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Working for aviance

Old 20th Jul 2007, 16:39
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Working for aviance

Just out of curiosity, and i know this is a very open question and may be difficult to answer, but what is aviance like to work for in the UK. Or is this too open a question and completely dependant on where in the UK.

Obviously i'm curious as i would be interested in working for them.

Also how do they compare with servisair.

If you can answer then cheers.
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Old 21st Jul 2007, 19:05
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I worked for Servisair for 2 years, I then switched to another company associated with Aviance and have twice been sent to EDI to work for Aviance. I can only speak for Aviance in EDI but never have I ever come across such a bunch of ignorant incompitent idiots.

Dont touch Aviance with a barge pole the Servisair reputation may not be great but in my opinion they beat Aviance by a mile.
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Old 28th Jul 2007, 06:31
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Yeah right!

Bit of a sweeping generalisation!

Seeing as quite a few circusair stations are probably worse in many respects. I have to say that every airport has a wide mix of experienced and some less so staff and therefore you cannot generalise in that way without looking rather foolish don't you think Mr EC-ILS.
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Old 29th Jul 2007, 11:04
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Speaking of Aviance, can anyone tell me what the current uniform is for male and female staff?

What does each member of staff get, and is there any difference between what you get depending on your job within Aviance??
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Old 8th Aug 2007, 01:41
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Worked for Aviance in London for more than 2 years, and my girlfriend works for them at the moment. I cannot say anything about outstations. YouŽll find the problems youŽd find in any other handling agent or airline (admin problems, rosters, etc), but the unions are quite strong and, to be fair, Aviance, at least on a local basis, tries to keep the staff happy. The money was good (that is, for the job I was doing), almost the best wages for the same position in LHR.

Staff benefits, the usual. Pension scheme, some travel discount and good prospects of promotion and movement between departments.
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Old 8th Aug 2007, 08:17
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I worked for Aviance at BFS for 2 years (ramp & dispatch) and thought they were a good company to work for. No major problems with the running of the company there. I found my dispatch supervisor very good and easy to get on with and no issues at all when working there and really enjoyed my time. All the staff seemed to get on really well and really good craic. It will vary between stations but BFS (I think) was good station to work at. They informed the staff about union action (pay rises etc) and whilst I was there we got 2 transatlantic contracts on top of domestic contracts. I only left because my uni course requires to me do a placement year or else I still would have been there.

As regards to uniform depends which department your in.
Dispatch - trousers, shirt & tie, safety boots
Ramp - cargo pants, t-shirt, safety boots
Pax Serv - same as dispatch for males, blouse and either trousers or skirt for females
All staff get options of waterproofs and jackets/fleeces depending on department. Pay was good as well although Menzies payed more but no sick pay where Aviance did.

Only problem with Aviance at BFS was the equipment. Most of it worked but there was always something breaking down. They did get a new tug which was like xmas but with some new or better equipment there would help with the operation greatly.

I have not worked for Serviceair so can't really comment on working conditions there.

Don't know about other stations but I can recommened working for them at BFS.

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Old 8th Aug 2007, 13:23
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Same everywhere... (all agents, all airports)

Some good people
Some idiots.
Bad management
Merry go round of contracts
Lack of staff
Turnover of staff
Training can be questionable

But can be a laugh...
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Old 12th Aug 2007, 23:26
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Who'sTheDaddy: "Same everywhere?" I don't agree with this - I've been in handling agent management for just over a year, I don't have any idiots in my department, they're all good staff who do their best under difficult circumstances. "Bad management" is a sweeping generalisation. Bad in what way? Turnover of staff is inevitable due to the very nature of the industry: more flights in the summer season means a requirement for seasonal staff, so this is something of a moot point really. Think about what you type before you type it! This might be your experience, but it's not mine!
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Old 27th Aug 2007, 07:02
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Thumbs up Aviance

I've been working for Aviance for the last 8 years in different departments Cargo, Ramp, Baggage and from my point of view they are absolute crap.
Never ever in my life I worked for such unorganised company, I must addmit money is good but new members have very bad contracts for first 2 years - mine was temp for 6 months. Unions GMB and T&G are not very strong any more. Old, used and abused equipment - Hyloaders, belts, tugs.
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smudgethecat wrote "There no different from any other ramp agency(1) ,they pay peanuts (1), treat the staff with contempt (1), and are chronically short staffed (1), it never ceases to amaze me how they manage to attract the dedicated, hard working staff that make up the majority of their workforce" (2)

I have lurked around here for a couple of years before registering. As an interested member of the SLF on your various airlines, you understand.

(1) In business, these 21st century days, the mill-owner mentality of the late 1800s prevails. Pay the workers as little as you can, for as long as you can get away with it and hope that none of them die during working hours, especially not as the result of an "accident" ("Health and Safety" all over the place!).

(2) In my humble experience, nobody who can be arsed to get out of bed and work for a wage actually turns up to do anything but a good day's work. And certainly not a bad one.

It is the cynical abuse of attitude (2) that keeps the Captains of Industry (coughs) in remunerative employment.

I always fly on LCCs. The people I meet in the cabin, especially the CC, are WYSIWYG human beings. The Flight Deck credentials are taken as a gimme.
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Does anyone specifically have any information on how aviance are at BHX? They're soon beginning recruitment, and have generally heard good things.
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But, Jordan...that would mean you working with your beloved Baby again...
You sure you want to come back to the "darkside?"
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Not necessarily, aviance happen to handle a number of fairly good contracts like Lufthansa, Air France, SAS alongside bmibaby, who I wouldn't necessarily be adverse to handling, just having to deal with their "management." Did I ever refer to it as the "darkside" or is that your own euphomism? I presume as BHX is practically a fortress for bmibaby, they won't have the type of delays that we used to see at EMA, or let's hope so. Money looks better, hours seem more flexible and managers seem quite approachable - so it all looks good, just want to see what people on the inside think.
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Seems to be there are a lot of people in jobs they hate

If you don't like it either make an effort to change it or get out.
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