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who hire 0 hour pilot on the A320?

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who hire 0 hour pilot on the A320?

Old 3rd Apr 2009, 16:47
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Question who hire 0 hour pilot on the A320?

what airline is hiring type rated guys with no experience?
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Old 3rd Apr 2009, 17:03
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If you're a local then surely you dont have to ask

If you're not, then you're sh!t out of luck mate and you can go stand at the back of a very long queue of experienced guys looking for anything at all anywhere in the world ...
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Old 4th Apr 2009, 04:18
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EZY is taking 140 CTC cadets this year, Total hours : 200h !!!
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Old 4th Apr 2009, 07:20
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I'm not sure that will continue in the near future!

I hear that EZY are dropping CTC at the end of their contract.
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Old 4th Apr 2009, 16:45
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70 cadets is closer to the number thus far (CP43-48) with recruitment for summer if not already complete, very close to being complete. Flexicrew contract is the renewed deal with EZY.
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Old 4th Apr 2009, 17:15
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Noticed someone mentioned above the Flexi Crew program.

Does anyone know anything about the CTC Flexi crew program in terms of employment at the end of the self funded type rating? Do they line cadets up with employers before starting the course
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Old 5th Apr 2009, 15:12
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What I don't get about all this talk about EZY is that they just let go a bunch of very capable type rated, line trained and checked guys and gals who were surplus to requirements. Some were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time for Aer Lingus at LGW. So why would they want 140 newbies to train up?
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Old 5th Apr 2009, 16:26
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Well it's easy for some of you to make fun out of this guy as long as you are ahead of him in the queue of "experienced" pilots. During the past few years lots of people were announcing pilot shortage encouraging all kind of scholarships and training while airlines were still hiring only type rated and time on type pilots... how come we didn't hear anything from the same "experienced guys" at that time?
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Old 5th Apr 2009, 17:42
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xperienced guys like WWW are advising not to go into aviation at the moment at least by NOT taking on any debt, however this advice falls on deaf ears.
Well you're right but in my particular case it's a year and a half that I'm grounded since airlines prefers 500tt guys with type rating than 3000tt and 2200 multi-crew turboprop PIC like me without type rating... and at this stage my choice is pretty simple: either I invest in a type rating with what I've earned before it goes away or I simply refocus on another job (and the fact is that I'm not ready to give up on it). I may decide to go for a type rating being conscious that despite my total time I might not get anything without 300h on type, but frankly, is there so many options for me?
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Old 5th Apr 2009, 17:42
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potkettleblack: EZY is currently only offering 6 month summer contracts. The pilots who were let go at the end of last year were the first on the list to be asked back.
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Old 6th Apr 2009, 08:18
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It actually never ceases to amaze me how low this industry can go. So there are some poor sods who signed up to the CTC deal thinking it was a great way into the industry. They jumped through all of the hoops, swam in the pool for lord knows how long. Then get called forward and told to drop everything as they have a job and are thrown into the training. After that they get a nice pat on the back saying you did very well but we don't actually have any work for you. Then no doubt a nice HR person calls up saying they are "lucky" as we have some gaps that need filling for the summer so your back in. After that then presumably told to toddle off and go backpacking for a while until we might have some more work for you. Its all due to the recession you see......

I for one would be trawling through my contract and getting some specialist legal advice. We all know its probably a fruitless task in the end but it certainly wasn't what CTC "sold" as part of their marketing spin. Give BALPA a call and see if it can't get onto the agenda. Good luck to you.
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Old 6th Apr 2009, 09:43
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It still amazes me! Just when I think there is no more p1ss to take along comes someone else with a full bladder!
Let's face it this paying for TR started only about 8 years ago with one irish airline and now they are all at it. Then they introduced a no salary til line check and many more have followed suit. Now we are into the realms of paying for 500 hours! Then "goodbye/next!"
I can see where this is going so why can't others?
WAKE UP! you are shooting yourselves in the foot and meanwhile stabbing everyone else in the back.
It is the newbees today that will suffer the most tomorrow.
Pilots used to be of above intelligence in the world. Today I simply cannot think of a more stupid bunch of individuals! Where builders, McDonalds crewmen, toilet cleaners, roads sweepers, you name them, are all trying to better themselves in life, pilots are actively destroying their very existance.
How do you spell pilot? L.E.M.M.I.N.G!
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Old 6th Apr 2009, 12:33
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Its people being literally desparate to fly... And now we have all these experienced f/o's getting angry because airlines prefer the cheaper ones with less hours...

