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CTC Wings ATP Scheme (Merged)

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CTC Wings ATP Scheme (Merged)

Old 3rd Sep 2009, 00:40
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Best preparation for the CTC interview and selection process is a book called "Get a head for the Sky". I got to tell you, if you want to pass the selection, it is a great help. Every stage is in it. I still have my copy ready for my next interview!
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Old 3rd Sep 2009, 10:26
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Oh and here are a few links about the process including a basic disclosure. Hope they help.

Get a Head for the Sky - Airline Interview Preparation - Links
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Old 3rd Sep 2009, 13:31
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easyJet announces network redeployments

East Midlands to close and Luton to be reduced by 20% easyJet today announced proposals to reduce its flying programme at Luton by 20% and to close its East Midlands base. The airline will move this capacity to more profitable airports and expects that most of the aircraft will be redeployed to continental European bases. easyJet is committed to developing Europe’s premier short haul network and its overall growth plans remain unchanged at around 7.5% per year over the medium term. The proposals to reduce flying at Luton are a function of the airport’s failure to recognise the commercial realities of the recession and that easyJet has opportunities to move capacity to more attractive locations elsewhere in its network as weaker competitors retrench in today’s tough climate. Airport costs at Luton have risen by 25% over the past three years which makes the base no longer competitive. easyJet has been in protracted negotiation with Abertis, the Spanish operator of Luton and its owner Luton Borough Council, which is understood to receive over half of the airport charges. These negotiations have broken down leaving easyJet no alternative but to reallocate parts of its flying programme.
easyJet announces network redeployments
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Old 19th Sep 2009, 16:54
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CTC ATP hold pool

Hi all,

I currently in the ATP hold pool and have a few questions which I woud like to throw out there...

Has anybody got some info on how big the ATP hold pool is now? or indeed how big the wings hold pool is as well?

I presume CTC are still bringing a steady intake through each month?

I would like to hear from previous ATP folk as to how long you had to wait in the past to get placed. Granted, we are in worse times by far at the moment so the wait will undoubtedly be much longer or indeed indefinate but I'm just curious as to know what the average waiting time has been in the past?

Personally, I was thinking to stretch the finances to try and do a FI course. Not a good time for instructor jobs either though but need to keep the hand skills alive. Would like to hear what other folk in the same position are doing for flying whilst waiting in hope and if any of you found it difficult to jump into a TR course after being out of practice for so long?

Thanks for your comments
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Old 23rd Sep 2009, 10:23
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Holding Pool

No one here to answer? I'm curious too....
At least ATPs on the holding pool telling us for how long they are waiting.

Flying pikey, how long did you finished your AQC?
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Old 23rd Sep 2009, 11:27
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CTC tend not to announce how big the hold pool is. Normally it's down to reasonably good estimates from those in it / knowing the course sizes etc working it out for themselves.

For the Wings ATP guys who haven't done the entire Wings Cadet course, they haven't spent much time in CTC so are unlikely to be as clued up on the situation, particularly with regard to the size of the Cadet pool.
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Old 23rd Sep 2009, 11:30
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Surely the best people to ask are CTC and then feed it back on here? Rather than asking them 'how many people are in the holdpool?' Why don't you ask how many will be in the FlexiCrew holdpool (which will be emptied first) then ask how many are in the Wings holdpool (which will be emptied second) and then ask how many are in the ATP holdpool (which will be emptied when hell freezes over I am afraid)?

They should be telling you, you shouldn't need to ask that here, unless you don't trust them......And don't be scared of the consequences of asking them either, you have a right to know, you pay them, not the other way around.
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Old 23rd Sep 2009, 11:50
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Come the winter the pool would have to be comfortably over 100 with around 16 new swimmers per month diving in to its icy blackness.

Just an educated guess.

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Old 23rd Sep 2009, 18:21
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I agree! You should get all the details from the horses mouth. When I went through the AQC scheme several years ago, the hold pool was also massive (over 100) and I was pretty low down in it and I assumed behind the Wings guys. 3 points here..

1. I though the wings guys would get placed first but this turned out not to be the case. It seemed airlines or CTC mixed up who was going to be used. There were definitely more Wings than AQC's but it seemed in proportion.
2. I thought CTC were NOT very good at keeping us updated and they took the position of "if we don't have any news we don't up date you" which I found irritating. As a result, I called often and found them to be very forthcoming with information on size of the hold pool, where I was in it and latest developments. Jo Ward was the contact then and she was great but I don't know if it is still her. So call and get it from the horses mouth if you need to. Why not.
3. I believe CTC try to plan their recruitment around demand and info from partner airlines but, as those in the industry will know, things change very very rapidly. When I was in the pool there was no movement for about 8 months with nothing on the horizon. The horizon was in fact so bleak that I found a job elsewhere and took it despite the kit being worse as were potential terms and conditions with CTC. 2 weeks or so into my type rating the pool almost emptied with demand from Easy etc. Was totally random and very sudden.

Finally Pikey, I'm not sure about a FI rating. I had one already before I did the AQC and found it a fantastic experience and was lucky as I could carry on flying (which I loved) whilst swimming. But even those jobs are hard (but not impossible) to come by these days. I found that the GA experience I had didn't really help with the type rating exactly as the flying is so different and it is so much more about management of situations and running procedures. Where I found the GA stuff really helped was in my capacity and ability to be loaded up with stuff but still have awareness to fly and to take on more. Great experience and great fun but don't think it is necessary is my advice. Hope that helps.

