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bobbyboo 30th Apr 2003 20:09

CTC Wings ATP Scheme (Merged)
I know, I know, I know this subject has previously been done to death but.....

I am through to phase 2 of the ATP scheme at CTC and was wondering if any of you kind fellows could let me know what to expect? Any help would be welcome, especially with regard to the 'technical questions'!

Thanks in advance :O

lemon 7th May 2003 00:51

CTC Phase 2 Selection Day

When you arrive, you all go into a room and give a brief introduction of yourselves (where you're from, aviation background, etc). You are then taken up to a room with computers which you sit at and do the computer tests. They start with a hand-eye co-ordination test with a joystick and rudder pedals. Nothing you can really prepare for on this.

The next part of the computer test is mathematics I think - just basic stuff. Then there's a test where you are given a display of an RMI and a Attitude Indicator and from a selection of 4 over head views of an aircraft and a VOR you have to decide which one relates to the instrument displays and also say if the aircraft is climbing or descending.

There's a section on multi-tasking where you have to input autopilot changes to altitude, heading, and airspeed using the keyboard keys and at the same time cancel a red warning which can appear in one of 9 boxes (3x3) and you cancel using the relevant number on the 1 to 9 numerical keypad on the computer keyboard.

There were some other small things in the computer test that I can't remember but nothing difficult from what I can remember.

They then give you 2 small written tests. The first one is again basic mathematics but applied to flying. Questions like "you want to be at 1000' 5 miles from the beacon. You are currently at 8000' and 20 miles from the beacon and your airspeed is 150kts. What descent rate do you need?" So basically, a few distance/speed/time questions. Know the 1/60 rule also because I think there's a question on that.

The other written test is general aviation things like what does MDA stand for, what does DER (Departure End of Runway) stand for, how long does it take a jet engine to spool up (6-8 seconds). That's all I can remember from it.

Then you have lunch and after that you all go into a room and discuss about 2 topics. It's just to see how you interact in a group. As I said, my topics were "Has autopilot made the pilot a lazy person?" and "Should cannabis be legalised?"

And that's it.

CTC Phase 3 Selection Day

This day consists of 2 parts. The team work part and the interview. In the team work section you are given a scenario such as being stranded on an island with a group of people. You have a list of items that are available but you can only choose a certain amount and you have to decide as a group which ones to take and which to leave. Again, this is just to show how you work within a group - completing the exercise is a bonus but don't worry if you don't. If you worked well as a team, that's all that counts. You also get to build something like a crane or a bridge out of blocks and again it's a team work excersise.

The interview then is after lunch and lasts about 20 minutes to half and hour. It's basically getting to know you, you're background, you're interests, and they give you some moral scenarios. Like I said, one was "you're with an experienced captain, you're approaching the final approach fix and the RVR is below limits but the captain elects to continue, what do you do?" The other one I got was "you're on a nightstop and you notice that one of the cabin crew is high on drugs - what do you do?" There's many answers to both questions.

Best of luck!

tailscrape 7th May 2003 01:51

All good stuff.

Just remember however with the trick question about the Final Fix and the hell bent on landing captain....that if you are passed a RVR below 1000 feet IT IS ADVISORY ONLY to the best of my knowledge. So, if your fix was at 800 feet on your chart for instance (if possible) , you may be able to continue.

However, I am not sure if the fix or the 1000 feet bit is overruling.

You get what I am trying to say..... try and know your rules, be firm but not totally inflexible and "anal".

Good luck.

p.s. I have a word document of CTC questions. It is old, but the questions keep coming up. I used it before I passed and got a 757 job! It is the only thing that saved me at the time, as I am not only slow, average, ugly but am also very dense!

foghorn 7th May 2003 17:23

They've changed the selection as of late to throw out the computer-based assessments. It now goes:


Group discussions of various subjects, some controversial (Legalisation of Marijuana - Is the war in Iraq Just - etc.). They're looking for how you interact with others with different opinions, not what your opinions are.

Written exams (numeracy and technical knowledge papers).


Group exercises (bridge building; wrecked off an island scenario). Again they're looking at how you deal with team working.

Personal interview - about 45 minutes. Mixed reports on this - some report how relaxed the interview was, some say it was too relaxed and they gave away a bit too much, I personally felt I got a real grilling. Be prepared for this, with an interview coach if you can - I thought I was, but I wasn't and fluffed it.

Best of luck!

swede 7th May 2003 20:43

got through to stage 2. and am one of the few that will be there who have no flying experience. going to struggle in the general aviation written test. Am in the middle of university exams at the moment but would really appreciate anyones advice of how best to revise for it. thankyou.

