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perikitovolador 4th Dec 2014 11:21

Good afternoon fellas!

I have been invited to the Recruitment event in Budapest in January!

Is anybody else coming? Does anyone has good and reliable info about the exams? I have heard that the first day is the hardest one...any clue?

Thanks a lot, good luck to you all!

Fieldins 4th Dec 2014 16:14

Are you type rated with experience?? Or cadet??

Good luck!

B767PL 15th Dec 2014 16:28

Does anyone know how many candidates Wizzair invites to their recruitment events. Is there more then just the one in January planned right now? Does anyone know? Cheers :ok:

Jean-Francois 15th Dec 2014 17:48

FYI 200 new pilots needed for 2015. None with less than 500hrs...
Info received from Wizz Cpt

ProFly 18th Dec 2014 10:50

Does anyone have a telephone or e-mail contact for the recruitment team - technical level.

I have over 500TT, however when they changed the requirements from 500 to 1000 they purged all the applications, so the status page was blank.

Now they have reduced down to 500 hours I have reapplied, but the status page still shows blank - therefore I need someone to reset this.

Any clues?

seven3 18th Dec 2014 14:09

Originally Posted by ProFly (Post 8788168)
Does anyone have a telephone or e-mail contact for the recruitment team - technical level.

I have over 500TT, however when they changed the requirements from 500 to 1000 they purged all the applications, so the status page was blank.

Now they have reduced down to 500 hours I have reapplied, but the status page still shows blank - therefore I need someone to reset this.

Any clues?

Same here.
Applied in August when the requirements was 200h, then reapplied end of Nov with req for cadet 500h.
Status page shows blank.


B767PL 22nd Dec 2014 19:08

Status page also was showing blank for me but I received an invite, so I wouldn't stress too much about that.

Does anybody know what bases they are recruiting for this winter?

Also does anybody know what a good study guide would be for the interview.

march21 24th Dec 2014 17:57

Has anyone been recently invited for the assesment as a cadet?

Jean-Francois 25th Dec 2014 09:13

From the last recruitment a friend who works there told me he has met only few cadets taken for the training... But Wizz complains about bad experiences and again decided to target pilots with min 500hrs...
200 pilots expected for 2015...
Good luck to all of you

Henler 15th Jan 2015 10:48

Citizenship for Job position
Dear Colleagues,

Tell me please, WIZZair care about NON-EU Citizenship or no?

The thing is, that I don`t have EU-Citizen, can I theoretically get a Job with flight experience of 500 hours?


B767PL 15th Jan 2015 16:31

I believe you have to be either a EU-Citizen, or citizen of a country where they have a base, such as Ukraine. I am not 100% sure, someone correct me if I'm wrong. You do, however, need licences from one of those countries.

RedBullGaveMeWings 15th Jan 2015 17:19

That's correct, you need to be a UE citizen or resident in the UE or Ukrainian citizen.

Derek O. 17th Jan 2015 13:57

Anybody any info on what to expect as a type rated FO? Sim I expect to be with someone else that is type rated?

perikitovolador 18th Jan 2015 15:49

Not being rude... expect not to pass the second day... when I was there, the first day we were total 19 candidates, of which 5 were type rated...they passed the first day but not the interviews on second day so they didn´t get the invitation for the Sim...any of them...
So the last day we were only NTR captains and NTR first officers...
I wish you all the best to break this tendency!!


Yuri Gagarin 18th Jan 2015 21:55

Waiting since my application last August and any response....and now they are calling? I do not understand nothing.

vccm13 19th Jan 2015 11:23

wizzair page
Hi everyone,

from the time I attached my CV on the website the status is blank and I dont see any open position,,, is that happend to everybody ?? there is a direct e-mail to the RRHH??
thanks and good luck!

B767PL 19th Jan 2015 14:28

How did you find the interview? Have you heard anything back from them, yet? Or did they say when to expect news?

Also, do you have any feedback or recollection from the interview? How was the tech, and HR exams? Do you have any info on them or remember what they asked? Any clue/tips/ advice?

