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Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Old 22nd Dec 2010, 13:02
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PM if you need please
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Old 22nd Dec 2010, 13:52
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just curious to know if you are still at EY seeing you are so bitter and twisted
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Old 22nd Dec 2010, 14:08
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Stay as long as I am and you will understand how bitter you can become
Good Luck
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Old 22nd Dec 2010, 17:15
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EY Seekers.....

To all the new joiners into EY, tell yourself this (after reading all the threads from pilots in EK, QR and also EY, you'll have some clues of what's going on...) that there is NO perfect airline in this part of the world.... but then again, is there any perfect one out there...???? You will be surrounded by loads of unhappy pilots but there are also some contented, happy bunch here merely because they care less about what's going on and/or maybe things are a lot worse from where they came from! PPRuNe is where we voice out our frustrations, anger and dissatisfactions toward certain group of people - mostly the management and the people who support them and the system they embarked on - from behind the curtain. Some are true and some are just pure exaggerated stories (big MAYBE) but if you've been in PPRuNe long enough, you probably can gauge the trend of some characters and their attributes too. One day it's all gloomy and full of anger and the next he/she's all chirpy and funny....simply because we are human, we do that all the time and if we are all disgruntled and stressful, we should stay away from the fltdeck or even commercial flying altogether!
There are many reasons why we picked EY and it varies from one person to the other but if you're into the big bucks, profit sharing terms, guaranteed yearly bonuses, your presence is acknowledged by another crew, chauffeured driven to work, huge 5-room villas with a pool, a free membership at the local golf course and all requests are granted on your monthly rosters then I can't say much about EY for now - the only consolation to that is 'they're still working on it'. Currently, the minus signs are more prominent than any plus signs we're supposed to see but again my term of minus and plus signs may differ from the others.
Do your own self assessment about EY and here in PPRuNe is one of the channels you can start at but do not chew all you see and hear from us! I've flown with pilots who wanted/decided to "leave" years ago but still I see them wearing the same uniform going to or coming back from work with the same long-faces (and they probably say the same thing too when they see me) but do yourself a favor - do not succumb to all the promises people make to you - have it in black and white, then you decide - if you don't do that, once you're here (or anywhere) it'll all be grey! You'll probably start a thread condemning the people and company you're working with no matter where you go.

I don't expect any PPruners to agree with me here but this is just my humble advise to those who're deciding.
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Old 25th Dec 2010, 13:20
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Dec 320 Ey

Has anyone been called recently for DEC 320 EY..

Heard they are starting to take in DEC320 again..any truth in this?
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Old 25th Dec 2010, 13:59
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unfortunately it is true.
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Old 26th Dec 2010, 13:37
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So has anyone been called up for interview?...

any dates for interview given out?
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Old 27th Dec 2010, 00:25
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Any block days off per month on the B777? If so, how many?

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Old 27th Dec 2010, 04:17
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Hey Everyone Hope ye are all having a wonderful christmass and Happy new yr to you all.

Just wondering are Etihad taking on 330 F/o's right now?

Any advice would be great Thanks.

L Lips
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Old 29th Dec 2010, 02:30
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I don't think they are particularly short of candidates. To get on the 777 you need Boeing glass cockit time according to the recruiting page(A minimum of 1000 hours on multi crew glass cockpit JET aircraft over 60 tons of which 500 hours must be on either the B737NG, B767/757 or B747-400). Airbus time required for getting on the Airbus.

If you don't have it, the site won't let you apply.

What does an MD guy do?
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Old 2nd Jan 2011, 07:25
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Been scrooling EY website, what is the difference in the total package from EK? salary basically the same, Ey gives you a pay rise EK doesn't? Have an assesment at both places and not sure if offered them which i would choose?
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Old 4th Jan 2011, 18:18
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2 arms and 2 legs are enough to go trough the day 1
5 fingers at each hand enough for day 2
A head over your body is enough for day 3
Wellcome to Etihad
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Old 5th Jan 2011, 02:38
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You put a smile on my face
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Old 5th Jan 2011, 12:40
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I am surprised that despite repeated requests by guys who have upcoming interviews for any info about the test,sim etc.(including me), there is hardly any one on this forum who is willing to help. I know most of the people use PPRuNe to take out their heat and frustration, but it could also be used for the benfit of others and showing better commradeship. Let me remind everyone that nobody looses a job by sharing information, if you are destined for something it will come your way
Happy new year to all.
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Old 5th Jan 2011, 12:59
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Thanks for the lecture ********. The questions you ask have been answered hundreds of times here. If you can't find 'em, thats your problem. Stay in canada where you belong. By the sounds of things, you couldn't handle it in the sandpit.
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Old 6th Jan 2011, 10:13
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EY Interview

