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Wow! I just logged on and couldn't believe what I was reading...Morrisette I feel disgusted to have answered your questions.

As everyone has said already...different people choose different airlines for different reasons.

I started my career with easyJet and I loved it, in fact I had applied to go back before I got my current role with Silverjet but decided to go for Silverjet to try something new and do a bit of long haul. I went to fly with a company that everyone seems to strive to get into at LHR and I hated every minute. It was prestigious, had a reputation as the best way to fly...wrong! I had more complaining, unhappy customers, and even moreso unhappy, moaning crew, there than at EZY! The guys and girls I worked with at easyJet were fantastic, and from what I hear (from a colleague at Silverjet who left EZY in a very high position)..still are!! They work hard and they do a great great job. Well done guys and please be assured that you actually have a very high reputation in the industry and a lot of respect for the work you do. Keep it up, and btw the new uniform looks great and I'm sure will boost morale even higher as you will all look so professional as well as being it in person!!

If I ever got to the point where long haul was no longer for me, the first place I would apply to is back to easyJet, fab place to work!

I won't go on to 'big up' Silverjet too much (although I could write pages!!) as it has all already been said, suffice to say.. it's great, the crew are great, the product is great and most importantly of all...our customers think it's fantastic, and we know because our management team (who are excellent, really pro the crew and communication etc) give us regular updates on customer feedback.

So the 'Hype' tea&coffee, is not just 'Hype' it is reality...and reality of outstanding quality at that!!! If indeed to gain this opinion you have flown the airline and fed back your problems to our Customer Experience Director then it would be interesting to know your reasoning..but my gut instinct is that you haven't and simply a little disgruntled at your 'no thanks' email.

Happy flying to everyone whether you're doing a LTN-AMS-LTN-AMS-LTN-AMS or a LTN-EWR..we're all still there for the same reasons..a job we love.

Take care!
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Back on track everybody please - this thread is about Silverjet.
...cesspool airlines...
horrible unclassy unhygienic brain dead colleagues, horrible uneducated boisterous customers with no manners
Such comments reveal rather more about the true nature of the person posting than about the subject at hand: They are therefore best avoided.
For those of you that do work for Silverjet - we can all understand your enthusiasm with a new start-up, but please try and resist the temptation to simply re-package Silverjet PR releases on this thread. The acid test of the success of the company will be load factors, not now, but in a year, or two, or five years time. If there is enough money to be made, the airline will last - if not, it won't
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God I have been sitting on the fence during this thread and my god what is it coming too????

I have been flying now for 11 years and dont work for either Silverjet or Easyjet...

No one in aviation likes to see the demise of any airline as we do the same job but just wear different colours and have different contracts...

I hate it when bitter people start slagging off certain airlines, any airline is a great airline if its what you want and fits into how you want to live your life...

Low cost airlines are not cesspool airlines just look at easyjet they must carry 30+ million pax a year you could say Silverjet would have to be in business 10 years to even come close to that but who cares if there crew are happy....

Im sure easyJet will be around in the uk far longer than most other UK airlines but hey thats my opinion

So come on guys/gals play nicely and all the best for Silverjet for your future and I too agree your planes and products look first class
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As for the way SilverJet looks over CV's, well they don't, I got a footnote which was accidentally included in my email back from them, a polite "standard" no thank you but at the bottom was a simple and trite "NOPE" from a Mr Martyn Bridger like a CC that the email had been forwarded on, ignorance is also at the head of SilverJet.
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diesel862, your quote;

"FJE take note on how to setup and airline and keep crew informed and feel wanted."

Couldn't agree more. None of us in the FJE part of the same company know what the hell is going to happen. 3 bases, 2 aircraft and very dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced crew but no communication at all. Good work to all our Silverjet counterparts, wish we could be given the resources to do the same at FJE. It could be a reputable, decent and profitable airline, given half a chance at MAN, NCL and LGW! However, crews are leaving in droves and getting sick of trying to get things happening. Feel sorry for the pursers every flight their reports must be like war and peace!

Good Luck Silverjet!
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Looks great, can't wait to try the service later in the year. One observation, skirts look a little short, i'm not complaining but are they practical?
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What goes around!!!

Good Luck to all you boys and girls at Silverjet!!! can't WAIT to sample your Silver Service, it looks FABULOUS!!! With regards to the title of my post, I realise you have someone at the helm who used to be Head Of Cabin Services where I currently work. I just hope he learned from his mistakes and does a much better job than he did previously!!!.....Safe and Happy Flying and Best Wishes....
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Good Luck but Beware The Bridger Man

Good luck to all at Silverjet, lots of positive press, in Times again this weekend, Mrs Oldflyboy and I plan to try you out this year rather than battle staff travel in our own company.

Just found out the Bridgerman is involved with you! OUCH!!!!!

