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VISION THREAD (other than colour vision) 2

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VISION THREAD (other than colour vision) 2

Old 14th Mar 2008, 08:03
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Amblyopia exercises have been shown to be effective in Px over the age of 8 years of age (which is at the point that the visual system development becomes hard wired) however they are usually transient improvements. Basically when you stop the exercises the vision returns to is pre-exercise level. However the exercises don’t work with everyone. If you are trying to get from 6/12 to 6/9 which is not a huge improvement I would think the appropriate eye exercises would be worth trying – you just might have to do them every year for a month or so before each medical.
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Old 22nd Feb 2011, 20:35
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Monocular pilots under JAR

Dear all,

I'm looking for some pilots who can share experiences regarding the initial JAR medical examination for monocular pilots.
As I have a waiver issued by the FAA (SODA) for a class III medical, I've been flying for around four years now (200+ TT). Therefore, I would like to see how I can apply for JAR medical somewhere in Europe as well. JAR doesn't seem to be as relaxed about this matter as the FAA, but I would still like to give it a try.
British CAA seems to be more open to this than some other authorities.

If there is someone here with useful vision in one eye and flying with a JAR medical, I would appreciate a (personal) message.
Old 23rd Feb 2011, 17:36
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When JAR regulations were introduced I think it was very difficult for monocular pilots to meet medical standards. Things may have eased a little since. Some JAR states (the UK was one) have continued to allow pilots to fly within their areas of juridisdiction if they already held a licence, issuing a Class Two with licence limitations - my licence is only valid in the UK unless I obtain written permssion from other states. Other states may not have fully aligned to JAR- I belive France still licences private pilots in accordance with ICAO class two, which may allow monocular vision under certain circumstances with restrictions. In the UK we currently have a national licence which is regulated by driver standards and allows monocular flying.

Best thing to do is to contact the JAR Authority where you wish to fly (e.g. DGAC in France the CAA in the UK, LBA in Germany)

All this will change in the period 2012-2015 when EASA takes over Flight Crew Licensing in Europe. It may then be possible to meet the standard for a LAPL (Light Aeroplane Pilots Licence) with monocular vision subject ot a flight test, and if ICAO Class Two standards are adopted, for a Private Pilts Licence but the machine is still turining on this.

Alternatively find an N-reg aeroplane to fly- there are loads here in the UK though the rules for flying these may also change under EASA
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Old 23rd Feb 2011, 18:10
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EASA is also my big hope. Nevertheless, it might be worth giving it a try under JAR. Maybe flight experience helps to convince one of the national authorities in Europe.

I'm currently flying N-regs here. That works out pretty well for me. But as you said, this opportunity might also not be there anymore once EASA rules are in effect. That's what I'm basically concerned about. Otherwise, I would simply stick to my FAA certificate.

German is LBA is pretty hopeless. They are strict about everything, and to my knowledge they won't even consider special issuance in a case like mine.
I wonder how national licenses like the N-PPL in UK will be transformed into EASA licenses. That will be particularly interesting in case of e.g. monocular pilots. Maybe the rest of EASA could benefit from that.

More comments and opinions are welcome (you can also PM me).
Old 6th Apr 2011, 11:06
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i am also monocular and trying to get a jar or caa medical. i was talking to the caa today and they have asked me to get the following form filled out and post it to them for special consideration:
Glasses - any preferences? [Archive] - PPRuNe Forums

i would like to hear your story of how you obtained your faa medical and ppl and how your getting on obtaining a jar medical.
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Old 6th Jul 2011, 18:53
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- Got my initial FAA 3rd class medical in 2006, carrying restriction: "only for student pilot purposes". Got it from Oklahoma as my AME had to defer the decision due to no useful vision, left eye (< 20 /200). I could solo with this medical, but had to take a MFT (medical flight test) before doing the check ride. Passed both, received a SODA and unrestricted 3rd class medical and, of course, the PPL ASEL certificate

- Having accumulated roughly 250 TT, wanted to apply to initial JAR class 2. Forget about German CAA (the LBA), they won't even consider. Sent an eye examination report to UK CAA, got approval to go ahead with the rest of the initial examination. That was done with an UK AME. Had to do a MFT again and received a class 2 medical with an AGL restriction: "valid only with approved eye protection". Apparently that means that if I'm flying in any zero / neg G condition or open cockpit, that protection has to be worn. Still have to do some research on this.


FAA is the way to go for the very initial medical with monocular vision. Most other CAAs are more restrictive than the FAA. But: Once you have some decent PIC solo time other authorities will more likely consider you. Flight experience really is the door opener in this case. And it's easiest to start off with a FAA medical for this purpose.

