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lunita 7th Jan 2007 22:55

Netjets / Private Cabin Crew / VVIP / Amiri
Hello, This Is My First Post Here.
Anybody Knows How It Is Working For Netjets As Flight Attendant? I Only Heard About The Flight Crew Version....how It Is Their Recruitment Procedures And Package Remuneration?i Already Saw Their Web Page But I Would Like To Talk With Somebody Who Works There Or At Least Somebody Who Knows How It Really Works...if You Have Any Idea About It Please Help Me
Thanks In Advance

Where the sun is... 9th Jan 2007 22:45

Netjets recruitment
Hello hello!
Can someone please help?
I've been trying to send my application to Netjets Europe and it seems impossible to submit anything to them:confused: I got an automatic generated message that says 'thank you for your interest in Netjets etc etc'. I did call them, in Portugal, have been told that yes they are recruiting at the moment, and that I should keep on trying to send my application until their system accept it:hmm:.
Is there anybody in the same situation? I do not know what to do apart sending again and again and again my application:bored:
Any idea? Anyone?
Bye! Bye!;)

Where the sun is... 10th Jan 2007 10:34

netjets recruitment
Hello Mike.
I spoke with someone from the human ressource department, and that was yesterday...:hmm:
In 2006 when I first sent my application, the recruitment department told me to reapply in Jan 2007 onwards...:hmm:
Are they always giving wrong informations?:suspect:
Thank you anyway I will still keep on trying and trying and trying!

747flyboy 6th Mar 2007 09:55

Netjets/Private Cabin Crew/ VVIP
Hey everyone, I am very fortunate to have an interview coming up for a VVIP position as cabin crew. But what I am curious about is what sort of things can I expect at the interview (really this is something that I haven't thought about before with 15 years commercial experience).

If anyone can help me with info on rostering (would I get one?)
How much notice on a call out?
Is it possible to commute from another country?
Is it usually a set salary or would flight pay be added too?
Do you get chance to have crew rest on long flights?

Of couse I will ask these questions in my interview but as they say, forewarned is forearmed!

Thanks in anticipation and happy flying.

flybee 7th Mar 2007 01:05

hey flyboy
i am as well interested in private flying and would like to get more information. currently with commercial airline since 10 years and interested in creating something new and vvip sounds quite interesting. i'm gonna
send my applications during this week and we'll see what happens.
will let you know....and would also appreciate for some information in
return. thx and good luck....:)

KirstyBA 7th Mar 2007 09:02

do you mind me asking who it is that is recruiting. Thanks.

Off Stand 7th Mar 2007 17:25

Which company is recruiting? Where did you hear about it?

Thanks in advance!!!

Hot-bit 8th Mar 2007 06:47

hi, if someone finds out who it is thats recruiting could you p.m me please..
thanks, hot-bit x

hetrotrolleydolly 8th Mar 2007 11:07

VVIP interview tips etc
Hi !
Congratulations on getting interview ,I have a great deal of experience and more than happy to help but its best as PPM so please contact me this way,cheers!

Eddy 12th Mar 2007 22:05

Why is it best by PM?! If we all shared our tips and advice in that way, this place would be decidedly dull and somewhat pointless.

Please, let others benefit from your wisdom. That is, afterall, part of what Pprune is about.

hetrotrolleydolly 14th Mar 2007 11:52

VVIP Recruitment etc
Hi Eddy,
So what are PPMs for ?It is difficult enough to get a foot in the door in private aviation and so just took a view that as its impossible to help everyone I would try to assist a couple of deserving cases .In some instances the public arena is not the place for that ,sorry if that does not coincide with your opinion but its aligned with the same decision to use pseudonyms here ,of course you can always ppm me if you like!atb

CJ30 15th Mar 2007 10:03

Net Jets Middle East
Please can any one help or pm me, i have an interview with NJME next month for cabin crew and it says that i will have an aptitude test and a service test can any one shed any light on this for me. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Have never done corporate before but have 10 years middle east commercial. Thanking any one in advance for their help!!:ok:

bogus1 21st Mar 2007 21:05

if it can make you feel any better i've had the same problem. I keep getting this automatic response.
When i called up portugal i was told that they have stopped recruiting for this year!!
oh well

whatzmyname 22nd Mar 2007 12:48

Corporate/Private Flying
:) Does anybody here have any tips on how to get into corporate flying? There doesnt seem to be many positions open for that kind of flying. Seems to be mostly in USA. Do they provide visa or they only take americans?

tiggerific_69 22nd Mar 2007 12:52

look at somebody like Netjets,theyre pretty worldwide.
and you dont need two posts about it ;)

pebbleseah 23rd Mar 2007 02:25

Hello to all,
I am currently flying for VVIP..well is 24/7 standby on my side, also some other company offer one mth on flying and one mth off, depend which company you are in. There a lots of corporate flying in the world not only in US, alot in eurpoe as well, aslo there seems to be alot coming in asia.
As long you have more than 5 years experiences in first class service, there wont be any prob, just be yourself, that good enough....


CJ30 28th Mar 2007 10:03

Anything will do!!!!
Hi guys having trawled through pages and pages about netjets i seem to be no further forward infact just confused!!!!

I have an interview for NJME next week and would appreciate any information or advice on this process whether it be through the forum or a pm. All i require is some info on the aptitude and service test for the flight attendant role. good luck to all of you that have interviews coming up. Thank you

united 4th Apr 2007 07:21

Amiri Flight
Does anybody have an idea how much does an Amiri Flight Attendant get paid on average monthly.

1) What is the basic salary for Amiri crew and how much is the
2) Is Amiri Abu Dhabi better or Amiri Qatar??
3) What the roster like? On call and on stand by the entire month?

Please help!!!!


A300Man 5th Apr 2007 19:33

No rosters in either. Both permanent standby, but there is "some" visibility of future trips, depending on your seniority at both Airwing and Al Qataria.

"Passengers" (sic) are known to request certain crew on certain trips - fact.

Airwing (Abu Dhabi "Amiri" flight) generally pays more than Al Qataria, however the latter has, surprisingly, more aircraft in their fleet and more overseas trips!!

Qatar Amiri flight presently operates: 2 x Global Challenger aircraft / 1 X A340-200 / 1 x A340-500 / 1 x A330-200 / 1 x A319LR / 1 x A320-232 / one more long range Airbus is on the way. / 1 x A310-300 has recently been loaned to another foreign state.

At Al Qataria, you will be expected to spend at least 4 months flying embedded in the mainline airline operation (i.e. Qatar Airways) depending on your joining seniority and experience.

Hope the above helps in some way.

Crew-VIP 5th Apr 2007 21:31

Anyone has info about that VIP airline that was owned by Lebanon's prime minister Rafik HARIRI which is still flying even after his death... if anyone knows something about it... which aircrafts they fly, bases, salary.. what kind of passengers etc... thanks a lot!!! any website???? Please informe if you have any info... I know it is a very exclussive airline... Thanks a lot

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