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If not Emirates, then where to ??

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

If not Emirates, then where to ??

Old 22nd Mar 2006, 20:26
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I understand that some people have a lot of things to complain about EK, but so I read in other forums, including things about CX. That brings me back to the original question. If EK has so many problems, then which would the ideal airline be ??
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Old 22nd Mar 2006, 20:36
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No one talks about Air Arabia so I would say they are the best place to go. I have seen alot of post about EK, Qatat, GF, but not once about Air Arabia.
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Old 22nd Mar 2006, 21:31
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flynhigh- No one talks about Air Arabia so I would say they are the best place to go. I have seen alot of post about EK, Qatat, GF, but not once about Air Arabia.
- that logic is questionable
Ike- thats an unanswerable question. Every airline has its problems. Every compant has its share of "screw the pilot" itis. The trick is finding the better fit and lifestyle for you. That may be totally different than the guy who posts here.
If you find this company thats all things for all pilots, let me know and I will send my resume in. Until then, I will go with what I believe is the best course of action for me based on what I know, and what is told to me by people I know. Beyond that, you may want to reread the PPRuNe disclaimer.
God, I feel like obi wan kenobi...trust your feelings Ike
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Old 23rd Mar 2006, 15:54
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May the force be with you !!
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Old 25th Mar 2006, 14:08
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Same old gang ( scum bags anywhere!), that are going on and on and on about how bad the working environment and T & Cs are at EK. And the best part is that these S Beez stay put in Dubai and don't leave EK while advising others to stay away ( ulterior motives eh!).

EK is as good or as bad as any other fast growing large corporation/company. So I guess there never is a perfect working environ anywhere.

A word of advice to all would be entrants at EK, ignore the scum bags and join the company. Let me assure you that you shall not regret this decision.

Oh and one other thing Adel Al Redha ( Executive Vice President Engineering & Operations) and Alan Stealey are doing a fine job.

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Old 25th Mar 2006, 14:35
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Interesting post indeed "Keep Discovering". I can tell from the last line in your message you must be in management........
Go on, print your name. Might get you a promotion.
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Old 25th Mar 2006, 16:01
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Keep Discovering... back again.

For all that may not know this pest be warned. He is a wind=up merchant of the worst kind. Once sussed, as most of his posts give him away eventually, he reappears as unwelcome as he was before.

If you base any decision on what he has to say then you deserve everything you get.
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Old 25th Mar 2006, 16:15
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Que sera sera......

You bet the joiners deserve everything they'll get at EK. Your futile effort to keep all the EK goodies for you & your gang will just not bear fruit.

When are you leaving EK?
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Old 25th Mar 2006, 19:08
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Argggggh..............now I know who it is! It's that cheesy smeggy whatsit that was banned a while back.

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Old 26th Mar 2006, 00:22
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He is also using 'EK shadow' currently haunting another thread...
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Old 1st Apr 2006, 20:16
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Originally Posted by propdog
Try Cathay Pacific.
Or Air Maldives
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Old 2nd Apr 2006, 05:33
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Originally Posted by Eisenhower
First, Id like to thank all people who took their time and posted on threads about EK. For sure, things look a lot rosey from the outside. The thing is, though: I live in a 3rd world country, where I am not satisfied with my job (A320 F/O). Neither my wage is good, nor I have much time home. Management is also close to this "dont disturb me" approach I read many complaining about. So, for me, going to EK, even though it is not as good as I thought, and being advised by people who work there, would substantially increase my income and family relation.

My question is: If not EK, where to ?? Note that going to an US major or Europe is a no/no due to my citizenship.
So why are you asking? If things are so bad for you where you are and think EK will be better then go and apply instead of asking the same old questions here, especialy if you don't like the answers and advice you are being given.

We are all human.
We are all capable of making mistakes.
We only listen to what we want to listen to.

Good luck
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Old 3rd Apr 2006, 05:13
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Angel Good and Bad Anywhere!

I am a parent of 4 little kids and interested in living in Dubai (and wife too). I think that if you search different life styles and other crime statistics around the world you would find yourself in a very ugly world !!! You have to make your life the best possible. This may help http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications.../print/ae.html is a nice way to investigate any country, and to compare too!

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Old 3rd Apr 2006, 05:54
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Been here for 12 years & I & the family love Dubai! No really! We grab every opportunity Dubai has to offer, & think it's magic. Sitting at home every night watching the TV, or reading PPRuNe 24/7 is going to drive you crazy & make you depressed no matter where you live in the world. Surely it's not always about the money? Life's short, and you can't take it with you. Only drawback is having to go to work!
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Old 3rd Apr 2006, 06:02
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A serious word of warning. Do not believe anything that you read about Dubai in the press or any other official publication. There is a lot that happens here that is not reported and is 'hidden.' I know that this goes on elsewhere, but do not believe that Dubai is Nirvana, Utopia or however else you want your 'Heaven' to be described.