Would appreciate any feedback as I'm not sure where to even begin. Good luck, let us know if you hear anything. :ok:

J74 21st Jan 2015 17:43

it's happen to me too, Page blank....anyone know how to explain that?
As far as I know the status still blanck once I login since few months already !!!:rolleyes:

Derek O. 23rd Jan 2015 09:53

My status page was blank as well but got invited anyway. I don't think it affects your application.

Luggage 25th Jan 2015 19:20

How did it go. Did you get the job

Luggage 25th Jan 2015 19:22

Feb interview
Anybody else going along on 12 th Feb to interview in Budapest. Any news on what to expect from past interviewees?:eek:

march21 25th Jan 2015 19:49

Hi @Luggage, may I ask when did you apply and what is your experience? PM me if you prefer. Thanks

seven3 26th Jan 2015 13:47

=> Confair Airline Jobs - A320 (non)typerated cadets

only citizens from: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenero, Serbia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Austria

march21 26th Jan 2015 14:38

Why are they looking for pilots using confair?

J74 26th Jan 2015 15:26

Really funny...
we are in Europe...we are Easa...but always we will have to discriminate or take out chances to the people! and this is first time I see this kind of differencies about East/West Citizenship!
Glad not to be involved in this " European Airlines Companies" sometimes....

Ps. But....they want to be part of Europe for other matters intersted of....

speed_alive_rotate 26th Jan 2015 16:10

How are they getting away with this, are we not all part of the big EASA family!

B767PL 27th Jan 2015 16:05

Probably has something to do with all the western pilots bailing en-mass every year because of the poor pay for them, and home sickness.

speed_alive_rotate 27th Jan 2015 17:07

Yeah I agree with you @B767PL, my post was very sarcastic! However as a starting platform a couple of thousand hours and type rated on an a320 , things could be worse, couldn't they??

J74 27th Jan 2015 21:52

Probably has something to do with all the western pilots bailing en-mass every year because of the poor pay for them, and home sickness

I will take out your first word "probably" and put insted something more affermative.
if you're bonded they take out 1k from your salary and you get a Mc donald salary and if not bonded you doing 90 hours on a jet aircraft earning if you re lucky something like 3k...well, counting that you 're a pilot, transporting 180 people and leaving abroad(even if sometimes in some cheap country) still need to pay for your own accomodation and tickets to fly back home whenever you want....:{:= not good conditions perhaps!
So the decision, after lot of western people left them with no prior notice, to get easter people more!

speed_alive_rotate 28th Jan 2015 08:47

All joking aside and forgetting about terms and conditions etc. I would love to know what the legal stance is that enables them to be so discriminating against western "Europeans". This has actually shocked me as I thought such a blatant show of discrimination from one EU country towards so many others wouldn't be tolerated or "allowed"!!!

FlyingStone 28th Jan 2015 09:04

Perhaps the fact that you Confair doesn't employ you, you work as a service provider...

vo8740 28th Jan 2015 16:46

I flew for Wizz and I worked for many airlines in the past and never seen such a pilot treatment.

A. Roster patern is not 6on 4off if you are commuter, is 8on 2off(at home).
B. Salaries well below the market.
C. If you get sick the company takes the total amount of sick days from you basic salary, many pilots fly even they are not fitted.
D. You will sign a self provider contract but actually is not, many illegalities in it.
E. Constant flow of pilots leaving so expect continuous changes in your roster.

B767PL 2nd Feb 2015 18:20

Anybody who went to the interview know what bases they are mostly hiring for now?

FlyingStone 4th Feb 2015 06:44

Originally Posted by vo8740
I flew for Wizz and I worked for many airlines in the past and never seen such a pilot treatment.

Good for you, but there are worse companies on this planet to work for than Wizz Air...

DIS 5th Feb 2015 16:15

Hello Guys,

Could anybody share his experience about the assessment .

I have heard the now for the type rated pilots there are plenty of maths questions in the 90 question test.

Any feedback?


dirk85 5th Feb 2015 22:29

Was anybody present at the Open Day today in Warsaw?

Any new information you guys are willing to share?