There are definitely rumbles and glimmers of the economy turning, at the very least, stabilizing. The company I am in are even about to think about recruiting again and internally giving people commands so as to be ready when an opportunity shows itself. In fact I think we have just taken on 8 more pilots. So you never know what is round the corner. Good luck!
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Old 23rd Sep 2009, 22:40
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Nice to hear someone with a positive outlook on life for once!
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Old 26th Sep 2009, 10:36
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Hi Mint, many thanks for your mail. Sorry to hear about your situation. I hear some of the present 737 wings cadets are being let off after 6mths line training and barely touching 500 hrs with nothing on the horizon after. Still though, they and yourself will be in a good position when things pick up. Many positions advertised are looking for that golden 500 hrs of jet time.

All of my AQC course were glad to get to the hold pool albeit with no promise of ever being called. We were all clearly informed before we signed the dotted line that there was no guarantee that we would ever get called unless the wings cadet pool would be emptied. But for those of us who didn't have the 30K plus to go down another route it was the best we could do.

Wavenn, I finished it earlier this year.

Big Jarv, nice to hear your story and thanks for taking the time to give me your opinions. I agree with you with regard to the FI rating. It's a tricky one though. The way I look at it is that one can sit on the fence in hope for the telephone to ring one day or plug away anyway possible and at least be able to show some kind of progressionn towards a flying career should an opportunity for a job interview pop up. It's a pity that the whole industry has taken a twist towards self funded TR's and more recently self funded line-training but I think that's a debate for another day.

Beak, thank you as well and of course I'm well able to ask them myself. I did however want to get some feedback from people who were or are in the same situation as myself. Hence I put all my queries where I thought I would get some straight answers, eg; Big Jarv's and Mint's experience.

In my experience it's easy to get wrapped up in the chase to becoming an airline pilot and in the process life passes you by. I've talked to many pilots and from what I hear it's history repeating itself. The industry moves in cycles and you just have to hit it at the right time. It will pick up again soon and when it does I'm quite optimistic that gates will open. In the meantime I hope to have a bit of fun with the flying instead of joining the doom and gloom brigade and procrastinating negative opinions. Looking back on where I was a few years ago I think it's great to have got this far. Sure, it would be ideal if we could get something more concrete in terms of job opportunity but it's to be expected at the present time.

Onward and upwards...eventually!
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Old 26th Sep 2009, 12:18
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Flying Pikey,

Getting onto Wings ATP back in '08 was the best decision I made. As far as I am concerned you're in the right place even if there are no guarantees.

My experience thus far is that just as overtly optimistic predictions are usually bollocks, so are overtly pessimistic ones too. It doesn't matter what people tell you about this hold pool or that. Just expect the worst, be prepared for the best and visa versa. Nothing goes to plan in aviation, that is just as often a pleasant surprise as not
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Old 15th Oct 2009, 19:34
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Has anyone been on a AQC in the last 2 months?
Just wondering if they are still running monthly or not?
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Old 15th Oct 2009, 20:17
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Flying Pikey, loving the attitude.

Make the most of it, keep flying. Only a lucky few have an easy ride.

I finally got my break last January and started an airline job through CTC ATP. This was 6 years after I started flying (4 after IR) and there were periods of despair interspersed with great experiences instructing and survey flying.

Had a few interviews, failed a sim ride, got stranded in a hold pool (BigJarv knows what I'm talking about), but it all came together in the end and CTC happened to be the turning point, though I hadn't held out much hope when I applied.

Keep plugging away, things go up and down. Don't be in too much of a rush to get an airline job - they're not as glamorous as some people think (but the money's good ).

Just make sure that when the industry picks up again (which it will), you're near the top of the pile. And in an interview, if you can show evidence of patience, perseverance, realism, humility, and currency (not talking cash here), you'll be the one who gets the job in the end.

T McC.
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Old 15th Oct 2009, 20:21
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I passed selection in July and no offer of a course to date.

Also told once 6 months passes from my selection day it expires and have to be re-assessed. £184 a pop I hope CTC are not running a selection day every few weeks with no intention of running the AQC course
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Old 23rd Oct 2009, 18:01
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Does anyone have excperience from CTC Wings???

Hey all of you pilots out there, Im just finshied with my pilot training and got a reply on my application for CTC Wings, to come over for the first tests and interview.

But the problem is that I kind of dont have a clue of what CTC does for you as pilot to get a job. I do understand that the whole thing is about their MCC course on a 737 or A320 and if you complete the whole training, they put you in the "holdingpool".

What I wonder is it worth around 8000 Euro for that? And maybe not even get chosen by the companys that CTC works with?

Please write all you know about this and thanks for your help.

Fly Safe!!!
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Old 23rd Oct 2009, 18:19
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You're after the CTC Wings ATP Scheme:


At the moment the 'holding pool' is full to the brim, with no sign of emptying.

Much more information on the Interviews, jobs & sponsorship section....
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Old 23rd Oct 2009, 18:32
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Alright, so its not even worth to give it a go? But do you know how it all works after you´ve been put in the "holdingpool" ??

Thanks for the answer
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Old 9th Jan 2010, 18:33
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I've been invited for selelection with CTC Wings ATP.
I've allready done a MCC & JOC.

Would you pay the +5k£, just to get a job when the economy goes up?
And what will be the conditions if you get a job? Yet again pay the TR?
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Old 9th Jan 2010, 23:51
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If I was you I would hold on to your money. Put it into a savings account and not CTC's bank so you can have the interest. There are a whole bunch of type rated guy/girls with 6-9 months lines experiece in the hold pool. Some of which been in there for 18 months plus with not a sniff of a job even with this experience. And then there is a continuous flow of new cadets coming out of line training going back into the hpld pool on the doll.

Please Please re think.

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