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Netjets / Private Cabin Crew / VVIP / Amiri

Cabin Crew Wannabes For discussing all aspects of becoming Cabin Crew, including applications and the assessment process.

Netjets / Private Cabin Crew / VVIP / Amiri

Old 18th Jan 2011, 21:25
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Smile i`m new here

hi every body..i`m really interested in joining a vip flights, i have almost 5 years previous experience with a comercial company in middle east.i would like to ask if this private jets hire arabic cabin crew AND if my 5 years experience good enough to join them? thank you in advance
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Old 12th Feb 2011, 11:53
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Corporate Airlines Hong Kong

Hello, I am currently flying for a private airline in the Middle East and I'm looking at moving to Hong Kong. Does anyone have any information on Corporate flying out of Hong Kong or China? I can only find two companies.
Thanks in advance,
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Old 27th Feb 2011, 14:53
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Hello!!! Its been a while since 2009, but if you still have any info about recruitment russian speaking FA for privet jets. I will be so greatfull! Thank You!!!
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Old 5th Mar 2011, 18:43
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NAS JET again

long time and it looks like I'm repeating myslef
but Nas Jet in Saudi is recruitning again
anyone going to Dubai?
any new thoughts on this company?
any ideas for cheap accomodation on Dubai?
I might finally get there
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Old 7th Mar 2011, 19:41
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Saudi Aramco

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me if they know how to apply to Saudi Aramco and if they are recruiting at the moment. An email address for the cabin crew recruiter would be a great help if anyone has that.

Thanks in advance!
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Old 8th Mar 2011, 08:26
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there was supposed to be an interview for Aramco but they postponed it due to Bahrain situation.
I got this info from an agency who was doing recruitment for them. New date is to be advised. I do not have any contact to Aramco directly. Try to apply via agency.

Anyone going to NAS?
Am I the only one?
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Old 8th Mar 2011, 09:54
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I was contacted for an interview with NAS as well but I'm flying during that dates, anyway the 3 months on in Ryhad it would be a bit too much for me...
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Old 12th Mar 2011, 21:32
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Arabian Jets

Has anyone been contacted about an interview at Arabian Jets? I applied on the off chance, not really knowing anything about them, & now i've been contacted about an interview but would like some info on them. Can anyone shed any light..??

Thank you
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Old 15th Mar 2011, 08:52
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Arabian Jets & Alpha Star

Hi All,
Would really appreciate any information anyone has on cabin crew with either Arabian Jets or Alpha Star in Saudi?? I have been invited to interview and would like some further information regarding these companies. Many thanks in advance
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Old 19th Mar 2011, 00:07
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Question Kalair

Does anyone around here have any information about Kalair? Their job offer sounds a bit too good to be true:
  • Excellent Salary
  • Full Bupa medical insurance
  • Work for only 6 months of the year - but be paid for 12 months
  • Base yourself at home
  • International Private Health Care
  • Business Class Travel to and from work
But their contact is a gmail email....
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Old 19th Mar 2011, 04:42
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Read back in this thread.
Summarized: stay away if you are looking for a serious joboffer
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Old 11th Apr 2011, 17:10
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hey guys...
i have an interview with Kalair this week.... anyone interviewed for them and know what the process is? would be very very grateful for some advice! also, does anyone know if there is anyway to get around the months trial if offered?? im not about to quit a full time position to do a trial..... thanks!!
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Old 15th Apr 2011, 13:59
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Good luck guys with Kalair- fabulous company to work for, great conditions, great roster great great money great plane great uniforms BUT!
Not all of the girls get their contract after trial period nor some of them are being informed even prior starting to fly that You Will have to provide “extra services” so to speak if you know what I mean....there are some girls doing that and happy with what they do but its not for everybody. So if you wish to provide “extra services” you will love it but if not then...well you have been warned.
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Old 16th Apr 2011, 12:15
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Cart Tart

Oooh no there is no way you can expect any diversification of Kalairs' procedures, the one month trial is obligatory just to make sure you fit the criteria of the parrallel position..... doesn't matter how experienced you are in the air...as long as you are very "experienced"...no problem as long as you are prepared for what you are about to receive!!!
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Old 17th Apr 2011, 14:52
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Royal Jet (Abu Dhabi)

Hi guys,
Anyone could help me. I just applied for RJ from their site. Is there any other way to do so?
I would like to know more about the company, salary, benefits, days off, leave(vacation) and if you can be married.
Thank you so much
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Old 6th May 2011, 00:51
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Angel Qatar Amiri

Hello everyone, I'm new here, just got a great offer from Amiri in Qatar, although still a bit dubious, - if everything is as good as they say, why then they've been recruiting VIP cabin crew non stop for ages? Does anyone have a first hand experience there and can you tell me what to expect
Also what about living in Doha if you compare it to, say Abu Dhabi. If the information is confidential, please, PM me. Thank you in advance
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Old 8th May 2011, 01:12
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You cannot compare living in AUH or DXB to DOH........the winner is UAE
Qatar is strict, overpriced and day to day items you might be used to from western world not widely available. Very slow lifestyle (might be good for some Medical services are 3 categories below what you can expect in UAE.
UAE (AUH, DXB) is on the other hand crowded with people, however higher competition brings the best out of them. UAE services are way more professional.
Depends if you like to live in the city (stay AUH) or village (go to DOH)
Qatar likes to control your whereabouts. Most of the time you have to present yourself with your ID (resident) or passport (visitor) if you go to bars, so that they know who visited.
if you need to leave the country you have to apply for exit permit?
Depends what kind of job you get...however there is also lots of control on who can visit you and what time they have to leave
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Old 13th May 2011, 12:06
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Hi Everyone,

Can anyone help?
Just wanting know who recruits for Male VVIP Cabin Crew in the Middle East.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

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Old 11th Jun 2011, 06:35
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which base did you apply for NetJets?
Can you chose your own?
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Old 14th Jun 2011, 13:14
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Hi did anyone from the interview with VistaJet in London 7/6 hear back from them yet ?? Or do you know how long time they will take to get back to us ?

I am so anxcious to know the result. .. .

Thank you.
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