont go very much into detail, but I let you read the book above for those approaching this side of the Middle East, Turkish are a rather lukewarm pathetic people with pride, that one similar to the Assassins described by Prof.Bernard Lewis.

The upper management of THY are nothing else but imitators of the ideals and methods of the first group of the enigmatic Legendary "Man of the Mountain" to make planned, systematic, and long term use of murder as a political weapon. The Assassins is the most comprehensive, readable, and authoritative account of history's first terrorists.

THY recently terrorized Hava-Is (THY employees union),with the sacking of 305 exemplary employees, they gained the favor of their "arkadash" (friends and colleagues) in the AK Political party, who imposed that transportation employees do not have the right to strike in Turkey; the same suppressors of freedom of speech that I made mention on my previous thread and offer copy below as a reminder for those who believe they want to have a future with this thieves. Please see below, the onus is on you, I rest my case.

Thumbs up The price of freedom of speech
Toplam, or the total of losses to 1/June/2012 is 305. majority F/A's, 45 ground engineers and one local Captain A340. This is only the beginning, Hava-Is, the union has started an open protest for the approved in parliament law to ban strikes from essential transportation sources, as they dubbed it. "Give me freedom or give me death"!
People in Turkey live in fear, from former high ranking military personnel to journalist being arrested for speaking openly, to a culture that under Islam pretends to be faithful to a bunch of clowns elected by Ankara.
Most THY pilots are military background, a culture that relish in executing mission goals. This airmen served the Air force, Navy, Army until the miracle of joining THY happened, as their salaries quadruple overnight. They are not the best material for a strike based on democratic values. The only democracy they know is the one that comes from the stream of water they feel in their ass when they sit in their toilet. Turkey is surrounded by hostile neighbors, the Armenian genocide, the Greeks still claiming Smyrna and Constantinopla, the Cypriots crying occupation since 1974, the Jews invoking more flotilla killings, the Syrians in exile being used by the PM to maintain his popularity, Iraq and Iran being manipulated, and so on, makes of this place a chocking breath environment; The fact that THY management is backed by governmental policies to subdue unions in Turkey is unfortunate. I can envision a pilot group paid like bus drivers and maybe facing death penalty should they refuse to work in the future, a model country for totalitarian if not dictatorship. "Humble" foreign drivers as the moderator of the foreign website forum put it, as well as the doomed Turkish pilots, (bunch of pussies)do not deserve the courage and dedication that a small group of flight attendants, and ground engineers in solidarity, brought this company to a standstill for over 48hrs. Imagine if no one moved for 48hrs?? Ankara AK party, THY management and the rest of Turkey would have been liberated from all this wrongful policies suppressing the human right to speak. Turkish flying personnel are about to chose, flight with dignity, or work like slaves, unhappy and humiliated. To the courageous colleagues lost on May/29-30, congratulations, may the truth set you free!
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Old 2nd Jan 2013, 09:44
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THY selection


I will have selections at THY in few weeks, does anybody know anything about the selection process, what to expect?

thank you!
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Old 2nd Jan 2013, 19:27
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Check your pm.
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Old 4th Jan 2013, 18:41
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THY selection

Hi everybody, I am having selection in THY can anybody tell me what to expect?

Thank you
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Old 27th Jan 2013, 16:30
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You will go to sim. If ok then office meeting.
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Old 19th Feb 2013, 17:54
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Turkish SIM Assessment

Hi All
Does anyone know what to expect for sim assesmet on A320 for Captains?
Many Tks for any help
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Old 25th Feb 2013, 07:15
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Just curious, but why do you state Dunedin NZ as your location. did you immigrate?
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Old 25th Feb 2013, 15:00
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I lived in Turkey and still maintain a home in Istanbul. The traffic sucks but the people are great. So much that I married a Turk. I would go if I was young enough to fly again.

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Old 27th Feb 2013, 03:34
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Thumbs up

I know how you feel
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Old 26th Mar 2013, 13:52
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Turkish C172 Instructors

Turkish Air are interviewing for C172 instructors. Has anyone been for selection yet?
Has anyone any news with regards to this?

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Old 26th Mar 2013, 15:47
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Is there any possibility to become a first officer with them after your time at the flight training school? Like with Lufthansa..
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Old 26th Mar 2013, 16:20
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Turkish Airlines - THY Recruitment (Merged)

Hi everybody !

I'm going to the screening in Istanbul for flight instructor. Does anybody have feedbacks about it ?

Thank you very much,
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Old 26th Mar 2013, 16:45
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Can you maybe let us know if there will be any chance to promoted to 'first officer' after instructing X years?
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Old 27th Mar 2013, 09:54
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Nothing has been told to me about that ...
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Old 27th Mar 2013, 19:29
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Cessna 172 Instructors?

Did I read your post right? Turkish hiring Cessna 172 instructors?

That would indicate they can't get enough expats to come there and fly for them, and need to train from the bottom up.

Hmmm, I wonder how much they are paying. If it was a lot it might be a better gig than sitting in hotels everywhere in the world for half the year.
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Old 27th Mar 2013, 21:27
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They are looking for instructors to their academy.
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Old 28th Mar 2013, 07:12
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Payment is the same as for a 737 or A320 FO......
At least that is what i've been told.
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