FlyingStone 5th Feb 2015 23:49

If you go there, and you are a commuter, which you will be regardless for long period even if from east europe, you will have NO life, the company will OWN YOU
Well, it's a choice each individual has to make. Nowhere does it says you must commute, however if you wish to do so, certainly one would think hard and make a plan before applying for a job like this. And if you decide to commute, there must be some positive sides of it as well - life is full of compromises, you can't have a 50k€/month salary, drinking tequilas on the beach and flying only when you feel like doing so...

Constantly call you in your rest time, days off, and cancel agreed holidays, they will adjust your Flight times/rest times, so you will be legal when they need you, but if you want something they will tell you they can't make personal requests for crews life, only if it is in interest for the company.
Ever tried commuting contracts (4+ weeks on) with 24 hour notice to some not-so-nice countries on this planet? Regularly using 10 hours rest periods, just because your home base is nominated at your permanent residence?

Yes true, pilots flying when sick, when dead tired, it's simple, pass 10.000 ft, and one crew goes into controlled rest, next sector next crew goes into controlled rest!
And what do you think happens when you fly 5 consecutive nights with 4 sectors? Everybody awake and chatting all night, because they always get such good rest during the day?

So yes sure it probably are worse companies, but if this is the way you set the standards, I would rather not work for a company that is worse!
I agree. What you fail to understand is that not everybody starts this career in a legacy carier with a union and you just have to work your way up the ladder the best you know how. Somebody that spent their first 1000 hours flying SEP, Wizz is probably a dream job - a stepping stone that provides a good career outlook. On the other hand, I can't see anybody in their right state of mind would give up seniority in LH or BA to go fly for Wizz Air - unless they are really desperate to get the upgrade ASAP.

One should make realistic expectations when joining a new company - you cannot expect Wizz Air or any other LCC for that matter to have T&Cs from "the golden age of aviation", but it gives you good flying hours, good training and opportunity for a fast upgrade. As I said - there are compromises to be made with everything in life, including your job.

J74 6th Feb 2015 22:25

Understand both, FlyingStone & Syntax Error but let me tell You what I think:

Sintax Error maybe is direct but that's the true....

Flyingstone, understand you too, and agree with some fact, but we still in EU, we don't have to sell our soul just to grab a :mad: shinny righ hand seat jet!! with such condition and minimum rest with no life.

Me too was looking times ago a place where to fly in EU but with just few, very few, choices , which were more than worste I decided to go far away, cross the Atlantic in 3d country, but at least I have a great contract, good roster, good money and I come back home every 2 month

I didn't spent all the money involved for my Pilot Training to come at the end working in such companies, and then find myself still paying for my house abroad, return tickets and so on
Volotea, Small planet, Wizzair, Ryanair, Vueling and so on, are the worst companies to work for as x contract, not because they born like that, but cause they find people who help them to be like that!
And....the future will be worst and worst!

Everyone has the right to choose what is best ...
and each of us has the strength to be able to change this industry in our favor for a better FUTURE

NAVEX320 11th Feb 2015 17:11

Wizzair Warsaw Open Day 05 February 2015
It appears there is no thread regarding the recent Pilot Recruitment Open Day organised by Wizzair in Warsaw, Poland, on the 5 th of February 2015.

I went there and was in the waiting of the promised mail to let candidates know whether or not they were going to be invited for the selection process in Budapest.

I received this non-personally addressed mail today, indicating me (and other candidates "Dear Applicants") I am not considered for the selection process on this occasion.

I do think it would be very interesting to know what kind of profiles other candidates who were there had and to discover who among us was retained for going to Budapest.

I my case, hereunder is my profile:
> 31 years old
> French citizen
> A320 type rated, current, no experience on type (except the base training)
> Overall flight experience: 1800 hours, mainly performed in aerial work missions and flight instructions on SEP aircraft under VFR flight rules.

Please guys, let us know what is your profile, indicating the same items that I did and tell us whether you are or not considered for the selection.

On behalf of all of us, thank you very much in advance.

dboy 11th Feb 2015 17:31


3 years ago i went to the assessment. We were about 20. I past the selection but i refused the contract because of the crappy conditions. Even then, what i found really remarkable, is that none of the typerated people got through the selection, only non rated people. For me it is not coincidence anymore but a tactics.

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