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Eurowings Europe F/O

Old 16th Jan 2017, 18:56
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DLR // Lufthansa storage od test results...

Lufthansa keeps your data 365 days (
But DLR keeps also your data! As far as I understand until you ask them to delete this data!

You could do this request any time. Then with your next application you say that you never went there.

(If some body did it like this in the past please contact me)

In my understanding discrimination of pilots comparing to other employers because they could apply again after 365 days but a pilot can not!

There is no "German logic" for this (it's an old relict because this DLR testing was designed to assess in advance the chance that you would pass successfully the Lufthansa flight education.

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Old 16th Jan 2017, 19:16
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I received an email the 22/12/2016 from Eurowings Europe too with the DLR affirmation form. No response so far about the date of the tests.

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Old 17th Jan 2017, 11:37
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Sonicfox, have you done the DLR test before with another airline of Lufthansa?
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Old 17th Jan 2017, 16:42
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I received the mail with the DLR affirmation form and wait for an invitation
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Old 17th Jan 2017, 17:04
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Originally Posted by appfo09 View Post
Sonicfox, have you done the DLR test before with another airline of Lufthansa?
No this is the first time
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Old 18th Jan 2017, 11:36
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DLR duration

Just a simple question.

If One in the past had attended the DLR test for a Lufthansa Company airline and he failed, how time he needs to wait in order to applicate again and perform another DLR test?

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Old 18th Jan 2017, 12:51
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One time fail means never again in LH group.
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Old 18th Jan 2017, 13:16
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P40 - sorry, not true, I also thought like you, but when I did my DLR GU for Eurowings AT we had out of 6 gusy 3 that failed once to three times the DLR GU and they could do it again, one of them will fly for EW AT.
I am agreeing in most points, but if you can effort to live with an F/O salary as F/O in a major airline at your homebase I think its worth to think about - in my case, 46y., A320 TRI, LoCo Capt- and thinking about step back to RHS - but anyhow - a lot of pro´s and contras, for sure.

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Old 26th Jan 2017, 17:39
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Hi guys! who is waiting for the sim screening?
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Old 8th Feb 2017, 22:59
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Assessment eurowings

Hi guys,
Anybody invited for a dlr. I have sent my dlr affirmation on the 22 of december. I have called Eurowings and they say that they didnt receive a response of dale yet and that I have ro be a bit more patient.
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Old 9th Feb 2017, 03:15
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Sigmar aviation is now searching for Air Berlin/Eurowings?

Hi there, anybody with good good news from the DLR? How did you enjoy the test/DLR/Hamburg?
Any feedback?
Was it easy the Test? Anything relating to flying which you had to do there or just full of psycho ability and capacity tests?

Seems they don't get enough pilots ->> Sigmar aviation is searching now, probably without DLR??

And regarding a negative DLR test, you have to trick this psycho clowns there: Ask the DLR to delete all your tests. Second you can apply again and just say that you never applied to any Lufthansa company - but better to do this maybe 6 months later....
Lufthansa is not allowed to keep any records longer than one year (the DLR can, it's a different story and that's why you must tell them to delete your profile).
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Old 9th Feb 2017, 06:18
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Hi Svetlana16! I passed the test! It has been difficult, but not impossible if you prepare it!
Only ATPL questions are related to flying! (60 questions).
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Old 10th Feb 2017, 02:22
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Svetlana my take on it,

Applied for DEC (Eurowings Austria) PMI base through Sigma Aviation Services, part of screening process involves,

The screening process follows the LH Group standard model:
1. Basic Testing (*DLR or SWISS psychometric/aptitude testing) 2. SIM Check Ride
3. Assessment Centre (Group Exercise and Individual Interview)
Note that all candidates are required to complete all three stages of the assessment in order to be successful. No exceptions can be made with regard to 'skipping' stage 1 unless you have a valid DLR test report from within the past two year period.
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Old 10th Feb 2017, 12:55
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so regarding the captain salary in EW EU I have just been updated by a friend that recently joined in January: a full month of basic salary for a cpt with few hours is 3200 euro netto (albeit for 14 month)! I mean, how could they find people willing to fly for them?
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Old 11th Feb 2017, 20:03
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No exceptions??? except the Air Berlin TRI's/TRE's @ Eurowings all without DLR test

The very funny thing is, that none of this Air Berlin TRI's and TRE's, who are training the Eurowings pilots, had to do this DLR test (confirmed from a friend doing the Sunexpress/ Eurowings A330 Operation).
There is also rumors that some AUA captains did not do the DLR test but flying for Eurowings?
So you are trained by trainers who did not do this full DLR test but from you they want you to pass it? Strange you think? No it's normal.

