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IrishJetdriver 23rd Mar 2008 20:48

Accom at CAE AMS
A quick word. I did my RYR course and CAE is a sausage machine for FR pilots and cheap accom is not easy to find once you are there. There is accom possibly available at the very nearby college at very good rates but you want to try and book that NOW. If you have a car at EMA then the nearby travelodge can have very good rates (I paid £15 per night via the internet). You can park round the back of the RYR training centre for free, Do not use the long term car park as it is a rip off at £20 per day which is only £13 more expensive than at Stansted!!

Public transport near CAE is excellent. If you are using the jump seat facility to Eindhoven then take the train to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport which is about 90 minutes, then go out front of the airport to the bus station and get the 500 bus marked for Haarlem and get off at Graan Voor Visch (not sure of spelling, but oddly enough means "Grain for fish") which is almost outside CAE. Buses need a card which is readily available from newsagents and is called a bustrippencart. I think 20.6 euro for 45 sectors but bear in mind that Haarlem to GVV is 4 sectors for example. If you speak English with a Dutch accent then the language seems pretty obvious sometimes!! CAE facility is excellent but the CBT is woefully inadequate for the exams ahead. Get to know students ahead of you for top tips on revision topics. When I was there, the tea/coffee/pepsi was all free and there is a very basic canteen on site. The sims are superb but be aware that you MUST MUST MUST spend every waking minute in the cardboard bombers practicing your flows as you get very little slack once you are in full flight simulator sessions. Work with your sim partner as if your career depends on it.......because it may well do.

Above all........ENJOY


Callsign Kilo 23rd Mar 2008 23:27

RossH...have sent you a PM

IrishJetDriver....many thanks for the info :ok:

Ollie268 24th Mar 2008 11:25

Hi everyone, got my assesment on the 1st April (hoping its not an april fools joke :} )
Anyone else going?

Emilio's 25th Mar 2008 13:45

Hi guys!
I did my assessment the 12 of march but today I'm still waiting...
A lot of guys that i know are still waiting too...but it's normal???
Usually how many days they need to give the response???
..they said 7/10 days but now 10 days it's over...I don't know..
a friend of mine have called at ema but they've said no worries we'll call you back...
ciao guys!

coltrane 25th Mar 2008 19:08

Hi all,

Sorry to bother you with off-topic questions, but anyway… If I would be hired by RYR, how long would it take to get base Weeze (Dusseldorf)..??


jiffajaffa 25th Mar 2008 21:38

Hey lads and lassies anyone form the March asessments get anything on the interview and sim check yet?? seems like people are waiting over the 10 days???

globalme 26th Mar 2008 12:20

ryan air interview
heard good reports from capttriggers recomendation, also a good preperation source is flightwise, run be a ryan air pilot Adria Carrie. he gives a half day brief, covers all the questions you might be asked, a little bit expensive but whats not.

flyingelf 26th Mar 2008 15:34

latest questions at EMA
Hello everybody,

i'm going to have the assessment on 9th of April,
any advice about latest questions asked at EMA...?

Keep studying but it's hard to know everything...


W sempre :)

Emilio's 26th Mar 2008 16:47

studiati bene il briefing..puntano molto sull'mcc..
domande fatte:vmcg,che motori monta il loro aereo,come funziona e dove genera la spinta,quanti posti aveva il mio seneca V,che motori e quindi se avevo critical engine.poi dovrai drgli chi sei.
Scrivo in italiano e quindi "senza rispettare gli altri" perke ho le palle girate.
Ho fatto l assessment il 12 marzo e mi hanno detto che mi hanno cannato solo oggi.
se hai altri dubbi scrivimi in privato e se ho tempo ti risponderò.
ma cmq questo è quello che ti chiedono.
poi al sim ti daranno l'aereo pronto per la partenza con gia tutto settato.ti diranno di fare un briefing striminzito di 30 secondi in cui nn dirai praticamente niente.ti danno le cartine per la sid ma aspettati una clearence.poi esercizi del picio come accellerazioni e decellerazioni steep turn a 45 gradi e engine fail.
poi ti farai una bella ndb molto probabbilmente con vettoramento radar quindi senza holding o virate di procedura..
in bocca al lupo.
p.s. occhio a quei due vecchi che ridono ma ridendo ti inchiappettano!:ok:

Ollie268 26th Mar 2008 17:06

what type of response are they looking for during the "emergency"?
Are they looking for the correct drills or just MCC skills?
Eg-- Door blowing out, obviously im not going to know the drill for this as my time is on the seneca but will they expect us to discuss the problem and come to a solution?

Thanks for any help and advice! :ok:

JIMBO01 26th Mar 2008 23:11

Ryanair Sim Assess
Guys, does anyone know what route and procedures you do on the sim part, and if anyone can help on what questions for the interviews including technical Q's too?

ALLSKY 28th Mar 2008 11:10

Hi Pilots! Anyone at EMA in April 11?

leeds 65 28th Mar 2008 17:52

Yes ALLSKY i will be there 11th april!

ALLSKY 28th Mar 2008 18:42

Great leeds! Check pm!!

FABIO84 29th Mar 2008 08:04

I'll be there the 2th of April. I sent you an e-mail with my contact, if you want contact me asap.Bye.....

ALLSKY 3rd Apr 2008 06:47

Hi pilots,
for the guys that had passed the assessment: how many time normally does it take from the day of the assesment to the start of the course?
Thanks a lot

Jump-Seat64 3rd Apr 2008 07:30

Once you've past the assessment day you can expect a start date around 2 months later.

ALLSKY 3rd Apr 2008 08:16

Hi JS, many many thanks!

denisfranklin 4th Apr 2008 04:22

After successful assessment day!
HI guys, someone to give me a hand please
after you have passed all test of interview's day, how many days before start the course will be contacted? My case I'm already have B737 NG type rated valid.

denisfranklin 4th Apr 2008 04:31

I a new member here..
Is there any TOPIC talking about RYANAIR BASEs, something like the best base to live, e.g Living cost, friendly group, better flights???????????

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