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Virgin Australia - Wannabes & Recruitment

Cabin Crew Wannabes For discussing all aspects of becoming Cabin Crew, including applications and the assessment process.

Virgin Australia - Wannabes & Recruitment

Old 5th Jan 2012, 04:11
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So sorry to hear! Just 4 days before finishing........ what an absolute BUMMER. Did they say why you weren't "cut out"? Good on you though for accepting your faults and not letting it get in the way of your dream. Thanks to everyone for sharing all their experiences, but I certainly have lost all hope with myself haha I'm just not hearing anything, I don't know what's going on and they certainly didn't follow up the email I received over a month ago (that I'd know the outcome of the application by mid December....) It's so dis-heartening. I hope they're more organised to work for! haha
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Old 5th Jan 2012, 05:16
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Wft does one need to do to get an invite to an AD??? Got invited last year turned it down - sent a very nice e-mail explaining I would rather give my spot to another (due to yet another inconsiderate airline)now I can't even get a F#%*ing look in
Not worth my time or energy to even try again - obviously pissed somebody off so why bother with such a petty company!! Trying to get back into aviation is proving even harder than it was 12 years ago - I'm done!! Think its time to find a new career? I think airlines need to stop treating potential employees like shit like tashopeful waiting 7 weeks for a no or elrehab 4 days before graduation getting told your not suited - we all deserve more than that, who do they think they are????
Good luck everybody think this bird hashad its day & time to clip those wings - cannot deal with the BS!
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Old 5th Jan 2012, 05:57
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I just think they know that they are always going to have an overwhelming response through job applications, and that it doesn't matter what they do..because ultimately it is their choice, and they hold the power.

If I could recommend anything to them, it would be communication because so many people out there just have no idea what is going on..and living in a sense of hope for so long..just to have it broken is disheartening.

Keep trying I guess..there are other airlines out there..albeit maybe not as good as Virgin..but everyone has to start somewhere.
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Old 5th Jan 2012, 07:34
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Thank you but no thank you

Hay Shelbs

Got the same lettler today, do not know what they are looking for, I hope they do.
Next application I am going to pretened that I am absolute airhead that has no clue on anything. Maybe they like young airheads (no offense to the airheads out there) that can't even spell cabin crew member .
They obviously do not want intellegent experienced confident crew members.
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Old 5th Jan 2012, 08:26
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Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Melbourne
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It must just be Melbourne, seriously haha I mean Marly you have managed to get an answer from TWO applications, in the time that I am still waiting to hear back from my first. And by the way your airhead comment made me laugh!! It's what I really need right now, so thank you. But yet again am so sorry to hear You seem very genuine and motivated - You would be an asset
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Old 5th Jan 2012, 11:05
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Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Australia, Sydney
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I also got no thank you.
Marly I really like your comment regarding airheads. It is so true! I flew with Virgin on Monday and spoke to the crew and was quite shocked how immature some of the crew were.
Can somebody please tell me how long do I have to wait before I can try again?
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Old 5th Jan 2012, 13:48
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Applied last week and am wanting to know if they even send out unsuccessful emails anymore??? Haven't got anything email wise but logged into my profile is virgin site and says status: application unsuccessful. So that means I didn't make it through? Will they even email?

I have no idea what they are looking for. I think it depends what type of recruiter looks at applications and just being lucky. As people I know have no people skills or experience and have got the job like that. I didn't get it and have everything they are looking for. Maybe they have enough applicants for this round already.

Would appreciate an email though virgin, also stating when I can re apply. Got absolutely nothing.
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Old 5th Jan 2012, 20:46
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G'day cobba!
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Old 5th Jan 2012, 21:22
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Join Date: Jul 2011
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You shouldn't live in hope for any job, there are no guarantees.
Move on, there is more than one airline in Australia.
As for airheads, every member of the Virgin cabin crew I've talked to has been able to maintain a normal adult conversation, so I doubt they're all airheads.
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Old 5th Jan 2012, 23:46
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Talking Yay!

I've just been emailed an assessment day invitation here in sydney (yay finally) and had to choose a time-slot that was allocated to me in my profile on their careers website. I chose the 11th, anybody else attending on this day? Also, i'm just wondering, for those that have been to one, are they able to give me a lowdown (descriptive please) about it.

Thanks HEAPS !! The 7 weeks wait was worth it, even if i don't get in, being positive helps!
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Old 5th Jan 2012, 23:54
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im sure i can provide some useful knowledge and i have had my feet a little in the industry. Im not saying all airlines are the same, but im told that virgin and jetstar spoon feed their people hence the airheads present. now this certain airline i just recently was dismissed from a few days before graduation, runs training 'boot camp' style..its a budget airline, take a guess what it is.....from what the trainer told me, whatever age you may be, if you are not 'academically' smart you wont make it and they dont provide help to you, they want to weed you out...its more like handing you a manual of the airline operations and telling you to go figure it out, no practical experience. this airline is on my ban list because its crappola.

