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Criminal record at EK

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Criminal record at EK

Old 9th May 2008, 16:42
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Criminal record at EK

So here is my scenario....

About 18 years ago, i met my wife in high school and she got pregnant. I am pretty dumb for my age and she was an overachiever. We are approximately 3 years apart and i was over 18 and she was under 18. It is a felony in the state that i live in and thus i have a record. I know that i did commit a crime and never made any excuses for my lack of good judgement. I have paid my debts to society and in no way do i ever try lying about it. There is no other way to explain it but i should have been more careful when i was young. I have a beautiful daughter and do not really regret the fact i am happily married to a beautiful woman which means the world to me. My family means everything to me.

I recently went to the interview and had a wonderful time. My wife loved dubai but we have some serious issues regarding inflation, the ULR issues, and some issues regarding pay and work rules. (different thread)

My question is...if offered the job, would i have problems with the resident visa? I forgot to mention that i currently fly for a regional airline in the states and previously worked for a major. I explained my situation to ALL my previous employers and have been honest to everyone. I have no problem passing the SIDA background check and have been a model citizen since.

Lastly, i know that i am wrong so please be kind.

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Old 9th May 2008, 17:33
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They won't give a toss, so to speak! Mind you that might have helped 18 years ago.
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Old 9th May 2008, 18:11
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Criminal record...well I do have some Spice Girls CD's if that counts
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Old 9th May 2008, 20:29
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Your police record is not a requirement to get a visa in the UAE. Neither is your wife's. As you say though, inflation is a cause for concern........
Good luck.
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Old 9th May 2008, 20:54
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Are you not allowed to apply for a pardon after 5 years or so? I wouldnt say anything unless they ask first. That shouldnt cause any problems for you.
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Old 9th May 2008, 23:50
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You wont have a problem with it at all, The law as i know it in QLD anyway, is that if you have been a good boy since the incident the courts put a lid on your case after 10 years automaticly.
If you can pass a police clearance check you will be fine.
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Old 10th May 2008, 03:48
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Criminal record!

Any of the Spice Girl's records are extremely criminal. Bet you didn't tell them that at your interview! or you wouldn't have got in!
I didn't tell them that I slept with my first girlfriend weeks before turning 16! That'll show 'em.

Tell them only relevant details and ones they ask you. 18 yrs ago is a long long time & not really an issue.

As for inflation...we're still waiting for the cockpit pay increase(decrease). It's all gone a bit quiet. The CC got theirs and having just flown with them straight after they are NOT HAPPY people. But all that does is gets rid of those greedy westerners and brings much more happy to be paid & complaign less asianers (many of which support familes on their wages).
Quantity not quality.

Wait for the general feeling about the pay review. You'll see it here on PPRuNe soon enough after it is announced.

General feeling is that the 3% increment (yearly) plus 9/10% is reasonable but having heard 15-25% from some expectant flt deck I think that they may be very disappointed

The job is good. Commands quick by industry standard. Aircraft are new & of the latest models (most). Accomodation is good (not the accomodation dept...different issue). Schooling is above standard (especially for the States). Lots to do here especially if you love camping, the sea, eating out, socailizing.

Don't expect to save for the first 2 to 3 years if you like to live life (because you have set up costs, etc).

I recommend it here as long as you come to enjoy your work and when you leave it for your days off you actually leave it!
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Old 10th May 2008, 13:16
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Emirates could care less about something that happened 18 years ago. If you have an ATPL and 4000 hours, then your regulatory agency has passed you ( suitable character and all that) and so will Emirates and the GCAA. Emirates does not do criminal checks, only references. And Emirates gets you your visa.

Hats off though for being married to the same wife for 17-18 years after the start you guys had. Quite an achievement.
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Old 10th May 2008, 14:15
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Thank you everyone for the reply and the kind words.

I did not think of it much until she mentioned it to me after we got back from the interview. I would hate to pack and move across the world only to realize that i did not pass the background check. In America, there is not a possibility to expunge records. I have tried with my wife's help and testimony but it has been denied by the courts even though i have showed good behaviour and the fact i have been with my wife for so long. My next step is to get it expunged by the governor and that looks more promising.

I have chosen to not accept the job for simple reasons. I know that i will always fly for a regional and never get the chance to fly international heavy jets but the deal breaker was that no dogs were allowed in the housing. My dog is part of the family and it will kill the children to be seperated from the pet that has been with them since birth. I know that it is a small issue but i was on the fence the whole time with international flying and job security on one side and inflation/ pay/ work rules on the other.

My happiness is based on my family's happiness.

If I was single, i would have taken the offer but as you now know...i screwed that up a long time ago.

I wish everyone the best and i hope you get the raise and workrules you deserve.

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Old 10th May 2008, 14:59
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Did EK not hire Osama's personal pilot a few years back anyway?

I don't think they even do a background check....
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Old 10th May 2008, 15:34
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To Forum Newbie,

as far as I know, dog is not an issue. I have one with me and hundreds of other pilots also have imported theirs. Being married with children will put you in a house, so no big issue.
The only concern is the temporary accomodation that will be assigned to you while you wait for your villa; this can take from 1 to 5 months. The dog could come after that and you could bring your family 2 months after you joined, or keep them there for the first 5 months and "commute" (not easy) a little bit (alternating between you going there and they comming here).

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Old 10th May 2008, 16:14
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Agree with Pitoss. If you have kids then you "eventually" get a house and keeping a dog is no problem.
You will have to pay for shipping the dog over of course and it's not cheap so check it out. You'll also need a few vaccination records for the mutt to facilitate entry without quarantine.
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