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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

Old 31st Jul 2012, 12:35
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Hi all,

just recieved call from CAE. They said they will be in contact shortly after speaking with Ryanair, any idea how long this takes ? is it normally over the phone that they reject you for ATPL attempts ?

Thanks in advance for any information.
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Old 3rd Aug 2012, 14:30
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For those of you who have a sim assessment coming up or have completed an assessment, please can you answer the following. On the go around profile, there is no mention of 'bugging up' to 220. Can I assume there is no acceleration segment in the go around prior to flap retraction (just flap retraction on schedule whilst maintaining 15 degrees go around pitch)?
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Old 3rd Aug 2012, 17:04
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Question Flight School Report???

I am about to send my application to Ryan, but I don't have a flight school report. The flight school i attended went out of business a while ago so I can't ask anyone there, but the former head of training and I fly gliders in the same flying club so he can help me and write one.

The only problem is that he has no clue what the report should contain and have never written one...

Can anyone here help me, whats in your reports, what should be included?

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Old 4th Aug 2012, 01:30
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Bug up after leveling off at missed altitude is what they want you to do at the assessment
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Old 4th Aug 2012, 11:17
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My report said:

XXX was at XXX school to complete JAA CPL, ME and IR between the dates of XX and XX

CPL was completed in XX hours from XX to XX with a first time pass

(then repeat the same for ME and IR)

Then they talk about how I conducted myself in a diligent manner, how hard I worked, that I passed everything in minimum hours with first time passes, and so on....ending with that they can confirm I would make a great asset in any airline and wish me all the best for the future. Oh and also that they can be contacted if anyone needs any further information.

Just try to focus on the positives - unless there were major concerns about your safety in the air there should not be anything negative in your report and it should all be glowing stuff
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Old 4th Aug 2012, 12:04
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Anyone attending TR in Amsterdam sept 3rd? pm..
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Old 4th Aug 2012, 21:28
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So they expect you to accelerate whilst at 15 degrees pitch up in the go around (any min height for this?) and only when the flaps are up you can put your hands back on the thrust levers and ask for 'bug up'?

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Old 5th Aug 2012, 12:43
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Is anybody going on 15th of August to Stanstead for assessment?
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Old 5th Aug 2012, 12:59
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According to the brief pack, youre supposed to maintain F15 and atleast 147kts until levelling off, then bug up, accelerate and start flap retraction. when the flaps are up, thrust levers are PFs responsibility, until then just command your PM if thrust reduction is needed i guess
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Old 5th Aug 2012, 18:14
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1. Do you have to provide your original ATPL exams results? When I passed them I only received an email from my school with a CAA report with my marks and attempts. Is that okay?

2. My medical expired today, and I'm still waiting to receive my current medical. Is it compulsory to have it valid the day of the interview or just for the TR?

Thanks a lot!
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Old 5th Aug 2012, 21:39
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Thanks for the answer! I'll try to sort something out and not worry too much...
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Old 5th Aug 2012, 23:15
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Anyone attending on the 16th at Stansted?

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Old 6th Aug 2012, 14:22
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I have assessment 23rd August. prior preparation prevents piss poor performance... wish me luck
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Old 9th Aug 2012, 09:48
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yes, bla, bla, bla, bla, and the next ones to come with the same old story are the ones of repa, balpa, etc

don't you guys realize that you are preaching to the people in need?

let me try to explain with a more colourful example: Imagine that us, 1st world country well feed fat bourgeois guys, go to senegal for example and try to convince and explain how bad is to eat meat from treated animals, or use pesticides, or transgenic vegetables (yeah, all that hippie bullshit) to people which has some need in food, you know, not being able to go to tesco an buy a steak or some tomatoes, these people won't care about what you are saying, even if you are right, if you plant in front of them a nice big steak of a cloned cow with a side dish of tasty transgenic potatoes and tomatoes, they are going to say, oh no, thanks mister for showing me the truth, I well starve here sucking this tree root than eat that damaging food for the environment and our health.

I hope this helps to convince you to GTFO and leave the newbies try to figure out how to get selected without reading nonsense (true nonsense, but directed to the wrong audience). It's like when the annoying people of repa begins to post here every few post... don't they realize they are talking to people WITHOUT the job... yes, yes, the are informing everybody and bla bla bla, but this is not the place to be trolling around every ******* page of the thread. Please, at least you could space the same useless comments, I don't know, 5-6 pages?, not 5-6 posts, which is really annoying and destroys the purpose of the forum and the thread.
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Old 9th Aug 2012, 13:10
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Assessment in the next couple of days. Just thought I'd try and get any latest info from any DEC non rated individuals on what they experienced on the day?

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Old 9th Aug 2012, 21:49
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Chill out Muten, join REPA
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Old 10th Aug 2012, 01:14
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Muten.... Extremely well put! 👏👍
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Old 10th Aug 2012, 10:00
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Nice analogy but it's too extreme to be taken seriously. You misunderstand the reasons why experienced pilots are taking the time to inform you of conditions within Ryanair. Those guys at Ryanair are not dangling a nice juicy steak in front of you. It's a piece of poisoned donkey meat.

In any case you miss the key point:

Had I been thinking about a career in aviation during the worst recession in the aviation industry since the Wright Brothers first took to the air, I would have read these pages very carefully and weighed up the costs of training versus the likelihood of getting a job that could repay that expense and give me the career I dreamed of having BEFORE starting my training and putting myself in a position where I was metaphorically starving.

If comments from experienced pilots can open people's eyes to what's going on at Ryanair, then this IS the place to make those posts! If you want BS and optimistic lies about Ryanair, go to their corporate website.
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Old 10th Aug 2012, 10:53
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Your analogy is absolute bullsh1t because you and you alone put yourself in this predicament. As Depone said, you invested in a licence during a prolongued recession. Comparing this to people in Senegal striving to live on a daily basis is ******* absurd. What choice do they have? They didn't choose this life. I'd urge you to give this example during your Ryanair interview.

The moderator of this forum, a guys with miles of experience and a very astute understanding of this industry, has offered worthy opinion to guys like yourself. I believe he has given up banging his head against the wall

When you do arrive in Ryanair you're unlikely to find opinion contrary to what you find here. All the trainers will tow the company line because it would appear highly unprofessional not to, but go on, really push them on how they see your prospects. I doubt you will though. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH and all that, ehh?

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Old 10th Aug 2012, 14:58
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I've had my assessment on 7th,DEC non rated.
Easy SIM..nice guys
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