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The entire ACMI and non-scheduled sector is, by and large, a fisherman's job. The sales team may or may not get a sound contract for a long-term flight programme, especially in times like those. One-off flights are also not a given - you may get 10 of those this month and then none for the next 2 months. So, by default, go in with your eyes wide open. You may be crazy busy at times and then idling for months on end. And the latter hurts a lot if you don't have a proper base salary to see you through times when there's little to no flight activity.

What (kind of) gives some hope is that Smartlynx seem to have sound connections with travel agencies in their region. So, some charter work will be there for as long as international travel to any leisure destination remains a possibility. However, what will happen with all the aircraft which normally worked for clients abroad? My guess is that few of them will be flying a meaningful schedule this summer. May I be wrong. And this is what will determine how many pilots will be needed.
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Old 4th Apr 2021, 01:04
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My friend was there and the info I have is the following. The costs of the TR at SLX are rising since 2016 from 20K now up to 35K, before there was no job guarantees, everything depends on the personal performance at the ATO and of course the demand.

As preavious guys said, there are many many courses from 2019 finished and didnt fly at all. I guess that these guys wont fly at SLX as they have no any rights to get the job. It was always 50/50.

But if you pay for a guarantee, it doesnt mean, that you fly your big hours during some months. Be prepared to accept as many unpaid leaves as they want to give you. Even if you fly 5 times a month, all other dates during this months will or can be unpaid leave. The job guarantee can also take months/years to fly some hours. I am just speaking during corona times, previous years the guys flew maximum as they have been very short of "low paid" pilots.

Remember, there is no sense to do a type rating on any aircraft without job guarantee, as it isn't worth anything with no flight hours on type. So if you have the funds, do it with SLX and job guarantee, but remember, be prepared for unpaid leave weeks/months.
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Old 14th May 2021, 19:42
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Does anyone have information about current state regarding salary etc.?
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For the Moment its 135 per flying day, all other days out of home but not flying something around 35 EUR and when at home, unpaid leave
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Not really, it depends on your seniority (BLHs as FO and Capt), so the figures might change from what you wrote.
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But are they flying?
Because I wish to start the TR + Job Guarantee, but job guarantee with no flights it's like nothing...
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Winner Winner chicken dinner. They are offering this "job guarantee" to anyone who buys it. Imagine how many of you naive guys they can have on unpaid leave for as long as they wish after paying them 36k. I personally wouldn't be queuing up for this "job guarantee".
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Thank you for the information but I do have some followup questions if you don't mind.

You have FO in your nickname so let me assume you have given indications applicable for First Officer fees. But what I wonder is, is this still paid in full during the current crisis?
And also, you mentioned a fee per flying day, is there any payment per flight hour on top of this flight day payment? Or any other "out of home" expense payment? Could you elaborate?



I, myself, have nothing to do with any typerating costs but thank you for the concern.
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You do all remember the base training incident with this outfit I hope? I would post a link to the youtube videos but as a newbie I am not permitted. Smart Lynx is not greta one to have on your CV when looking for the next job!
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Did you ever fully read the final report on that training incident? I mean, I am not a fan of Smartlynx, but they are little to blame in that incident. And you might actually want to credit their instructor for bringing a plane with essentially only manual trim for pitch control and a double engine failure back to the runway without leaving a smoking hole in the ground.

About having them on your CV... in times of need, airlines are not all that picky about previous employers. Typerated and hours on type is what they will care about first and foremost. But we are in any case quite far from any pilot shortages in the coming years I suppose. Why anyone would take Smartlynx up on this expensive typerating and 'job guarantee' is a mystery to me.
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What is your point? You mentioned like it is the first and ever aviation accident in the history? Nobody would care what airline you fly for but your skills, professionalism and knowledge. How you perform in SIM and assessments. Airlines names are just a brand.
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Greetings to all!

I have my online assessment and interview scheduled in the next few days.

Has anybody done it recently?
Any tips?
Any particular questions asked?

Any help will be highly appreciated.
I haven’t yet decided if I will go for their program should I be selected. Thought I’d do the selection process and decide.
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You really have to wonder sometimes. Facts:
  • Smartlynx fleet consists of 12(13?) aircrafts
    • There is no planned massive expansion apart from 5 leased A330s announced in May 2021
    • Hence Smartlynx will need ~85 pilots for operations (60 for existing fleet +25 to cover the new A330s)
  • Smartlynx already had 2 Type Rating groups in May 2021
  • Smartlynx are now organising 3 more Type Rating groups in Fall 2021
    • assuming each group is at least 10 people, that means ~50 extra pilots or twice the amount of pilots needed to operate the fleet
  • Smartlynx is asking 35k for the A320 Type Rating as opposed to a typical cost of 15-20k
  • Smartlynx does not guarantee a job on completion of their Type Rating course, only "a job interview"
Compared to the above that Ryanair "offer" looks like a dream, at least in RYR you are guaranteed to do the Line Training. Good luck to everybody.
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