Will try to get a (restricted) JAR class 1 medical after some more years of flying, and possibly also a FAA class 2 / 1.

PM me if you have questions. And don't be discouraged by people telling you that you cannot fly. You can.
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Old 7th Jul 2011, 09:47
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i meant to update this thread as to my position also:

i am monocular , left eye 20/200 right eye 20/20

i obtained a class 1 FAA with the need for a MFT to get a SODA

i also managed to get a class 2 uk CAA JAR medical with the need to do a MFT.

i will back up the last posters comments. don't give up, fight your corner and you will succeed.
any one has any questions drop me a pm.
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Old 22nd Jun 2012, 10:12
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VISION THREAD (other than colour vision) 2

Dear All,

Same as for the colour vision thread, I've started a new vision thread as the sites owners have told us that the large threads (more than 1000 posts) put too big a load on the servers and slow the site down. The old thread will remain for reference.


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Old 22nd Jun 2012, 11:38
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Roger that. I will re-post my last message but I hope it is not a problem at all.

Is it true that the UK CAA will not be issuing EASA medicals until 17th September, 2012?
I heard they will issue JAR licence till 16th September, 2012 because 1st July, 2012 date turned out to not be achievable.
Can anybody confirm it?
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Old 14th Jul 2012, 19:29
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Perhaps I misunderstand your post but 6/6 even with correction is fine, and -1.00 correction is also well within limits.
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Old 15th Jul 2012, 12:20
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Hi guys,

Can anybody tell me when the Spanish CAA is implementing the new EASA Part-MED regulations?

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Old 1st Aug 2012, 18:52
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Laser eye surgery vs rules in Asian countries

Is there someone out there who has actually interviewed/worked for any >Japanese< and other Asian carriers that can assist me with a vision improvement type laser eye surgery question? Please know I have already read all that I can locate on this website. (I have read a few posts that leaned towards saying that this procedure is not permitted in Japan) I then took the extra step of writing two of the broker agencies that have been around for a long time. An established person at Wasinc said this procedure is prohibited by the Japanese Govít. But to confuse the issue further a senior Asia person at Rishworth wrote me that an applicant can succeed when applying to a Japanese carrier but reminded me of the necessary steps, ie that one must disclose this on the front end, bring oneís existing home country aviation Medical Certificate and bring the before and after eye measurements from the Dr who performed the surgery. So, from the employment offices that should know, I have received two answers that contradict one another.
In a nutshell,
1 can a pilot successfully obtain a Japanese Govít airline pilotís Level medical if they are healthy in all areas but have previously had successful Laser eye surgery (to improve their vision)? I know radial keratonamy wonít pass, but if they do permit it does the Japanese Govít distinguish with a thumbs up/down between PRK and Lasik?
2 If the Japanese Govít permits it, does it end up being a de facto item of not getting hired cause no actual Airline in Japan will offer employment to a pilot who has had this?
3 And while we are on this topic, might you happen to know if Laser eye surgery for vision improvement is permitted in

Do any of these countries distinguish between PRK and Lasik?

I appreciate whatever info you can pass along. I donít mind filling out all the various applications but I would like to avoid spending the time barking up the wrong tree if this is a No Go item in certain countries. I imagine your answer will help out a good number of pilots out on this website. Thanks.
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Old 5th Aug 2012, 10:39
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I heard the time to re-instate a Class 1 medical certificate and a Class 2 medical certificate after a LASIK eye surgery is not 3 months anymore but only 20 days according to new EASA rules. Can anybody confirm that?
I thought it was still 3 months from date of surgery if LASIK and 6 months from date of surgery if PRK.

I'd really appreciate an answer
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Old 11th Aug 2012, 18:55
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Hi All ,

I'd like to apply for a C1 Med and believe that I meet the criteria with the exception of that I exceed the Esophoria limit , which would probably mean an Unfit assessment by AME and referral to Consultant Opthamologist .

I've seen my Orthoptist at Moorefields and showed her the C1 Med requirements , she said that I'm about 12 Eso but that it is well compensated for and have very good Fusional reserves. I also did the Stereoscopic test and could see the 3D images , which means I do retain Binocular vision . She increased my prescription from ( +2.25 L / 2 R ) to ( +3 ) on both as it might help with the Esophoria . I'm supposed to go back in a few days to be checked again and get a report written up to take with me to Gatwick.

She reckons that I could get a pass based on the Compensation and Fusional reserves but IF that wasn't good enough then I could have surgery ( Strabismus correction ?? ) to sort out the imbalance .

Anyone have experience with Esophoria on C1 recently ? I've found a few posts circa 2007 / 2010 and they weren't even referred for further evaluation , 2007 person even said that AME didn't bother measuring fusional reserve.