FREDA 7th May 2003 21:57


i think you're confusing the CTC ATP scheme with the CTC-McAlpine Cadet scheme. Theres no general aviation written test on the cadet scheme, and there's another extensive thread on this scheme which you've probably already found which tells you whats involved with that particular selection

swede 8th May 2003 18:17

FREDA, thankyou very much for pointing out my elementary mistake. Must not have been awake I feel! safe to say im on the wrong thread here!

bobbyboo 12th May 2003 19:55

Thanks everyone for your help, all good stuff!

two speed prop 3 1st Jul 2003 19:21

CTC ATP Scheme (Merged)
I am in the process of applying for CTC's ATP Scheme. I am a newly qualified fATPL but I am yet to complete an MCC course. At the moment money is quite tight so I am reluctant to do one as from what I understand part 1 of the AQC course is basically an MCC in its own right.

What I would like to know is will this put me at a disadvantage during the selection process. I would particularly like to hear from CTC Cadets who were accepted onto the course without an MCC course under their belt, if such people exist.



tailscrape 1st Jul 2003 20:58

I can guarantee you this:

If you have anything about you that CTc do not like, they will not take you!

Give them no areas for excuses. Do an MCC and do it somewhere good....

The whole thing about CTC is they like a track record and an audit trail. If you have bits missing you have no hope at all with them. Believe me, been there got the shirt etc....

tailscrape 2nd Jul 2003 00:02

i would suggest you are lucky then, when i got in it was mandatory.

However things have changed since i dare say.

buttline 2nd Jul 2003 12:50

I also made it into the ATP pool and hadn't done an MCC previously although most others on my course had. It is an excellent course - hard work but thoroughly enjoyable. Even if you don't make it onto the ATP scheme, I reckon just doing the AQC course will make a massive difference to your performance on your first simulator assessment for a job.

If you decide to do AQC, I wouldn't advice doing an MCC somewhere else first - unnecessary expense.

However, if you make it to AQC (final selection stage for ATP Scheme) I would advise you to read up on CRM and multi-crew procedures before starting any of the selection stages. More importantly, use the money you saved not doing an MCC first to get some cheap jet simulator experience and practice handflying skills. Take a friend who has done MCC along with you to act as PNF and concentrate on getting your scan rate as fast as possible. That's what will give you the spare capacity that you'll need to pass. Good luck.

Olof 12th Mar 2006 12:11

The CTC ATP scheme (yes I have used the search function...)
...but haven't found anything (am I just a worthless searcher?). Got a couple of questions here. Could anyone who has attended this scheme tell us something about it. I hear that you are put in a pilot pool upon completion of training. Are you all employed today? Are the tests the same as for the wings scheme?


Just another student 12th Mar 2006 12:42

I'm also interested in finding out some more information regarding this scheme. I've tried using the search engine, even when I just type in CTC it returns with no results. Any ideas?

I've sifted through a few threads, but if anyone could outline the basic pro's and con's of this course it would be appreciated.

After seeing my friend get a job at 250hrs on the A320/A321 and hearing about other people I have befriended getting placed in holding pools, I've decided its about time I started to pull my finger out and try to get my future career on track (some way or another.) :}

I may have the money now to contemplate applying for the CTC ATP course, but this is last chance saloon financially. I won't have any more funds to plough into flying for a long time :ugh:



scroggs 12th Mar 2006 18:15

Unfortunately, the search engine ignores search terms with three letters or less,so 'CTC ATP' will generate no results. You'll have to go back manually, but rest assured it's been covered many times.


Olof 12th Mar 2006 18:17

I've read about it before so I was very surprised when I didn't find anything. I'm not quite sure how to find the threads manually though :\


scroggs 12th Mar 2006 18:23

Look a little down the page. Not far, maybe 10 or 12 lines. There you will find this thread. There. Not difficult, was it?

Finding threads manually means looking through the pages. Go to the bottom of the page. There you will find 'Page 1/2/3/4/ Next' or something like that. It's advanced stuff, I know, but you'll soon get the hang of it.

Next week: how to use Google!


Olof 12th Mar 2006 18:29

Well the fact that you have just above 11742% more posts than me should give you an edge when it comes to technical knowledge about this forum. Looking forward to your google class next week! :E


A320rider 12th Mar 2006 18:40

I am really surprised by this kind of training.

the market is filled with unemployed pilots, and these companies still try to suck more money where they can , like if we did'nt have enough problems to find a job.

I have talked with an airline HR manager a few days ago, and he told me they have kicked out 4 pilots.
I am not surprised by this, probably they have hired a few guys from this CTC school to lower paycheques.

Olof 12th Mar 2006 18:44

I don't think CTC is that bad A320rider... They have a good reputation both among pilots and airlines. From what I've heard they've placed many good young cadets with major airlines. If you apply via the ATP scheme you are not required to fund your type rating if you are successful...


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