I tell you guys, this Eurowings thing is a joke - 3 days selection at different places across Europe for a lousy salary of 3000 NETT something for captains salary? (Which I don't believe....but anyway)
Each selection day for maybe 2-4 pilots they pay one whole day for 2 instructors from Lufthansa mother company?
Your ATPL is not enough, no they send you to a psychology screening to Hamburg and you will be x- rayed if you are suitable to be a pilot (how good they are in this you can see for example with Andreas Lubiz, ex Germanwings F/O).
Do you knew any low cost company wasting money like this? Go into the orange hanger (for example doors trainer) of easy jet and compare it with Lufthansa training center, you knew the difference, and you will see why Lufthansa airlines or even German people can never run a successful low cost company (because they are to honest and they can not accept 80% and relax - own opinion). Probably they need to do it like easy jet or Rhynair when selling tickets. You never knew from the beginning how much the ticket will cost ( at least in the past it was like this, now it's changing a bit). I have the impression those low cost companies trick their crew.

I can't believe how desperate people must be to work for such a boring operator? One guy I knew was a few years with the old Germanwings and he said - terrible, terrible terrible. If he had stayed there he would resignate mentally. He was so fed up and bored..... and Germanwings was not his first job. It's the treatment, the flights, the low cost shit and saving at the wrong side.... I believe Eurowings might be the same. You end up among very young streamlined young career orientated guys who talk to you as a captain what you want to hear. Who never have seen anything else because starting after school directly with flight training.....

Guys did you want to have a life or work in a flying factory?
There are a few nice jobs out there where you can still enjoy the art of flying.....

And guess what. I heard that now just after one year searching and running selections they could not find anymore experinced German pilots without negative DLR test so they are trying now to go international.

Anyway, do what you have to do. Everybody is responsible for his own life.
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Old 17th Feb 2017, 12:07
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I don't mean to be disrespectful, but think you are barking at the wrong tree.

The catch here, as usual is to go there and get rated (or upgraded) and leave ASAP. 3 years bond is good enough to earn your stripes and get confidence enough for when you land a better paying job (Eastward) and you find yourself flying alone most of the time. You need to be absolutely sure of yourself when moving to Far East and earning nearly a Million in three years.

As a general rule, the Sun comes from East and so does the green!

The thing is people complain about P2F and/or low salaries. Governments and Unions can't (won't) prevent deregulation from finding its way and spread like a virus.

The only weapon we can collectively use is either by not applying (someone always will) or more wisely massively applying, succeeding and refuse it in the end, simply because of the terms which are not satisfactory. Milk them with flights and hotels (if applicable), go test yourself, you might end on knowing someone and learn a little bit.

One old dog who claimed that he made more than 10.000 pilot interviews in a big three of the ME said he could know in less than 5 seconds the person he had in front of him, also confided that many applicants came merely for sight seeing and a nice flight and hotel with no real intention of staying even if sucessful.

Otherwise would they be recruiting after over 15 years in a row?

Have them taste their own medicine!
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Old 21st Feb 2017, 11:52
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Just to clarify? Do i need German language knowledge to do DLR test and for rest of selection. I am not german and don't speak Germany.
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Old 21st Feb 2017, 14:35
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Good question.

I had a mail yesterday asking me for CV licence medical etc and then I have to call them when I update those informations. Asking specifically to call seems good though ?
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Old 21st Feb 2017, 14:39
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I had exactly same email. And even initially German language was not a requirement after reading this thread I see that DLR is done in german...? or not? anyone can confirm it?
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Old 21st Feb 2017, 15:14
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I made the DLR in english!
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