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Unvaccinated cabin crew entry to USA

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Unvaccinated cabin crew entry to USA

Old 11th Nov 2021, 12:54
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Originally Posted by spoiler77 View Post
No conspiracies, no politics, just a few facts and some common sense with a touch of science.
This is the cornerstone of pseudoscience. Science has shown us time and time again that the real world goes contrary to our intuition.
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Old 11th Nov 2021, 15:13
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So, regarding your concern about me not protecting the vulnerable, rest assured that my body is doing the job pretty well until now. Not sure you can say the same with your rapidly waning vaccine induced immunity.
No conspiracies, no politics, just a few facts and some common sense with a touch of science.
Wow, some generalisations there. I too recovered from Covid back in January. For me, to be honest, it was pretty mild. I am however fully vaccinated now, after recovery, as I find it reduces the chance of re-infection, reduces the viral load the body carries in the event of re-infection and subsequently reduces the chance of me infecting someone else in the period where the body is infectious but not displaying symptoms or asymptomatic.

Ironically my sister is an epidemiologist, I think I will take her advice over your version of common sense with a touch of Facebook/Tik Tok science thanks.

As to your example the whole crew would be confined to their room for the sake of one individual exercising their 'right'. Simple fact, if it's my flight that person would not be coming as my responsibility is the welfare of the whole crew not the individual in this case.
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Old 13th Nov 2021, 21:33
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Originally Posted by spoiler77 View Post
No conspiracies, no politics, just a few facts and some common sense with a touch of science.
None of which included a valid reason not to be vaccinated.
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Old 18th Nov 2021, 14:21
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Depends upon where you go and the local authorities and legal restrictions. Check Mauritius if you don't believe me, vaccination status must be legally declared and your handling is based upon that declaration. How many countries will follow suit remains to be seen but I think the number will only go up. Oddly enough I have also been flying all over the world and, due to the essential travel exemptions, haven't had to quarantine either, these exemptions were put in place to allow travel (cargo/repatriation) before any vaccine was available. However, as the world moves on and the vaccination programmes increase those exemptions are being withdrawn as they are no longer considered necessary. Predominantly as an alternative exists. As to you and your employer, good luck. Have a look at Cathay to see just how much influence your 'employer' would have.

As I lost someone very close to me because of Covid I find vaccination refusal on anything but essential medical grounds the height of abject selfishness. My opinion and my opinion alone, no amount of self justification or facebook science will change that.

I might advise you that 'advice' is spelt using a 'c'. (and yes I do speak more than one language before the 'not my native tongue' shouts get going! Hence the smiley, its a play on words joke)
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Old 22nd Nov 2021, 21:33
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Some vaccinations need only be given once and my (non-medical) understanding is, despite that, they continue to provide you with protection as the antibodies/t-cells they produce circulate in your bloodstream/lymph system. Others need to be topped up after a given length of time but their purpose is the same, to generate antibodies and t-cells to keep you and those around you safe (or at least safer).
The funding of research is worth thinking about. Most vaccines and medecines take years to create and test. But that, to a large degree, is down to funding. You get an idea and then look for funding which might take you part the way to your goal. But then you need to find more funding to move you along and again and again. The size of your team is dependent on your funding.
In the case of Covid it happens that much of the research had already been done. The underlying technology of the AZ vaccine has been around for years. What they had to do was identify the virus and work out how to insert that into the pre-existing technology. Instead of having to look for funding they had it thrown at them; they were able to recruit much larger teams (but, yes, they wern't gigantic, they didn't need to be) They could start producing test batches without waiting for more funding. Instead of recruiting small batches of test paitients they had people lining up to be guinea pigs.
All this meant accellerated development and testing.
What about long term safety? When a new vaccine is approved the usual test period will have been longer than for Covid because of the funding issues but I go back to the fact that the underlying technology of vaccines is well understood and tested. When any new vaccine appears the number of people it will have been tested on will be miniscule compared to the numbers that might be given it so we learn as we go - just like the Covid vaccines.Yes, there were some health scares along the way but look back at the history of vaccines and you'll find that they all have an element of risk but I would suggest that most of us have had vaccines over the years without a 2nd thought - I've lost count of the number of vaccinations I've had.
This book is worth a read (written by the AZ team)
Amazon Amazon
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