There are more murders than are reported. Source? I am close friends with a senior member of staff at the British Embassy. Although this is primarily 'in-fighting' between Russians, Pakistanis etc. the fact is that there is violent crime here, it just gets hushed up.

There are more robberies that get covered up by the authorities due to them not wanting the 'real Dubai' to get written about. Source? As above, as well as victims of two recent crimes.

Traffic is an absolute nightmare. Source? I suffer from it myself daily. Just search on the web for 'Traffic Dubai.'

Prostitution is rampant. Not even in Bangkok will you go into a bar and five girls walk up to you and ask you if you would like a [email protected] Yes, there are clean bars but there are a lot of sleazy bars. Where in the world, the Muslim world for goodness' sake, can you enter a club that is solely there for the purpose of providing prostitutes? Do a Google search on The Cyclone and York Hotel in Dubai! Of course, this might be an attraction to some of you.

Other than Beach (although they are dissapearing rapidly as beach front developments are being built) and Golf, there is little in the way of outdoor activities. Sports are not that well catered for but if you like shopping, then this is the place for you! We have more malls per square mile than anywhere I have ever been to! But careful of the prices, a lot of things here are now more expensive than the US and UK.

Just as many western civilisations were built by slaves, so is Dubai today. The general workforce here are treated appalingly, the salaries are really bad and their working and living conditions terrible.

Dubai is a relatively good place to start a family, to educate small kids, but teenagers suffer here as there is so little to do.

Look, I am not trying to dissuade anyone from coming here. I welcome with open arms other pilots in order that our work load can start to decrease, but I would be wrong in supporting Dubai as some kind of model city. The EK and Dubai PR machines are very powerful. The pages of the holiday brochures are testament to this as they show the beach hotels as they were three years ago, prior to the building of the various projects along the coast. But one thing that cannot be ignored is that despite the numbers of tourists Dubai welcomes every year, very few are coming back for a second holiday.
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Old 3rd Apr 2006, 06:42
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SecurID...Surely you are having a laugh?! "Little in the way of outdoor activities" Well only yesterday morning I rode my horse, followed by the 9 hole par 3 at the Monty. Had a sail in the afternoon. Played tennis this morning. (horse lame) Later today will waterski with the kids. Tonight more golf, followed by a desert camp tomorrow night with the trial bikes. And it's not even the weekend!! Maybe then I'll go for a snow ski, or go kitesurfing. (In fact I'm lying as I have to fly to London on Friday ) Let's be objective and balanced here. As for the prostitution well the missus & I are out all the time and have never been confronted with this. Certainly not at Madinat, any of the Golf clubs, or any of hotels on the Sufouh strip. Also have to completely disagree with "very few tourists coming back for a second holiday" The vast majority do! Check with any of the Hotel GM's on this one.
Will agree though that the traffic is a nightmare, there is carnage on the roads, and that some workers do get treated very badly.
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Old 3rd Apr 2006, 11:50
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Would you mind enlightening the dear readers on the cost of all these activities that you partake in? :bored:

Whether, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar or even Saudi. There are plenty of activities you can participate in to basicaly block yourself from the outside world. Thats what people do here to stay sane.

The drawback is that that they cost lots of money. The days of comming out here to save for retirement have well passed.
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Old 3rd Apr 2006, 12:56
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@ DesertM2005

I do like all the answers being given. I really appreciate them, as stated before. The thing is that, when I move, I want to go to a place that is substantially better then where I am. Otherwise, it will be like changing 6 for half a dozen.

I am also following forum about companies like CX; there is a lot being said about them too. It up to us to read and filter things. There is no perfect company, as there are no perfect people. EK is one of the companies I think would be nice working for. So is Cathay and Singapore. I am trying to see if there are others that I can consider and the draw backs with each of them.
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Old 3rd Apr 2006, 14:17
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I spent a good few years in Dubai and it is true there is a lot to do. All of the aforementioned and more!!

The problem is on an EK Captains salary with a couple of sprogs you will NOT be able to afford them. If you throw all care of financial responsibility for your retirement and your kids tertiary education then you can enjoy some of them. 2000 dhms a day does not go that far when you are playing golf riding horses owning a 4x4 and taking the mssus out to the al suffoh Hotels and the Madinat. Dinner will cost you 30% of your daily wage.

Get real my friend and for F$s sake grow up
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Old 4th Apr 2006, 09:41
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Thank you everybody!!!
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