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Air Atlanta Icelandic

Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.

Air Atlanta Icelandic

Old 26th Mar 2018, 21:22
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Zero hours contract then ?
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Old 29th Mar 2018, 11:08
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And what about the new B777. When they will start operating it? And where?
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Old 30th Mar 2018, 20:11
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Would THIS be a reason for Saudia to get rid of Air Atlanta?
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Old 31st Mar 2018, 07:49
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hello gents,

any insider information about the company highly appreciated ( pm )! how does the future look for AAI? what kind of ops are the starting on 777? thanks
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Old 16th Apr 2018, 22:55
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any info about 777 ops? any idea?
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Old 12th Jul 2018, 17:15
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Dear all,

I'm currently flying with AAI and I'm trying lo leave ASAP. 2 notes in ascending importance:
1. Stay away from AAI
2. Stay FAR FAR away from Confair in The Netherlands if you can't read note 1.
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Old 12th Jul 2018, 21:48
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Can you explain , please?
Why to stay away from AAI?
And Confair I can be agree with you but as I don t know them, just read frequently, what is the main problem?
thanks for answer
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Old 13th Jul 2018, 06:05
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Originally Posted by Idle Reverse View Post
I flew with AAI some years ago on the Classic and so my input may only be of limited value, due to time lapse, but I found them to be an excellent employer. I found the training was well organised and of high quality. The flying environment and the people I worked with (multi national) was always enjoyable and the accommodation was good. We might not have been in the 5 star BA / Cathay style hotels but we were always in very acceptable hotels and were well looked after. Socially it was great; a good bunch of fellow crew from different corners of the globe. The rosters in those days inevitably changed but when you are sub chartered to a customer (who’s daily / weekly needs were liable to change) and fellow crew sometimes needed to rearrange their own home / social plans at short notice then a stable roster was never going to happen; but it was never a problem and for some of us this simply added to the general variety of the job. Management people in Iceland were always approachable and helpful and we were always paid.
Even in my time (2004-2008) we had a fair scattering of “moaners” who talked down the company but you will find this with any airline or with any other type of job anywhere else come to that.
You won’t be accumulating an in house pension pot and you won’t be getting free / cheap holiday flights when you retire; accept and plan for this.
I had a great fun time with AAI; a good company with good “can do” people.
Go for it ! 🤗 🇬🇧 🤗
I flew for AAI from 1998-2004 L-1011 and 747 classic
They always paid us on time every time was with Direct personel as pay and contract one.
If we did extra work beyond the norm was always compensated with money or dinner etc, but that was back in the Olie Smith days when company was like a family no matter where you came from.
They made good money back then.
Seems sales and profits drive management now.
Was one of the best flying jobs I ever had, hope they can get it together again.
Sad to see so many complaints here .
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Old 13th Jul 2018, 12:03
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Hi B744chaffeur,
I also flew for AAI some time ago... I was under Airborne at that time with a 4/2 rotation which was not too bad after all. I really enjoyed the working environment and I gained some very valuable experience and some great friends.

Of course I left because of the unpaid leave and the general unpredictability of the company but you know from day one you are just a contractor so no surprises there. Unfortunately, it has always been their strength and ultimately their biggest weakness.

In any case, I can’t PM you because you are too new to the forum but my company is currently hiring 747 TR FOs so when you get the PM approval, you are most welcome to touch base with me and if you are interested, I’ll put you in touch with the right people to schedule an interview.
Happy landings
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Old 13th Jul 2018, 13:29
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Alby I sent you a PM.
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Old 13th Jul 2018, 15:13
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Cargolux also desperate to find F/O's.
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Old 15th Jul 2018, 00:44
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I too flew with AAI (1998 - 2000) and found them to be an excellent employer (Direct was the agent). Arn Grimmer & Ollie were great people to work with. Had some great times in Madrid, Gatwick & Jeddah.
I guess with change of management the airline also changes. Hope the current employees are not doing it too tough.
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Old 17th Oct 2018, 21:48
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What is involved in converting an FAA ATP to an Icelandic license?
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Old 18th Oct 2018, 13:39
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Originally Posted by argentina21 View Post
What is involved in converting an FAA ATP to an Icelandic license?
converting it to an EASA license...
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Old 18th Oct 2018, 18:10
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Originally Posted by Tommy Gavin View Post

converting it to an EASA license...
So, is this required now for FOs and Captains, or only for Second Officers (as mentioned above in the 2016 post)?
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Old 18th Oct 2018, 21:16
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I think you need an EASA license to fly for an EASA based operator.
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Old 8th Nov 2018, 13:00
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Is there anyone here who did the AAI assessment recently? Any details on the interview and SIM ride?

Thank you!
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Old 13th Nov 2018, 22:57
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Air Atlanta

Stay far away. They don't have any clue on how to fly a 747. we tried to give them some advise but nothing... they stick on very old procedure coming from the 747 classic.
The contract is a joke, only the nationals get decent numbers, all the rest are just pilots to squeeze.
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Old 14th Nov 2018, 15:40
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Dear all,

You'll start on worldwide, later they'll offer 3/2 or 3/3, just before the shit hits the fan that is. Like now, big shortage for the 2nd half of December, they are offering 3/2 and 3/3 like crazy now, starting somewhere between 11th and 15th of December. This is how they try to cover their flights.

More airplanes are coming for ASL Belgium and CAL to start their ACE project but who is going to fly them? They don't have enough peolpe to fly the flights they have at the moment?

The island Gucci boys and girls got a 20% salary increase, the contractors are getting capped of at lower rates to compensate for this...... And $50 per diem, are we living in 1920???!!!!!

I'll post the contracts a little later, still working on getting my personal data out of them.

Believe me, this is not the company you want to work for. Everything sounds good and wow, I'm going to fly 747.... After a couple of months the truth comes to the surface.............

and yes to all the comments above, the money sucks, and if you have any comment, they have the unpaid leave 'tool' to shut you up. Spend your money the right way and buy a 787/777 type rating.
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Old 15th Nov 2018, 13:35
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Greetings B744chauffeur

I did already comment on your previous post and I totally hear what you are saying.

I know it’s not going to make things better for you but what you are experiencing now has been like this for years. To be fair and to Air Atlanta defense, when you sign up with them (meaning airborne or confair) you know where you stand as the contract is very clear.

For some people the flexibility they offer is very valuable, for others is a nightmare. I personally took it as a opportunity to gain very valuable experience on a heavy airplane with the chance to fly worldwide passenger and cargo operations in a very diverse environment. At that stage of my career, it was a win/win situation and they helped me to get where I am now.

Of course when I had the chance, I moved but only because of the uncertainty of the contract as I needed a more stable income, but I left with no hard feelings as I knew my place in the food chain.

In any case, there are few options now on the 747. As 747-8driver mentioned earlier, Cargolux is looking for FOs and it’s no secret that also Silkway and Cargologic have also positions available. My company has still 7 openings for First Officers and now 3 for DEC so if interested, send me a PM and I will definitely try to help you to get an interview.

All the best!

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