as i mentioned before i was on a months on end wait list...these people dont care, you need to abide by their rules. they can be unfair to you, but they wont allow you to make any mistakes. i think the spoon feed comment they made about virgin is taking things too far, im sure virgin treat their training crew in a much more humane way than i was treated..i was made to sign documents when im there bawling my eyes out, no offer of providing tissues to me was made, they threw cheap shots at me, they used other training crew to get information about me...the airline industry is cut throat, if you dont meet to their standards, they will cut you off before you even know it..its nasty. and its funny that they are all about safety, but hiring kids fresh out of school does nothing to enhance safety..

the reason i was dismissed is because i apparently didnt grasp the information fast enough, i was expected to grasp the imformation after being only 1 day in their actual aircraft. this budget airline company can go to hell.

i wanted to send them a email of my unfair treatment however im scared because the lowest human being of a trainer has been in the airline industry for 30 years or so...if i do complain, she will pass word to every airline about me, so i just sit here shutting my mouth in anger at how brutal people can be
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 00:04
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shelbs, your comments are spot on. There is no fairness in the airline industry. you are controlled. any attempt at fairness leads to dismissal. so im burnt by my experience, but a hell of a lot wiser. why do you think they have so many training groups. because say of a total of 40 in say two training groups, a small percentage will make it. in my situation, we started with 15 people and at the moment prior to exams, its now 6 (and thats before exams have taken place. !
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 00:09
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I have a lot of experience in the industry.

Word of advise, join the FAAA (union) immediately on starting with any airline. In fact call the FAAA just before your commencement date and ask for an application form.

Its about $10 per week (tax deduction) and they are on the other end of the phone when anything happens (i.e. elrehab) and will negotiate on your behalf if you are accused of something as well as group negotiation of salary and benefits.

In Oz there are two divisions:

Long Haul International FAAA: Flight Attendants' Association of Australia

Short Haul / Domestic FAAA: FAAA Domestic - Flight Attendants Association of Australia Domestic Regional Division
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 00:20
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: melbourne
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thankyou very much somewhereat1l
i will say to people that when you are doing training, trust no one. absolutely no-one, even if you think you do. keep people at a distance, there are a lot of nasty people out there who will tell on you..kinda like primary school when someone dobbed on you. people will tell on you for many things, for example if you don't like the trainer, if you don't like the way its taught. be careful. because i complained about the teaching methods and it got me fired because people decided to be teachers pet with the trainer, so spied on us all. if you think, how could people do this to you. it happens and its the way of the world. its funny that im not suitable, but i was dismissed from an airline that told us that its ok to flirt, exchange phone numbers with passengers. I'm absolutely shocked and cannot believe i put months on hold for this Shite airline.
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 00:35
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It's the industry


Do you think you had the right/knowledge to complain about the training methods? I think ANY AIRLINE trainer would take offence and use their power to get rid of someone who spoke out of line. Certainly don't agree with the flirting or exchanging of phone numbers with pax .Maybe this industry is not for you, believe me it can be very harsh at times and you need to watch your back ALL the time.

good luck for the future
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 00:40
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i have been a teacher for nearly 8 years so i complained about the style of training to other training crew members....combined with stress, fatigue and other things, i was very edgy, and people say things under pressure. when all this happened, id been up at 3am in the morning, until 3 am the next day, and doing at least 15 hrs sleep monday-friday. the training was all completely theory based, which was an issue for me, because i learn in a practical way.
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 00:46
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goldcoast 1 when you said to watch your back all the time, you are so right. i learnt the hard way unfortunately. the issue is im too nice, im very customer service orientated, i care about people too much. because im not bbitchy or loud like some of the people in my training group that the scum of a trainer loved, because they are like her.... that was a strike against me..they wanted loud people. it doesnt matter that in my past i have saved 3 people ...under pressure , i turn into a safety superhero. the reason was they saw im one of the quiet ones and on face value they just dont want that. under pressure the loud ones can be weak and the quiet ones can be strong. So they discriminated against me.

the only reason i write this , is so people can be aware, that its not all a bed of roses. start of training was all cute and nice. then the scum of a trainer ruined it for me..so i feel relieved and am going to move on from it with a sigh of relief and hopefully onto a better company

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Old 6th Jan 2012, 01:17
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 01:46
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The old saying is so correct

People can be nice to your face but can also stab you in the back

Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 02:55
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Location: melbourne
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marly, very correct. a lot of backstabbing bbitchiness, and people who you think are your friends are not. out of the people there, only two at the end gave me dignity and respect, one person stood up for me and said yes, they wanted to be my friend no matter what. they treated me like a criminal like i killed someone, one of the trainers even said that "i will notice that the people i added on ffacebook are going to delete me'. everybody else would've shat on me, if given the chance. if you do training, just shut your mouth and dont focus on opening up to other people. A lot of people perceive being a flight attendant to be glamorous, cool, you get to meet pilots, blah, blah, . it was nice and shiny and cool when i first started, then reality hits. did i ever get taught to serve coffe, hell no. training will be a shock to the face to many people. you have to learn commands word perfect, and i mean WORD perfect or its a failure. You HAVE to know pilots commands WORD perfect. you have to know EVACUATION drills WORD PERFECT and everything else. its fine if you have a while to study , but after 3 weeks your brain is all over the place and combined with lack of sleep due to study, its more than the body can handle.

anyway i talk about one particular airline, but if any virgin people are out there, can you post how your training was like and what to expect?
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