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Air Atlanta Icelandic

Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.

Air Atlanta Icelandic

Old 5th Sep 2006, 01:35
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Question Air Atlanta Icelandic

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Old 5th Sep 2006, 06:03
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1/ Please do not SHOUT.
2/ T+C in Air Atlanta has been discussed in several treads so please enjoy the PPRuNe search function.

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Old 25th Mar 2007, 08:04
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Send your cv to mountain high ltd for airborn prsonnel ltd.

Good luck
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Old 25th Mar 2007, 08:50
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Atlanta reqruitment

Due to the extreme loss of pilots Air Atlanta has been accepting people through contract agencies for the last few months. This trend is likely to continue.

JAA ATPL or Commercial, speak english, dont ask too many questions and able to get to the airplane without a wheelchair should meet all the requirements

Moral has been very low and working conditions bad. Still for a pilot looking to build some jet time fast and then leave for greener pastures, (Mind you that sometimes the pastures really are greener on the other side of the fence) Air Atlanta provides an excellent opportunity to do just that.

Flying is world wide with some of the most demanding airports for a jet as large as the 747.

For the old chap who has retired and wants to work 6 months out of the year Air Atlanta is equally good. As they are so short of people one is in a position to dictate your own schedule.

For the one hellbent on joining, send an email to either or both of the following: [email protected] or [email protected]

Some of the old posts have old info regarding bases, contract and flying are somewhat out of date. Most of the material is still quite valid as you can see how things are done with the company.

Best of luck with the interviews and if lucky enough to get a job, best of luck with the training and flying.

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Old 25th Mar 2007, 10:59
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Air Atlanta Europe does not exist anymore. The whole shabang was taken over by Excel that the parent company of Air Atlanta Icelandic sold sometime back and is thus not part of the group anymore.

With JAA licence and a right to abode in Europe, no need to join anything even closely associated with Air Atlanta as there are plenty of good jobs around that pay well.

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Old 28th Mar 2007, 23:19
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Am a current freight pilot contemplating applying to AAI and was wondering if anyone had up to date information on rosters and pay?
I know there is info on ppjn but could anyone tell me what an FO could expect to take home per month?
Thanks in advance,
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Old 29th Mar 2007, 01:32
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you will be based in jeddah. you will live in a substandard hotel. you will not have a roster. you will be on standby until you are called to fly 2 or 3 or 4 legs in one duty period. you may end your day at an outstation and then immediately fly as a passenger back to jeddah.

you will be very busy because there are not enough crew. the turnover is extremely high because of jeddah and because there is no chance for f/o to upgrade and because the company continues to lie about contract improvements.

the recruitment advertisement talks of many great bases........but not for you! ask at your interview to guarantee your base in writing.........you will be shown the door! you are being hired for jeddah....commuting not allowed.
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Old 29th Mar 2007, 05:36
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IGS13 is absolutely correct in all accounts.

There is an exodus out of Air Atlanta. Rats leaving the sinking ship ???
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Old 29th Mar 2007, 14:19
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Hi Wased Out

AAI pay is around $185 plus $50 pd. Your rooster is not worth the paper it is written on and out of date before ink dries. Leave is unpaid and needs to be booked months in advance and when time comes AAI will tell you it is cancelled due to shortage of crews. Seniority is Icelandics only and not for the slaves.If you upset any Icelandic,be it cabin crew doing jobs not qualified for to chief mechanic with his own hit list, watch your back.

Just like to add there are some really good guys in the company who deserve better.

Take what Jerry Osullivan says with big pinch of salt.(Airbourne)

Hope this helps .
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Old 29th Mar 2007, 23:39
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That bad huh? Thanks for the replies, maybe I'm better off where I am.

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Old 30th Mar 2007, 02:58
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Hi 'Washed Out'
I also warn you against flying for AAI, I spent some time there, and was very glad to leave!
CR2 doesn't like that statement. Unfair generalisation, they will tell you one thing and report to higher authority something completely different.
I got the company out of a jam a couple of times, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars (and contract embarrassment!), but no thanks at all, and similarly got the boot when I upset the Icelandic maintenance chief because I didn't want to accept the shoddy maintenance documentation that had been going on.
I've got lots of stories about my time there, by maybe at some other time.
I did my professional part there, as well as I could under the circumstances, and ended up getting the sharp end of the stick once too often!
I should have left sooner!!
Cheers, but don't do it! FD
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Old 30th Mar 2007, 09:37
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Joining Air Atlanta?

Air Atlanta is not for everyone.
Air Atlanta has been a jumping for many people to companies such as Virgin, Cargolux, SIA Cargo and Cathay.