Hey EagleEye23,

The interview is quite straight forward - just go in with an open mind and do yourself a favor, gather all the info here (all the EY/EK/QR/QF differences in shortcomings...) and ask them if they're true and see their reactions. That will give you some clue whether your life in the sandpit worth the move or not. Not many of us who came for the interview had any clue in what was going on until we were actually here. I am sure EY is not the only interview you have in this region but just give it a try and you decide from there.

Good luck and enjoy the trip.
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Old 6th Jan 2011, 18:31
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I totally understand where you are coming from - if you look at all airline forums it is full of moaners but if you dig deep enough there are some good bits of info that people have put on such as example questions etc.

If you read half the crap on these forums about how bad places are you'll end up slitting your wrists half way through and never applying anywhere...I have worked for 2 very well known companies within Europe and everywhere you go there's always the moaners so try to see through it. It will help if you have friends out there who can give you an honest opinion. I have mates out there that really love it and cannot see themselves ever returning back to homeland...but then I have a mate who is desperate to come back, not because of the airline, just because he doesn't like living in the sand.

I did the Etihad selection and have just been offered a position with them so can speak from experience with regard to what to expect. Having read half of the complaints on PPRuNe about Etihad I was a bit scepticle at first...however, after going out there you realise that many people that type the words "stay away from Etihad" on these forums obviously have nothing better to do with their time...Maybe if they ventured out and got involved in stuff in Abu Dhabi instead of locking theirselves in their bedrooms with their boxers round their ankles posting on PPRuNe they might actually enjoy it!

Anyway, you will see all airline forums the same, but what I can say is that during the selection I spoke to many pilots within the company and the comments on PPRuNe don't seem to reflect their thoughts. Yes, every company has its bad points - but where is there a perfect company in the world that gives you one days work a month, pays you 2 million a day and gives you free first class flights anywhere in the world?? If you find it, please let me know!

The selection...

Despite what some people say on here, 2 legs and 2 arms help but it won't guarantee you a pass. On my day 1 there were 26 people...by the end of the medical we were down to 9.

English test: Straight forward, although a few tricky parts in it even for us English people...add words to complete a sentence e.g. (While / Whilst) I was in the park....No biggy.

The tech exam...I did the non type rated exam, but having spoken to the guys that did type rated exam, the best bit of revision I can advise is the front of the Jepp manual. Have a look at codes on a flight plan (i.e what is the code for RVSM compatible) - loads of useful stuff in there. Also we had questions asking about capital cities around the world. I've done a lot of selection processes for big flagship companies and passed them all, and I can say that Etihad tech tests are very similar in difficulty (or easiness if you think so!) to other airlines. The Emirates selection is over an extra day but they do things like showing you around accommodation etc.

Interview...General chat, the guys/girls that interview are really nice and friendly and make you feel comfortable. They are very open and will give you as honest as possible answers. I actually checked with a couple of pilot friends in EY about some of the questions I asked the interviewers and they agreed that their answers were "about right". I suppose I will find out for myself if I take the offer. Couple of tech questions, depending on how you do in the tech exam. I screwed up on a capital city of an obvious place in the world which the interviewers found quite amusing, so hammered me on that (for example they asked me where England is!) so they have a sense of humour and generally it is not a bad experience. Just think of some examples of things you have done in your flying career and you'll be fine.

