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Netjets / Private Cabin Crew / VVIP / Amiri

Cabin Crew Wannabes For discussing all aspects of becoming Cabin Crew, including applications and the assessment process.

Netjets / Private Cabin Crew / VVIP / Amiri

Old 17th Jun 2011, 20:32
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amiri flight

Hi America,

I saw your post asking about Qatar Amiri.

Did you get any replies? Do you have any info you could give me?

I have an interview with them and would like to know more about work environment crew and office. Did you end up working for them?

Thanks so much
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Old 20th Jun 2011, 12:16
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Netjets Europe

Hi everyone, somebody can please send me the email contact of Netjets Europe? I tried to use the address on their web site but the email didn't went through and returned back with an error message...

The recruitment/career page disappeared from their web site but I know that some crew have been recently contacted for a telephone interview, any help is really appreciated!

Thank you
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Old 5th Jul 2011, 04:09
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Hi Linda.I am russian speaking FA, living in Germany.But male
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Old 6th Jul 2011, 07:05
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airline recruitment agency

Hi guys,does anyone know any good recruitment agency in the middle east specializing in VIP/corporate flight attendant recruitment? thanks for any info
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Old 13th Jul 2011, 12:24
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Russian speaking crew

Hi guys, I happened to know that Qatar Executive Jet is recruiting russian speaking crew with 5 years experience, though I don't know how to apply... it seems the link of the QR careers web site is not activated. I would appreciate if somebody could help with the necessary information.
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Old 31st Jul 2011, 23:24
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Netjets Europe

Hi guys, anyone has email for Netjets Europe, pleeeeaaase?? Cant find it anywhere,,,,,,PM, please....C.
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Old 26th Aug 2011, 17:00
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information on cabin crew jobs private jets please

I would like to know the private jet compnies operating in the uk, if anyone has any info please..
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Old 17th Sep 2011, 12:02
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Wink assessment/interview Qatar amiri flight Attendants

I have an interview coming up soon with Qatar Amiri as flight Attendant, Any general information about interview process will be very much appreciated and what kind of question they will ask... Pay/salary n Conditions.
Many thanks!
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Old 25th Sep 2011, 13:15
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I was just looking-up something on Twitter which led me to FlightGlobal & seems like a lot of openings for VVIP CC > VIP Cabin Crew - Flightglobal
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Old 27th Sep 2011, 08:48
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Need help

Deal all,
I need your advice....Would you leave your full time job job in Amiri flight to join SAMCO (rotation) in Saudi Arabia? Many thanks.
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Old 27th Sep 2011, 21:06
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pupa: no I would not . Where are you based for Amiri? In doha? Isn't it good there? I was thinking of applying to them...

I worked for a private jet in Riyadh and it was quite good though. But I missed UAE/europe ALL the time when being there. It is not a normal country. If I'd go back to rotation work in Saudi I wouldn't accept anything else than 1 month on/1 month off, or less. And a great basic + per diems + western compound.. Haha, list goes on...anyhow
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Old 30th Sep 2011, 12:04
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Hi.. I would not leave Amiri Flight if I were you. I worked for Samco, really nice company but I have never worked so hard in all my life, and I'm a hard worker. I would think very carefully and do more research, after all, you are well taken care of where you are and Doha is a nice place with opportunites. Good luck!

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Old 1st Oct 2011, 23:27
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Exclamation Dubai Air Wing

Hi guys!
Just a question, does anybody have some information about Dubai Air Wing? Fleet, operation- do they have owner planes or all charter, anything...
Is it same as all Amiri (Abu Dhabi Amiri, Qatar Amiri), is this Dubai Amiri? How does it really work?
Please PM me, any information about them would be appreciated, Im all about EU but have no contacts down in Middle East, would be grateful for your help.

Happy landings!
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Old 2nd Oct 2011, 08:37
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Amiri Qatar is good , but I am really desperate to get a rotation, so that I can look after my mom during the month off . She is not well. Would you know who are the operators that offer rotation contracts in the Middle East? Thank you all for you answers, very kind of you!
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Old 19th Oct 2011, 10:11
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Does anyone have information regards Vistajet Austria? I read pretty bad opinions about this company here on pprune but I would like to know if perhaps the terms and conditions have been improved recently... They offer the opportunity to live in one of their gateway cities around europe which sounds really good to me but I was wondering if any of you has info about salary, destinations etc... PM me if you prefer!

Thanks a lot
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Old 19th Oct 2011, 10:33
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qatar amiri

hi everyone,
i am waiting for reply to be invited to an interview with qatar amiri, do you guys know if they check your previous referees or certificates to get in?. i donīt have any problems at all with that, but just wondering why they take so long to answer me. also i realised, qatar amiri is always recruiting girls as i see many advertisements in flighglobal and aviation jobs and all of that, maybe this does mean the girls are not happy there? or maybe the contract is only for 6 months?
regarding my flying experience, i have always flown in commercial airlines, never in private jet, so i think i have more chance with qatar amiri than others e.g presidential flight abu dhabi or any other in saudi or europe.
anyone of you know about the recruitment in qatar amiri or what kind of questions they ask you in the interview?
waiting for ur replies
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Old 22nd Oct 2011, 16:23
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qatar Amiri

Hi guys,

I am also thinking of applying for Qatar Amiri. I got information regarding the salary:

Basic salary: 1,993 dollar PLUS

Standby allowance: 498 dollars
Transport Allowance: 136 Dollars

TOTAL 2,627 us dollars

Then you will get:

100 dollars for a daytrip and 250 dollars for a nightstop
42 days of annual leave and 21 days compensatory
2 return tickets per annum
free shared villa
medical insurance (no optical or dental)
free laundry (within reason)

I dont have any other information, only that if you are shortlisted for an interview they will pay hotel and flight costs (the assessment day is in Doha, Qatar) and I also heard that if You are signing the contract you also need to sign a paper that everything regarding the company stays confidential. I guess thats the reason why current cabin crew for qatar Amiri aren't posting on the net about their jobs.

I do hope that someone will give us more information regarding the job itself (what type of aircraft you will work in, hotels you stay in, how many crew you work with on a flight, what is seen as a nightstop and what is seen as a dayflight. what is the average salary of the crew, do they have end of service benefits, can you choose the crew you will live with, etc.)

so if anyone can answer these questions, I would be really happy, As i dont know anyone working for qatar Amiri.


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Old 30th Oct 2011, 20:49
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Hi there, I noticed you are currently working one month on one month off... With which company is this and do you enjoy it? I'm trying to get into that style of roster.
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Old 1st Nov 2011, 16:36
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any advice for NasJet interview??

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Old 6th Jan 2012, 16:41
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Private/ Corporate Flying

Hello everyone. Would like to know what chances do I have of getting into the above bearing in mind:
1. Over 40,
2. Over 15 years commercial flying
3. Male!!
Have I left it too late and forget about it? A ny advice greatly appreciated!
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