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Official...Direct Entry Left Seat

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

Official...Direct Entry Left Seat

Old 29th Aug 2011, 16:32
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Official...Direct Entry Left Seat

Couldn't believe what I heard....

First batch of direct entry commanders are due to arrive late Feb/early Mar.

Initial batch is overflow from MAS and some arrangement CX made with DJ when they started doing training a few months back.

5hit man!! Here it is!

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Old 29th Aug 2011, 17:52
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Well which is it?.....bit of a difference between "ITS OFFICIAL..DIRECT ENTRY LEFT SEAT", and "couldn't believe what I heard"

Come on...I know this is a rumour network, but at least make a vague attempt of substantiating them if you are going to make a post
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Old 31st Aug 2011, 05:01
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i believe DE left seat.

They do what they want, when they want....contract means NADA.

Just wait for commands out of seniority to fill the bases, (immigration issues being the excuse/reason), without bypass....it will happen, and there is nothing we can do about it.
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Old 31st Aug 2011, 05:05
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Oh yes there is something we can do about it. Are you willing? If not, stop whining, because I am willing.
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Old 31st Aug 2011, 07:28
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i am not whining...just facts.

since I have been here company has done what they have wanted...

accept things or move on...

I have accepted things...have been hired by FedEx and am now moving on...
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Old 31st Aug 2011, 12:48
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To Fedex

Pardon the pun but one less septic in the system, hasta la vista.
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Old 1st Sep 2011, 03:45
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To Fedex
Pardon the pun but one less septic in the system, hasta la vista.
Wow! How old are you? Typical jealous response.....

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Old 1st Sep 2011, 04:14
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Or one less baseball cap being worn in the Gay Bar!
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Old 1st Sep 2011, 04:44
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One less "Ride Report" request...

One less non standard ICAO r/t call...

So, one less "septic tank"... has to be a win! Can't the AOA write that into CoS?
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Old 1st Sep 2011, 05:26
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Interesting. Five posts on a topic that should concern everyone and then three bashing Americans. The point being FedEx wouldn't be hiring direct entry captains because they upgrade in seniority, end of story. They hire captains off the street its a war.

As far as baseball caps go, they are quite useful when you roll out of bed not knowing what time or time zone it is and you want to run downstairs real quick to grab a cup of coffee. It's also me wearing my team colors, same as a jersey for a "football" club. Real football starts this week by the way with college, NFL next week. And its not as bad as those brown bowling shoe type things I see all around, or jeans crawling up the crack of your a**.

Non-standart R/T. I rarely hear that from our airplanes, no matter where the guy seems to be from. There are some of us who actually flew overseas prior to Cathay, believe it or not. Do I speak the "lingo" sometimes going into JFK or other high density airports in North America? You betcha. And if you sit there making an ass out of yourself demanding ICAO standard phraseology from New York Tracon be prepared for a trip to the back of the line.

I've been here almost eight years, not a long time, but not one person on any of my crews has ever asked for a ride report or chased smooth air. And honestly, if you're on a CEPAC track, getting the crap kicked out of you, and you hear an American or United talking about smooth air close by you'd ignore it? Listening out for turbulence or lack of is part of the job and I'll take all the info I can get. Yeah, the whole ride report thing in North America is annoying, but I don't see guys carrying it over to Cathay. And there are annoying local habits everywhere we fly. Its part of the job.

I'm much more interested in the original post and wonder if anyone else has heard anything.
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Old 1st Sep 2011, 06:14
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Good post 8driver.

The notion that American pilots are anything less than top notch is a sham. No aviation system in the world safely transports more passengers and cargo than the USA despite its antiquated ATC systems. Sure, the industry in the states has had it tough in the last decade, but I think the legacy carriers in EU and Oz are starting to feel the heat from LCCs as well. This will happen over time in Asia as well.

You guys prancing around the street like a bunch of twinks in your pressed shirts and trousers prove nothing except that you conform to the office quacks' whims without even being asked. I respect every pilot who has enough self confidence to walk to the laundry in a pair of shorts and flip flops. It's a layover for crying out loud, not a fashion show. If we had more Americans in CX, maybe this pilot group would have a little more spine. The Euros go running for cover at the first sound of a shot across the bow. I'm not sure you antipodians are much better.

Let's be honest fellas. We get exactly what we deserve. Until we demand better and are willing to stand behind those demands, we will continue to get inflation-lagging pay rises, attacks on our CoS, unqualified NJers, and no respect from management. I don't think Americans are at the root of the problem. Most are still in their first five years with the company. Those who have been here 10-20 years are responsible for the current mess. You boys even managed to make a skinny zoologist look like a tough guy.


PS - Maybe DECs on the bus would be aggregeous enough to cause the long overdue pilot revolt!?!

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Old 1st Sep 2011, 07:31
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Real football starts this week by the way with college, NFL next week
Are you referring to that NAM game played in bondage gear that very rarely utilises the foot...but is affectionately called "football" ?
Real men play rugby...no need for bondage gear as homosexual cuddling takes place on the field.

With regards to the original post... Is this about DEC to FedEx or CX?
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Old 1st Sep 2011, 14:46
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I think one of main reason they are looking at hiring DEC (if they are), is due to the icadet program….The plan was to bring qualified people in to this program on reduce pay and condition have them be a SO for couple of years and then move up the ladder to JFO,FO, CA…..will it didn’t pan out as they thought it would….most if not all the icadet are low /no time guys, it will take CX few yrs to train these guys to be ready to take on the duties of SO…until such time they can’t upgrade any SO to JFO and than FO, if they do, they will be short on SO….same goes for the FO. When a company hires DEC it usually means they are short on FO… Beside it cheaper and easier to hire DEC… all it takes is one training event not 3
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Old 1st Sep 2011, 16:20
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You are correct, DEC only requires one training event (course). The problem is CX's last foray into the world of DEC's wasn't particularly successful because not too many of the candidates passed and many more required significantly more sector 'events' than the prescribed course.
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Old 1st Sep 2011, 22:35
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I am sure we will all reserve judgement until something becomes more than rumors. I will say that, if true, there will be an exodus from this company that would make them regret the day they even brought it up. Remember, most NAM guys have less than 5 yrs invested with Cathay and would gladly leave if this place turns into Korean.

Standing by.....
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 05:22
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It doesn't take much for the mud-slinging to come out does it? Really... criticizing what guys are wearing around CX City and insinuating that "Euros" and "Antipodeans" are spineless - what exactly are you on?

You sound like a nonce when you bring it down to this. It's about as mature as the Airbus vs. Boeing argument. But you wouldn't partake in that, would you?

Grow up.
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 11:48
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Yeah, the whole ride report thing in North America is annoying
True, true, true. One NY controller was overwhelmed with "ride reports" so much that he had told everybody that it was "reported smooth at FL190 by a King Air" . . . and then everybody shut up.
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 12:30
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He started it ...
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 18:59
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Seriously....WTF is wrong with you lot? I have to fly with far too many of you rather immature and self-important wankers. Surely I don''t have to see it proven here as well. Most of the Yanks are great guys, and good pilots. I would rather see a good pilot with average RT, than good RT with average pilot skills. I think we have bigger battles to fight. Everyone who leaves for another carrier is doing the rest of us a favour, not because the individual himself is leaving, but because it puts pressure on CX.
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Old 3rd Sep 2011, 03:27
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Very well put. I can't believe some of the people on this board have nothing better to do than whine about "ride reports and baseball caps". By the way, I recently flew with an Aussie who wears a ball cap while flying. Oh what a world, what a world!!......

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