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giggitygiggity 9th Mar 2011 22:49

Difficult one though, either twice as much chance of impressing them or twice as much chance of making a mistake. I wouldn't want to push my luck with a second round in the sim!

aphelio 9th Mar 2011 23:00

thanks guys!
congrats irish_flyer and good luck for everyone else going following days!!

OMAR HABEEB ALLAH 10th Mar 2011 13:04

any one guys going on the 23/3 to the assessment in stansted?
any updates thx

Irish_Flyer88 10th Mar 2011 13:40

Omar I know one Irish guy going on that date. I will tell him to come on here and PM you. Good luck mate!

lollo1753 10th Mar 2011 13:49

There is the possibility that ryanair don't call me if I'm rated on another medium jet (A320)??? I applied thru cae for cadet for standard cadet pilot scheme....it's possible that this is the reason why they don t call me?

Jerry Lee 10th Mar 2011 15:55

I have just one question to make: is it true that Ryanair likes to recruit only pilots who went at OAA or other top school like OAA?
For example, I will undertake all flight training in USA, and conversion either in Spain or Greece. However, I may do MCC course and JOC course at OAA.

I know that this question is quite OT; sorry...

liveview 10th Mar 2011 19:15

That's maybe a good indication, if you pass the interview they will call you, but if you fail they usually contact you by mail....

What's your experience and when/where did you applied??

Thanks and happy landings

cerealkiller 11th Mar 2011 08:30

I have just one question to make: is it true that Ryanair likes to recruit only pilots who went at OAA or other top school like OAA?
For example, I will undertake all flight training in USA, and conversion either in Spain or Greece. However, I may do MCC course and JOC course at OAA.
A good friend of mine did exactly what you wrote, except for the OAA thing (he got the MCC in the States), and is now on the type course.

magicmick 11th Mar 2011 09:20

Jerry Lee
In response to your query reference doing the JOC/ MCC with OAA, I was invited to EMA for the RYR assessment late 2008, I was a modular student and had done my MCC in a TP sim so I had been nowhere near a 737 sim (or any other jet sim). The phone call inviting me to the assessment came late afternoon three days before the assessment, I tried frantically to book a couple of hours in a 737 sim before the assessment but it was too late, the sims were all fully booked.

When I arrived for the assessment there were eight people nervously waiting which was myself and seven OAA grads. The OAA guys were pretty angry that they had spent lots of money at OAA and were now looking at spending another large sum for an RYR rating and most did not know where the money was going to come from.

However all the OAA guys had completed JOC and MCC in the OAA 737 sim (about 40hrs experience I think) and they all said that their instructors hammered them with RYR assessment profiles and interview questions. When the sim profiles were handed out all the RYR guys recognised them from their MCC/ JOC days and they were all told to report back to OAA what sim profile they were given and what questions they were asked in the interview so by now OAA must have a very comprehensive data base of RYR assessment sim profiles and interview questions.

Needless to say that my sim flying was sub standard compared to the OAA grad that I was paired with and now while I keep the MEIR and medical in date I am working as a consultant engineer to keep money flowing in and provide for my family.

My advice to you would definitely do the MCC with OAA and if you can afford it do the JOC with them as well (I think you can get a better price if you book them both together) and while you’re at OAA let the instructors know that you will be applying to RYR and hammer them for assessment information, although you are not an integrated student you are a customer and you should get all that you can from OAA. If I had my time again this is definitely what I would do.

Whatever you choose to do I wish you all the very best and good luck with the job hunting.

tabu 11th Mar 2011 09:32

Completely opposite experience with me when I had my assessment in 2007. I did modular training and my MCC was on TP. Was fortunate enough to pass thankfully. In fact I'm fairly sure that there were no integrated guys on my TR course.

That said most of the cadets I bump into these days do seem to have done an intergrated course at OAA or similar so maybe times have changed.

Best of luck with whatever route you choose.

magicmick 11th Mar 2011 09:46

Hi Tabu
First of all sincere cogratulations on getting in with RYR, I suppose our different experiences show how much the market changed and how quickly it changed. In 2007 I was going through my modular training and the employment chances looked reasonable, I had looked at the integrated flying schools and they were boasting graduate employment statistics of 90% or more and many of the modular trained ppl instructors at the school I was training with were picked up by the airlines with TRs paid by the company. This might explain that when you did assessment there were no integrated guys present as they had all been sent of to employment heaven where training is financed by the company.

I finished my MCC in May 2008 and by the end of that year when I went to RYR pretty much all other employment had ceased, zoom and XL had gone bust along with many smaller operators and the market was contracting rapidly.

Just bad timing on my part really, I don't think that we will ever see again the recruitment activity that we saw in 2005/ 2006/ 2007 but hopefully things will pick up and maybe RYR assessments these days don't have so many OAA grads.

Stay safe and all the best.

Jerry Lee 11th Mar 2011 16:15

1000 thanks to all for the questions!
Modular way all the way! MCC and JOC with FTE or OAA.
I hope in 2013 this chanche will still be there so I can atl least try it!

Good luck to everybody!:ok:

Ronand 13th Mar 2011 16:55

From what I have heard, pretty much all oxford or FT guys get a shot at an assessment. But a lot of Modular chaps don't even get called for the assessment.
On my assessment half the applicants were Oxford grads.

Armin22 14th Mar 2011 09:42

Hi guys!

Anyone for the assessment on 27/4?

Good luck!

JulesW 14th Mar 2011 21:45


I applied for an RYR assessment (OAA & CAE) two weeks ago. I'm 38 ab initio with CPL ME/IR and 250TT.
Do I make any chance??
Does anybody know the RYR entry requirements?

nenad5 15th Mar 2011 10:13


I am 38 as well ,with 410h TT, (Cpl/IFR/ME/MCC) and few weeks ago I got unofficially confirmed from OAA(SAA) that candidates over 35 has not any chance of getting invited to interrview. I did my MCC at Arlanda in Nov. 2009 and after that I applied to Ryan via CAA and BFSAA and I never get contacted.
On the other hand from different sources incl. pprune one can hear that there were even candidates over 40 invited on interviews. It seems that for us older dogs it's only personal contacts that might help.

Best luck to all of us!:sad:

Tekor Bali 15th Mar 2011 14:26

over 30, it's hard for Ryanair...:(

SAB 15th Mar 2011 19:12

Hi there,

Just had the phonecall from Brookfield that I passed the interview and offered a typerating course the 30th of May at Amsterdam.

Anyone else who got the magic "Yes" call and will start their TR at Amsterdam the 30th of May and wanna share accommodation? :ok:

Kind regards.

Pelikanpete 18th Mar 2011 10:06

Are Ryan Air subject to the same rules about freedom of information as UK based organisations?

I would be interested to know what proportion/numbers of cadets taken on in the last year have been over 30 years old.

I'm guessing none as it seems they have changed their policy (illegally?).

OrlandoF 18th Mar 2011 15:58

i'm going to ryanair's assessment on the 23/3 anyone else is going?

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