Simulator....The sim is pretty straight forward with a couple of gotchas...if you are a switched on guy you shouldn't have a problem. The non-type rated sim was a normal takeoff with autopilot engaged at 1000ft...intercept a radial with the autopilot engaged (no Lnav - HDG sel)...enter a hold (thats somethingbto revise in the Jepp manual - know your hold entries). Then downwind, autopilot still engaged, intercept ILS and manual landing. They want to see you go around if unstable but most guys were stable. Again, they want to see that they can sit with you in a flight deck for 8 hours and that you ain't gonna kill them or try to punch them...

Medical...don't fret..nothing you can do about that so just go and do it...and despite the rumours, they don't put their fingers up your arse!....They use their fist!!

If you want any more info PM me and I'll be happy to try to answer any more questions you have.

As I say, take a lot of the stuff on here as a pinch of salt. Whilst we were waiting for the sim check we were chatting with a group of about 12 pilots and most of them were saying that generally its a good life, with good career prospects and they seemed quite happy. They also said that you will spot the same few moaners on PPRuNe so again take it as a pinch of salt.

One that makes me laugh is that as you read through PPRuNe you will see some people complaining because a few years ago Emirates got 14 weeks bonus whereas Etihad only got 1 week....They forget that Emirates had huge profits that year - given the fact that Etihad has not made an operating profiit over the years a one week bonus is a nice touch I think personally. And in a few years time when the profits start to come in, I'm sure they will start looking at the bonus. It's a new airline still remember. Look at it for what you are considering it for and not what others are portraying. Well worth going through selection - that will help you decide if you love it or if you hate it. The selection team will answer any personal questions you have at any time.

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Old 7th Jan 2011, 03:29
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Atc83, you must be a real f$$kin genius! You passed assessments with big flagship carriers and you end up at etihad? If you did interviews at ey and ek and didn't see the difference, well that speaks for itself. You talk to a few guys out of a thousand pilots who are just being polite to a prospective new joiner and you think you know it all? Anyhow, come join the circus! It won't take you long to change your tune. Talking about hanging around locked up with your shorts round your ankles, yours is the longest post on prune I've seen by someone who knows nothing of what they are talking about.
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 08:26
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ooooo touched a nerve??

Firstly I don't know it all...I have never said I know it all...simple answer...I dont! I have simply given the guy some help as he asked, as people like you can't be bothered to help but simply complain. I am only talking from my own experience and referencing the guys I spoke to out there.

Secondly I mentioned that I'd passed the other selection processes so the guy could see I had something to compare the Etihad selection to, not to gloat.

Thirdly...the reason my post was so long is because I think it's only fair that these guys get the information they want to hear..if people helped me then it's only fair that I help them. Obviously you're a prick that spends your time shooting people down when they try to help & can't be bothered with others which probably means you have no friends out there, hence why you are so bitter towards the place / company. Maybe you could get yourself a hamster to keep you company?

Fourthly, if it's that bad out there, there's plenty of recruitment going on in Europe now and specifically in Asia...why not change?? Try contracting for a while...that'll make you realise that you're guaranteed salary every month is actually a bonus in itself.

Also, I did see the differences at EY and EK - it's personal opinion as to what you prefer. For me I prefer Abu Dhabi to dubai, EY give you a pay rise every year & EK don't, command roughly the same, option for narrow/wide body at EY, yes the health benefits etc are probably better at EK, but am I not entitled to an opinion?? Or is yours gospel??

maybe you are right, maybe after 6 months my opinion will change - I don't know - but I or other people won't know unless they try it!

ETIHAD - I absolutely agree with your post, and you will obviously know much more about that than me as you've been out there, so I can't really comment. The only thing I'd say is that as we all know, things change - in 12 months it could be new Management, who knows.
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 17:50
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Thanks ATC

Thanks ATC83. I really appreciate the way you have answered. It does give a very good idea of what we should expect. Glad to see that there are people like you on this forum, who are willing to help others because at some stage or the other all of us are looking for a change and to get to the new place one does need some guidelines which can be only provided by those who have already gone thru it. People like SEC are only there to talk negative and discourage others.... You are right in suggesting to him, if it is that bad why the hell is he still hanging around there??? Just look at his previous posts, he has never contributed positively. Anyways thnaks a lot and wish you a smooth transition.
Happy Landings
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