With regards to the surgery , I remember reading a few posts saying that it was only for cosmetic purposes in adults . According to my Orthoptist and a couple of articles on the web it can improve the eye muscle imbalance , rather confused now

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Old 15th Aug 2012, 14:32
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tcw3: WRT Singapore, the answer is "yes", even for military pilot selection. Yes, that's right: current standard for selection by the Republic of Singapore Air Force is a refraction within +/-5.00 spherical dioptres and correctable to 6/6 or better in each eye separately, distant and near, no more than 2.00 cylinder dioptres of astigmatism. You must be a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore.

From their own official website:

Republic of Singapore Air Force - Careers - Vocations
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Old 16th Aug 2012, 21:01
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WS-G, thanks for the input and web link. tcw3
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Old 22nd Aug 2012, 04:27
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So I've been reading the new EASA medical guidelines:


On page 24 it states:

(d) Refractive error
(1) At initial examination an applicant may be assessed as fit with:
(i) hypermetropia not exceeding +5.0 dioptres;
(ii) myopia not exceeding Ė6.0 dioptres;
(iii) astigmatism not exceeding 2.0 dioptres;
(iv) anisometropia not exceeding 2.0 dioptres
provided that optimal correction has been considered and no significant pathology is demonstrated.

(2) Initial applicants who do not meet the requirements in (1)(ii), (iii) and (iv) above should be referred to the licensing authority. A fit assessment may be considered following review by an ophthalmologist.
So does this mean that someone who exceeds these limits (for example, having myopia of -8.0) will be granted a Class 1 medical if they are checked by an opthalmologist and given the all-clear? Earlier on the page it states:

Where specialist ophthalmological examinations are required for any significant reason, this should be imposed as a limitation on the medical certificate.
What do they mean by this? What kind of limitation?
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Old 17th Sep 2012, 19:10
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Bad eyes and licence types - info please?

I thought I'd pop a post on here regarding my eye sight. I'm looking to hopefully do NPPL which I shouldn't have a problem with, I drive after all. (My general health is good)
My question lies in the other licences which I'm afraid the names of escape me right now, not fully clued up just yet! But basically, I don't want to have to rule out (as long as everything goes well) going commerical and flying for an airline.

I don't really understand my contact lens prescription but my right eye is 6/6-3 and my left is 6/60 and I know that's terrible!!!
I've tried looking at the CAA website but couldn't really make 100% sense of it. I've debated looking into getting my eyes sorted, fear and a lack of money have stood in my way and knowing now I can more than likely get the NPPL I'm ok to put it on the back burner although have considered going for a free consultation to see what's said.

My optician said they probably wouldn't do anything with the left because it's bad and because my brain uses my right for seeing and the left for preriferal vision only through years (22 or so) of only having 1 good eye. And he also said they'd probably be funny about doing anything with the right as it wouldn't leave me with a good eye.
However when I put my prescription into the laser eye surgury companies website it says something can be done.

Really, anyone who is/has been in a similar boat, any advice?
Thank you in advance, I really appreciate people giving me all this advice when I know so little
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Old 19th Sep 2012, 14:48
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Hi Lizz,

I've been in a similar boat to you and taken the plunge (I'll stop with the sea based metaphors immediately).

I had 6/60 in both eyes which isn't too bad. I had Lasik surgery four years ago and my right eye deteriorated so I had it done again a couple of months ago. The surgery really isn't that bad but granted, it is quite expensive.

I had a Class 1 medical which is now suspnded for three months until my right eye has recovered but fingers crossed I should get it again. I intend to become a commercial pilot so laser surgery really shouldn't stop you.

There are pre-op limits to what you can be corrected from so double check them and talk to your optician if you exceed that in your worse eye as that will stop the commercial pilot option immediately (sorry, I know that might be frustrating but there is nothing you can do about it so I'm not going to lie).

Happy to answer any questions if you have any.
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Old 19th Sep 2012, 19:10
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Cheers for the sea based reply!
I've come to accept that maybe, just maybe it's a dream I'll have to let go of. Still right now I'm trying to find the money for a private licence, so I'm thinking a while ahead.

As I said I put the prescription into optimax I think it was and it said something could be done either lasek, lasik or a lens into my eye, whatever that one's called although that sounds horrific but that's just me being squimish!

Saying this I watched air crash investigation on Monday and that captain only had 1 eye and managed to land a plane without engines! So maybe, just maybe there's hope yet!
I have just looked at optical express as well and they too say something can be done. It might just be worth me popping in for one of these free consultations to see what they say, can get an answer either way then!

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