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Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Old 4th Dec 2007, 14:38
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The FTL's here at GF and others, are safer and more realistic than the FAA for sure, but most ALPA/APA pilots enjoy things like trip/duty rigs many many more days off than carriers over here..not saying the states is utopia by any means...
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Old 5th Dec 2007, 03:21
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Thanks for your posts guys, specially CT7 and Alghazal.

Thanks for the coordinates to see the houses on google earth, that was actually fun.

I noticed that there's nothing around them but sand!!! How old are the images on google? I know things grow fast in there, one day sand next day the greenest grass ever.

Are things growing around the villas? or is just sand still?

I've been to Dubai a few times, how's Abu Dhabi compared to Dubai? I know it's smaller and more quiet, does that sum it up?

How often do you guys in Etihad go to Dubai to escape the slow pace of Abu Dhabi?

thanks guys...
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Old 5th Dec 2007, 06:54
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My guess is that the sat did a flyby about Feb 2007. And yes a lot has changed out here since then.

Greenery wise, you gotta pay for it yourself about 25000dhs (div by 6 villas) plus then the water and power costs which is an ongoing battle at the moment....

Basically they are working our butts off to try to maintain an increasing schedule.
Other new joiners are sitting about for as long as 45 days with no flying and medicals expiring becaues they cant get trained....

It has the potential to be good but it's taking a long time to get anywhere...
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Old 5th Dec 2007, 07:14
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Google Earth, fun indeed!

What is the deal exactly regarding housing?

I know the amounts you get from the website, but what about if you want to go for company housing?

What do you get as FO? With family/without family

Same as Captain?

Is it true 6 you need to stay 6 months in a hotel first?

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Old 5th Dec 2007, 10:50
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"How often do you guys in Etihad go to Dubai to escape the slow pace of Abu Dhabi?"

Once every six weeks or so I visit Dubai, mainly to visit with former colleagues. Pace is what you get used to. We comment on how sorry we feel for our former co-workers who chose EK, having to live in that fast paced mad house called Dubai and they have the same feelings about us, we are the poor fellows who live in that country backwater. Personally I prefer where I am. Housing is a mess, again, but the pilots hired up to the third quarter had the choice of villas or apartments. Now it's back to temporary accomodations.
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Old 5th Dec 2007, 11:34
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Company housing seems a bit tight at the moment. Not many villa complex's being built. But to live in they are OK. Some have had their problems but when it's free, it's hard to complain.

Some slightly smaller ones possibly available I think but who knows for how long. (Single level)

Could be the hotel for a while so leave the family at home.....join the 600 odd apparently living in temp accom.

The allowance is about 115k for F/Os and 120Kfor left seaters..(i think 'cause im not one)
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Old 5th Dec 2007, 13:07
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Contact recruitment!

Could anybody here help me with the email address of the FDC recruitment head of EY.
Thanks in advance!
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Old 5th Dec 2007, 16:44
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My question is can the UAE support 2 long haul carriers? My guess is Emirates and Etihad will both succeed because they seem to be a personal "hobby" for each of the sheikhs and a there would be a major loss off face if the airlines failed.

Comments appreciated.
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Old 7th Dec 2007, 10:51
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Define "succeed"

Operating is a given in this part of the world but succeed is another story.
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Old 8th Dec 2007, 07:54
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New EY pilots.

Hey guys.

Did anyone go through and pass any of the A320 EY selections in the months of October or November 2007? If so, did any of you get a invitation letter via email yet, or have any of you been send a draft of a contract?

Any idea how long it usually takes for EY to contact you with any of the above information?

Does anyone know when will the first A320 course starts? Has it started already? Or will it be starting in January 2008 as I am suspecting?

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Old 8th Dec 2007, 08:40
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Hello FLY A380 I think it well take them between 4 to 8 weeks to reply to you and I know my friend just joined EYon the A320 fleet few days ago, may start flying next week because he is flying A320....
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Old 8th Dec 2007, 11:03
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Thanks for the info saly4. Does anyone else have any other info on this matter?
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Old 14th Dec 2007, 08:31
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Need help!!

Gentleman, i see lots of posts, but i need some real help. I am a A320 Captain, and i am preparing for an Etihad interview. Lately, i know that the interview process has changed. Can anybody give me a good help? What kind of questions are they asking now? Where can i read more about it? I am really interested because i am moving with my family, and i dont want to make a mistake that could end with my expectations of joining Etihad. Please if you have some recent tips, share if you please. Regards
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Old 14th Dec 2007, 22:54
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Question No.1: How soon can you join?
Question No.2: What is your answer for No.1
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Old 26th Dec 2007, 15:10
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How long does it take them to call when you first apply online?!
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Old 26th Dec 2007, 16:16
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Damn fast!

1 hour... at least that was the case for me.
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Old 26th Dec 2007, 18:41
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Applied 05/2007 and received a call from a recruitement officer 1 hour later.
I have more than the requirements concerning hours and jet time.
As stupid as it may sound, I have to get a full ATPL since I can NOT unfreeze it here without being a PIC on the jet I am flying right now.
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Old 30th Dec 2007, 04:15
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Yup. All provided.
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Old 30th Dec 2007, 16:26
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housing is great

according to my friends 2 new groups of pilots are still in hotel cause there is no housing available except if you wanna accept single story villa on a moon base (desert area) which you cant compare with double story (not available any more). Second roomor is that they gonna put (or move existing ones) flight attendents into a new building so that they can offer their appartments to pilots. Why dont they put pilots in new building and keep FA in existing accomodation.

Is that silly cause again they are playing with pilots, maybe they will have to introduce pilot class to FA so that they can fly planes too.
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Old 30th Dec 2007, 20:21
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The single storey villas are OK. Seems people are being too pickey. (No-one wanted these ones either (2 storey) until we all moved in then everyone wanted them and they ran out.) Not if you have 2 kids but if it's just the two of you or maybe a child in tow, nothing wrong with them. Only a bit smaller than the 2 storey ones. And a better kitchen as well.

And the moon as you call it, actually our course called it that or moonbase alpha if you're old enough to remember that scifi tv programme, is getting better all the time. Dang, we even have ADSL now! This is where the new abu dhabi is going to be. Lotsa stuff moving this way. And it's closer to Dubai oh, and work.

Yes Etihad is currently involved in a JV with Aldar for 700+/- apartments near the training / sim centre. Who knows when they come on-line though. Otherwise its a room in town until something comes up.

But at least it's FREE !
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