Its only going to go downhill... from the second that people are desparate enough to fly they will pay not thousands, but millions if they can... Airlines are amongst the most inovative businesses in the world, just how they found a way to make people pay for their own TR's they will find ways to make you pay for them and literally not pay you for 6 months. They will find holes in the system if they get desparate enough. EZY fired some pilots, but they were pilots that had caused problems in the past. They literally took the list of pilots who had some disciplinary action made towards them and started ticking the boxes. Also alot of the GB pilots got sacked and some of the cadets from FTE that had joined GB then EZY got sacked. This is normal.

Dont forget that EZY have a VERY seasonal schedule. In the winter their route network shrinks very much, and in the summer they always need more pilots than they have at the time. Whats the solution???? CTC cadets, desparate and cheap. After 6 months they let them go and its not their problem anymore.

The best thing to do is either not to become a pilot if you dont have the money and connections (because connections are half the battle) or become a pilot and accept that in a few years you will be paying your own training, type rating, food, you will also have to put a coin in to use the WC when your on duty, pay for your own LPC's/OPC'c and if the airline tells you that they are moving you to another aircraft type, you will have to pay for that as well, or get fired. There will be other desparate ignorant people who love being owned by banks, waiting in line behind you with a check... whoever offers the airline the most money will get the job

To answer the initial question of the post... Yes there are airlines in Europe who are hiring pilots for A320 right this moment with zero hours and yes they pay for your TR. They are called Aegean Airlines, in Greece. However in order for them to accept you, you have to be fluent in english and greek.

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Old 6th Apr 2009, 12:47
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Airlines are commercial entities. They exist to make a profit. They have a high demand one season and a not so high demand the following season. Just like Tescos, Sainsburys and many more during X-mas time! Our super markets have caught on a long time ago. It makes perfect sense to hire lots of short term or agency staff during peak season and then let them go at the end. Why can't the same rule be applied to the airline industry? Lets face it. We all have this fantastical view about this career. It's not our fault, years of brainwashing by a previous generation is at fault. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee. The bar has been raised. Now the airline pilot is expected to start his career as a seasonal pilot, eventually making his mark and gaining a permanent position. As a seasonal pilot you will have to find some other line of work which is a good thing IMO. It's added protection in case you lose your medical.
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Old 6th Apr 2009, 13:14
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Nice wake up call

It is absolutely true that airlines as commercial entities will do all they can to cut all costs. Old farts should really wake up because they might soon be replaced with younger guys ready to take half the pay to do the job. It's been over 15 years since I made my first flight and I've invested too much time, money and energy to simply give-up on my career because of the current airline requirements. I am still wondering what all the corporation is waiting for reacting through unions and to express their concerns about these new conditions. It's not only a matter of money & lifestyle but also SAFETY. No other employers are asking such big investment just to get a job. Employment security should be a must to balance these investment, or more logically, companies should invest in the training of their employees instead of asking them to do it.

I don't see why newbies should pay attention to old pilots advising them not to fly for free when the same old guys didn't do anything to help...
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Old 6th Apr 2009, 13:20
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Superpilot, I hope I misunderstood your post. You seem to be comparing the economics of students stacking shelves in Tesco at xmas to airline pilots.

You also seem to be saying that the exploitation of your own proffession (assuming you are a pilot) is a good thing.

Did I get it right?

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Old 6th Apr 2009, 18:48
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I have looked at the CTC Flexicrew program but couldnt find the finer details .

Do they know where you are going when you start the type rating? Only asking as I assume you would learn the SOP's for the airline you would join during the course.

Is it a self funded type rating scheme and then your contracted out for the season to an airline and then your back in a pool once contract complete?

I am asking as I would like to know more about this scheme, if anyone has anything, please PM me.
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Old 7th Apr 2009, 07:01
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You cannot compare a pilot's life with stacking shelves in Tesco...
Tesco employ you, pay you, give you benefits such as pensions, deals on insurance, finance etc. Keep your nose clean and you have a job tomorrow.
Flying gives you...............?????????
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Old 7th Apr 2009, 13:27
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Let's not turn this into a 'Should we pay for Type Ratings' debate. Everyone knows it's a crap situation and that we shouldn't have to. But Kelly, don't have a go at the guys that have. It's alright for the folks that finished their training many years ago when TR's were being handed out left right and bloody centre. Does anyone want to spunk an extra 15-30k on training after already taking a kick in the nuts for upwards of 50k.....NO! But that the way it is. Either we ALL i.e everyone says no to paying for TR's, which at the moment would probably sink a few airlines...or learn to live with it because I can't see the good old days returning any time soon! I detest the idea of paying yet more money to do this job and I certainly don't like the look of the job situation or T&C's but they're not going to improve until the greatly anticipated pilot shortage that the FTO's keep bleating about comes around!!!
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Old 7th Apr 2009, 15:58
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EK4457, perhaps you want to re-read what I posted?
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