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Qantas Crew Discussions - I

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Qantas Crew Discussions - I

Old 26th Jun 2008, 15:00
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Red face spell check

oops DIVISIONS..... so did not proof read.....
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Old 27th Jun 2008, 11:01
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Rumour has it that some long haul trips are already being kept out of the roster build for QCCA F/A's to do....the more expensive routes I assume. Funny how a QCCA person can be on a trip that a QAL crew member bid for.

That has been happening at SH for years! Qantas has been caught out holding flying for SH Permanent Crew who have bidded for the patterns and given them to MAM Casuals, nothing new here.

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Old 27th Jun 2008, 12:39
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take a cold shower

Qstar. You should be more worried about this clause!!!! keep looking at the oil prices and dont sweat too much!!
The Compulsory Redundancy Arrangements are outlined in Schedule 2 to this Agreement.
Any compulsory redundancy of employees under this agreement will occur in reverse order of seniority.
Seniority for the purpose of this clause means the total period of service as an employee in any classification
covered by this agreement, whether employed by Qantas or QCCA. For this purpose employees of Qantas and QCCA shall be treated as one group for the determination of seniority.
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Old 28th Jun 2008, 10:37
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i don't think there is much need to worry regarding compulsory redundancies, there will always be enough crew willing to take the package especially as they didn't let any BFA go last time.
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Old 29th Jun 2008, 00:29
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Chicken Little Geoff

this was in the Financial Review.....

02 Jun 2008 | The Australian Financial Review
Qantas CEO Needs Seachange

Qantas lurches from bad news story to bad news story, either of its own telling or as recounted by so many of its weary and disappointed customers ('Qantas axes routes, jobs on fuel pain', May 29).

I cannot identify a chief executive officer who is focused less on the needs of his customers and staff and more on creating shareholder and executive wealth than Geoff Dixon.

In this he ignores the dictums that, in a service industry, customers need constant attention, and staff need to be treated in the same way as you would want them to treat your customers.

Constant cost cutting and “Chicken Little” speeches, lead to corporate anorexia and disengaged staff, never to sustainable high performance.

On the upside, having weekly contact with Qantas staff, I am continually amazed at the latent goodwill and commitment that so many of these people have for their organisation and brand.

While Insurance Australia Group may have been over led and undermanaged, Qantas suffers from relative over management and a leadership void as Dixon fails to enlist his people in the task of working through the group’s challenges.

As the Qantas board approaches the choice of its next CEO, we can only hope it recognises the need for a seachange in the role of, and contribution from, Dixon’s successor.

Roger R. Collins
Gerroa NSW
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Old 30th Jun 2008, 14:04
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where is the fun?

this was much more fun when it was the cns chit-a-chatta...

now who knows >

1. Whats happening with us?


2. Where's the chux?
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Old 4th Jul 2008, 03:45
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Rather than telling us to cut back on crew luggage in the cabin (to save fuel costs ), maybe they could cut back on bulk loading of chux !

Seriously, I've never been so amused at their latest way to pick on crew. They are relentless in sending Cairns crew on ' POO ' ( Pattern Of One ) 6 day trips and they think a 3rd piece of luggage ( QF suitpack ) is inappropriate ?

Still waiting to hear our fate up in CNS. Do we really care anymore ?
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Old 4th Jul 2008, 12:39
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QF Skywalker - no.
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Old 7th Jul 2008, 04:01
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Any news on CNS Base

Hi All

Anything to report on CNS base.
Hopefully it will be good news for you all.
Hang in there
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Old 15th Jul 2008, 10:04
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Internal Transfers

Can anyone tell me if QF has internal transfers to Cabin Crew from other departments, such as ground crew?
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Old 16th Jul 2008, 01:52
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re internal transfers

all new lhcc will be qcca pay rates so no point going ground crew to get into cc. short haul is only mam. at least mam earn more without jet lag
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Old 16th Jul 2008, 23:53
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wait until

the new sh eba is finished. i can see a mr. ma being removed from any connections with qf.
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Old 17th Jul 2008, 08:03
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QCC rumour mill and a few things on the horizon

THe QCC mill is punching out rumour faster than Audrey's inflight service mess up's.

