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mattandy 14th Oct 2008 03:29

V Australia Cabin Crew
Hi All - thought I would start this nerw thread seeing some of us are now crew not wannabees.

Lets start posting under this section for any information related to us and let the other (wannabees) be for those who are going through the process and getting excited. Thought it wasnt that fair for 'wannabees' to have to read all the inside negative stuff thats going around at the moment. Hmm, speaking of negative stuff - I'm looking forward to all the positives.

Go V!

skychild 14th Oct 2008 04:26

Has anyone got photos of V's Uniform? Cabin Crew, Team Leader and Flight Managers also?

air doris 14th Oct 2008 04:42

Hi guys,

Welcome, firstly I'm not V and am sorry for the initial set back you have, we all know this is beyond anyone's control and we all will have to sit back and ride this Boeing strike out as many of us are desperately awaiting delivery of new aircraft. I's out of our hands and I have friends with V but have heard you guys will still be paid through the delay, thats some good news.
Also heard training is well under way, many of you are ex other airlines so I'm sure you are adapting ok, and to those just starting your career I'm sure your peers will be there for you if there is anything you need. I's vital in this industry.

Great to see another carrier on these routes and all I can say now is "Let The Games Begin"!! And I mean that in a good way, the pax are going to love the fares, we just have to get that Aussie Dollar back up.

Congratulations guys.

jetcrewnw 14th Oct 2008 17:55

would anyone be able to tell me what the conditions of staff travel benefits are.... and who V gets travel discount with

jetcrewnw 14th Oct 2008 18:00

would anyone be able to tell me what the conditions of staff travel benefits are.... and who V gets travel discount with.
Is it the same as qantas.....and do they offer business class staff travel at all.
congratulations to all you new v staff
Its gonna be a great airline the crew sound wonderful and I am a wannabbe who wants this info to compare

mattandy 15th Oct 2008 02:22

Jetcrewnw - I dont believe the conditions for staff travel have been finalised. All new crew must satisfy the 3 months probation period before concessional flights are given.

Air-doris - thank you for such a lovely post! It is a very exciting time for everyone. Fingers crossed the strike ends sooner rather than later.:)

apaddyinuk 15th Oct 2008 15:42

Glad to hear you will still be paid. However I hope it is from the Coffers of Mr Boeing and NOT V!

Little_Red_Hat 16th Oct 2008 03:47

Paddy, Boeing do not have to pay up as there is a clause in their contracts which excludes liability for industrial action. So, no, they won't be paying.

inandout 16th Oct 2008 04:40

No Boeing will pay up as they have for Qantas, and that is a fact. However the damage is still down and this :mad: strike has no end in sight.

Little_Red_Hat 16th Oct 2008 05:13

The issue with the 787 was a manufacturing delay, before it was an industrial action issue. I'm pretty sure there was no cash changing hands, only a good deal on other aircraft in the meantime while QF are waiting on the 78. The clause specifically says they do not have to pay compensation, whether they offer V something else is another thing entirely.

Perhaps a good deal on their remaining aircraft, which in turn will enable the Virgin group to use the money saved to pay wages??

As much as I'd like to see V get off the ground, I'm not so sure about it at this point. Really hope it works out for everyone who's already signed up.

V-Australia Union 17th Oct 2008 08:33

Don't forget to vote!


wrx712 19th Oct 2008 01:16

staff travel
i hear that becuase of the delay, the 3 month period we need to wait for has been waivered and we can use it as of first day at GS!

(fact not fiction)

less than 24 hours to go till GS starts.

yee haaaaaa

inandout 19th Oct 2008 01:57

hell don't get too excited anything could happen.:eek:
1. Company gets taken over and scraps VA.:*
2. Strike goes on longer and Vb scraps VA:(
3. If this Yes vote gets up the pilots may strike:\
4. The world economy keeps getting worse and VA just does not start.:uhoh:
So lots of unknows at the moment and the pilots are really worried.:{
I pray it will start and be agreat success.:D

dy1ng_to_fly 19th Oct 2008 05:57

well there's some positive thinking...

Good luck to everyone starting ground school tomorrow!! Have a great time!

mattandy 19th Oct 2008 09:11

Yes - positive thinking!!

Bring on gs tomorrow. :)

inandout 19th Oct 2008 09:17

I wish you all the very best on your gs, have fun:)

Birdofparadise 21st Oct 2008 13:18

VOz CC Wannabe
Congrats to all those who've made it through, and welldone for hanging in there so far.

I'm a VOz CC wannabe from another airline hoping to join up with you once we've launched.

I tried applying online only to find out that applications closed Aug 2008.

Does anyone know if V Oz are still recruiting even though the delays has set back the launch date?

Thanks for the info!

Decisions_decisions 21st Oct 2008 18:11

Hey Guys,

Probably a stupid question -was wondering if anyone could tell me if the first year wage ($37500) and (potential) allowances cited (8-12K) were gross or net figure?

Rmondo 22nd Oct 2008 07:27

crew base
hi guys,
although I'm still a 'wannabe', I have made it past my ref check stage and am now waiting to hear whats next.
my question is: has anybody heard from 'within' if V may be starting up a MEL crew base in the near future...?
would sure make it easier for us Victorians with families.

mattandy 22nd Oct 2008 07:45

MEL base - not for a long while apparently.

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