It depends what you are looking for.
If you are looking for jet time and widebody experience it might be ok for some time to stay with AAI. When and if you leave do not burn any bridges and then you might be welcome back if they need you, like so many people have done.

If you are looking for a family life and stable lifestyle AAI is not for you.

Lots of people compare their pay and conditions to major carriers.
Like I said above AAI can be a jumping stone to better jobs.

Airborne personell is probably the worst in the industry and they do not look out for your rights and conditions

They don't care if you leave or stay because they do not pay for training new personell.

Actually the people running Airborne are not Icelandic but Brit's and Irish.

Do not expect any fairness from crewplanning. They are always firefighting and just want to get the job done wether its fair or not.
They themselfes are not working in perfect conditions.
They do not get the resources they need and are being treated unfairly themselfes. Also keep in mind that lots of them work for airborne.

However when sitting down in the crewrooms you hear very much about other people problems and then the ball gets rolling and you become a very unhappy person.

We have people who are retired from major carriers and are not used to AAI and some are always comparing to their old lifestyles and still stay.
(Note: some of them still keep benefits and fly home regularly between flights)

You will hear dont trust the Icelandics like in the above BIG STATEMENT. Anywhere you go there are people you cant trust and not trust.

Just join on you own terms and see for yourself. If you dont like you can always go somwhere else with your experience.

Unfortunately I cannot give you advise on interviews and checks since they are changing all the process at the moment.

Good Luck

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Old 30th Mar 2007, 10:32
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You would be surprised how good life is at Air Atlanta if you stand up to the pr!cks and don't get pushed around.
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Old 30th Mar 2007, 11:44
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You can't trust any Icelandic in any way ...
Wow, all 300 000 of them ? Thanks for the information.
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Old 30th Mar 2007, 11:49
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see here too

And like in my post, the Icelandics aren't the bad guys.. its the managment regardless of nationality. There are some very very good folks in Plannning and Rostering there..
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Old 30th Mar 2007, 19:52
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747flyby, reasonable post.
Whiskery, a valid point!
It's what you make of it. Fact is that FIA guys (the inhouse union) don't want to have anything to do with you. Understandable, why should they jeopardise their warm nest? They have one of the best deals in the industry
working six month a year getting paid 12 month.
If someone wants to join for whatever reason keep in mind that you'll have no security, no pension, no vacation, no medical insurance (eventhough JoS claims you have it), no benefits whatsoever.
If you go home to see the ones you like you'll be off pay - in fact you are unemployed whenever they buy you a ticket home. That's what Airborne calls vacation!
People are leaving in great numbers because there are other jobs now but JoS still manages to find replacements. If one day he can't find anyone anymore he'll offer excellt contract improvements like 4,75 $ more a day.
So again, you're probably old enough to decide for yourself.
I suggest you collect as much info as you can before you join to avoid any illuminating discussions with the people in Crawley or up North.
My tip
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Old 9th Apr 2007, 04:23
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Search Function

Use it please.

CC salaries/schedules/bitching/praising has been covered on many occasions.

Post new stuff by all means, but those of you asking questions should please use the search function. It works. Guaranteed.
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Old 11th Apr 2007, 12:44
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If you are single with no kids, have a desire for some of the more exotic destinations of the world, don't mind getting the high-hard one while you're not looking then by all means send in your CV. But don't complain when you don't get home for months (yes, months) at a time. Also par for the course at Air Atlanta is being told your base is changed and you have only a couple of days to tie up your affairs and pack your bags to move, not stopping at home on the way of course. Oh yes, since you've packed for months on the road you need to either pay for the extra baggage you'll be charged by whatever airline they buy tickets on or leave your stuff behind. Air Atlanta does not pay for extra baggage for it's crewmembers.

Unless you're hired as a Captain, forget about upgrading. They hold that over your head so you stick around. Some of the Captains who you'll fly with don't belong in the cockpit - period. It's a horrible place to work. In the world of Crew Leasing/Contract flying it is all the way at the bottom. Take the job at your own risk.
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Old 12th Apr 2007, 04:55
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since you've packed for months on the road you need to either pay for the extra baggage you'll be charged by whatever airline they buy tickets on or leave your stuff behind. Air Atlanta does not pay for extra baggage for it's crewmembers.
My contract allows for up to 20kg excess baggage. Other contracts aren't the same though.

Unless you're hired as a Captain, forget about upgrading.
I was promoted from FO to Captain in 2005. This has slowed of late though, for sure.
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Old 12th Apr 2007, 08:13
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AAI nbrs.

There'll be 20 upgrades this year. 100 (!) F/Os left within year, donno how many Capts. but might be quite a few as well. You would expect their management to start to think about the reason for all these departures - but they don't! That's why crews are moving on.
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