Did you know he has a record of failure? Cocked up at BA which led to crew striking in 97 and his decision to bring in non flying managers directly led to poor industrial relations which led to recent threat to strike over there. Also involved with DUO, BHX based airline that went bump coupla years ago, guys I fly with who worked for him turn the air blue at mention of his name!

Still, perhaps he has mellowed!

As I say best of luck and will see you in September.
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Well Done

Well done to you guys at Silverjet I was temping at BA this summer and was very tempted to apply to the compnay but had deceided to sit back and watch for a while and from what you say it really does seem to bring back a bit of the glamour in flying for your PAX. Some of you sound like you should be doign the PR for your company which is testement to how you feel about the compnay you are working for.

Ignore anything bad said think your product and your idea sounds wonderful though I feel your aircraft livery though quite pretty does make the 767 look a bit liek a ginormous condom....sorry one thing on the mind.

Good luck guys doubt you'll need it as if I was a Business passenger think I know where I'd take my fares when I heard about Silverjet.
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Hi Guys

I thought I would jump in to this post and just say to Silverjet Best of luck. I am based at LTN with the Ezy guys and gals. And I think the concept and business model Silverjet offer is a fantastic idea. I really do hope it all goes well and grows as it wants.
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Marcjf: Our skirts are knee length so definately not too short. If you saw the picture of the crew by the plane then that's not our uniform and they were models!!
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I had to fly out of LTN a couple of week ago and had a few hours hanging around before my flight. Out of interest, I headed over to the Silverjet terminal to 'observe' and I was very, very impressed with the operation. Immaculate staff, a gorgeous new terminal, professional car-service and what looked (from the outside) to be a well run business.

They've got it bang on, from what I could see.
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Silver Jet waiting time

I had a interview for In-flght Manager 2 weeks ago and i still haven't heard anything. I was wondering if anyone else who had had a 2 to 1 with S.J has waited this long.. This is the worst part of the process as i just need to know now.. if i have it.. fantastic, but if i haven't i would like to be able consider other options. I think they have a great concept, and feel excited about the prospect of working for them, but being in limbo is a nightmare. Alot of the communication between myself and S.J has been done through email, is this how they let you know if you are sucessful or not..? or is it the case of waiting for the postman to arrive with a letter? i'd be grateful if anyone could tell me their experience ... thanks
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Hi Hotbit, in my experience (was recruited as inaugral crew) I had to wait a month for my answer, until they completed the full recruitment campaign so they can find the best of the best for their needs. My response was a personal e-mail from Martyn Bridger congratulating me. I would guess you're response would be an e-mail too... All I can say is try and remain positive... No news is good news as the saying goes
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Hi BestonBoard thanks for your reply, I guess i'll give the postman a break then.. I just want to hear something.. but, like you said no news is good news.. hope i get to fly for S.J.. fingers crossed
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Can you Silverjet guys & gals tell me if you have to live within a certain distance to Luton, or can you travel?
Does any of the current crew have children, if so, do the rosters work well for you?
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Hi Dom

They do like you to live close by as do a lot of airlines, but I am based in Brighton and I know there are people further away (Manchester, Leeds) not too sure if there are any crew with children

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kiwilad747 are these people from leeds commuting every flight? What is the standby callout? and what work pattern is it at the moment with regards to days off after trip how many sb's etc soz 20 questions!
Would love to work for them but not sure about commute!
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Hi Spacehopper!

Lots of people are commuting, I think there are only about 10 people living in Luton area actually lol!!

Most people are finding the commute OK although I think a lot of us have to have a quick sleep in the car somewhere halfway home after the night return sector!

We are not in a pattern for days off yet and the amount of days off really varies. We do some back to backs so you land at 0710 then back in the next day but I think you usually get 2 or 3 days off afterwards (shouldn't say it cos I'll end up with a month of them, but I haven't done any yet so can't confirm!). Can vary from 1 day to 3 days off, I have usually had at least 2.

Couple of standbys a week roughly, from 0600 to 1000 and callout is 90 minutes so that is the only snag with commuting, I think some people stay down in the Luton area for standbys and some get up and get ready and wait for the phone to ring then go back to bed when it doesn't!! People also arrange b&b or stay with friends between back to backs aswell.

At the moment the rosters are flexible as we are still getting established and seeing how things work but rostering are good and give you plenty of notice of changes, and most of the time they will let you know of changes asap rather than call you on a standby- most of us have given consent to be contacted outside of standby/duty time to give us extra warning!

Basically if you don't mind commuting, it's do-able, and it's worth it!
Hope that helps!

Sorry, just noticed that was addressed to KiwiLad, didn't mean to step on your toes!!
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Thank You for all that excellent info !

Have applied so fingers and toes crossed for me please!
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