1,CNS base is looking on less solid ground with the buiness model being looked at as sectors are not going ahead that would of supported it.

2,Offer of VR and LWOP will be out by end of next week.

3,Even a part time job share is being talked about for min 6 months.

4,The visitors were told a restructure of management is looking likely so the intro of many middle manager wally's may be looking for work next week.

5,Reduction of all non profit routes and even looking at cheaper hubbing in Asia as HKG and BKK are charging stupid money for landing, taxes etc etc. KL has been courting QF for over 18 months with no taxes or landing costs for 20years.

It will be a very interesting next few weeks with all the elements stacking together for another asain money crisis.

Big economy nations ie USA, UK, Japan EU etc buy alot less and cancel orders from massive asian manufacturers and these economies are set up for large volume mass market.

It's already reflected in asia now with orders slowing and the world price of rice up over 180% in 2 years.

Cut price airline cowboys who prostitued the airline industry with cheap wages and stupid fares have just had the low cut business model shoved back up their a_s with interest as they cannot continue to sell tickets with stupid margins that has done nothing more than destablise the great industry it once was.

I think Virgin blue will not be around another 3 years as the ASX showed VB at a low of 58c this week with toll saying they may walk away from VB leaving them without a finacial backer.

They have lost over $1 billion in that asset in 2 years.

Tuff times ahead for QF staff as GD will use this leaver to turn the tables on the real worker.

Tuff times for everybody !!!!!
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Old 17th Jul 2008, 08:27
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you do make some

valid comments PP, but its not all doom and gloom.GD uses the current oil/engineering issues as excuses trying to screw the working people in QF. oil is always going to be on the way up with ecomomies like India/China massively increasing demand. thats why QF employs a economist/risk managment team/consultants to give the best market updates/foresights. It is as no surprise that GD & CO put out a lot of missinformation about the engineering dispute. that they also got caught out on fuel hedging and lack of foresight in getting the 777 is more then enough to sack the lot.
now they are talking about a 5% reduction in management. what a joke!! they have multiplied since the last "restructure" like rabbits in the simpson dessert. anyway lets see what the next week brings
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Old 18th Jul 2008, 07:38
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JQ ADL base to be closed by end August '08.
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Old 18th Jul 2008, 08:29
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What's being offer to JQ ADL base cabin crew? Are they being made redundant? Or being offered base/job transfer?
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Old 18th Jul 2008, 11:35
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I was told redundant for most....
I think some are being offered transfers... but most are being made redundant
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Old 18th Jul 2008, 12:30
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Quoted from msg to all JQ staff via email from CEO Allan Joyce

It is with much regret that I confirm the planned closure of our Adelaide aircraft and crew base. We currently base two aircraft, 50 cabin crew and 30 pilots in Adelaide, operating 37 weekly return flights.

From the end of August, this base will close and we are currently working closely with our Adelaide colleagues towards this change.

We will be offering cabin crew across the domestic network a voluntary redundancy program and leave programs. Adelaide cabin crew will be given preference for other base opportunities before we pursue redundancies. Our Adelaide pilots will be offered transfers to other bases.
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Old 25th Jul 2008, 11:50
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Qantas B744 Depressurization

Congratulations to the crew for their professional handling of the incident. Happy to hear that everyone on board is safe.
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Old 4th Aug 2008, 01:05
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On A Lighter Note!!

Has anyone seen the new EK A380 interiors. Qf thinks that theirs are the best ever, horrible choice of marc newson yes thats right marc newson, we all fly an airline cause of marc newson... Our's look such SH*T!!
The ECY cabin looks so fresh, the bars are fantastic and showers for Fcl cabin.
What do you think??
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