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dook 13th Mar 2020 21:45

Sorry, but it isn't.

washoutt 14th Mar 2020 10:52

Is there any flight test report on the Tuscar? I wonder about its inherent flight stability. Normaly tailless aircraft or flying wings need a significant wash-out on the tips, or an s-shaped airfoil to compensate the nose-up moment, but neither is visible in the side view. Has anybody an idea on the flight stability?

sablatnic 14th Mar 2020 11:28

Lawrence engine?

dook 14th Mar 2020 11:38

Good morning sablatnic.

German engine.

MReyn24050 14th Mar 2020 13:42

Originally Posted by dook (Post 10713611)
Good morning sablatnic.

German engine.

That would be the Haacke HFM-2 air-cooled flat twin engine, 22 kW (30 hp) and fitted to the Dzialowski D.K.D.1 aircraft from Poland.

dook 14th Mar 2020 19:51

MReyn gets it with the Dzialwski DKD-1.

Over to you.

MReyn24050 14th Mar 2020 21:08

Thanks Dook. Here is the next:-


Auxtank 15th Mar 2020 11:03

Driggs Dart?

MReyn24050 15th Mar 2020 19:59

Originally Posted by Auxtank (Post 10714699)
Driggs Dart?

It was the Driggs Card Model 2. You have control.

Auxtank 15th Mar 2020 20:32

Lovely word to say; sesquiplane.

Having nothing prepared I call


meleagertoo 15th Mar 2020 22:14

Ah! Yes! Of course! A 1922 Phutney-Creech T Mk IV Aerial Land Yacht!

I never fail to be amazed at the insanely esoteric knowledge of some of the posters here. The last half dozen types I've never heard of and I thought I was a bit of an anorak...

Oh well, back to obscurity!

keep 'em coming!

Self loading bear 16th Mar 2020 22:20

Here is one more for Eager Mel.
Dust off your anorak and give it a try.
Bonus toilet rolls for the Caption competition


Asturias56 17th Mar 2020 10:04

American? Looks awful TBH

dook 17th Mar 2020 11:00

Is it a glider ?

Self loading bear 17th Mar 2020 13:15

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I will see if I can find some more flattering pictures.
Non American

fauteuil volant 17th Mar 2020 14:03

I know that I said that I wouldn't play any more but I have always had a soft spot for the De Schelde Scheldemusch and Scheldemeeuw and I think, SLB, your photograph is of the latter.

MReyn24050 17th Mar 2020 14:50

Interesting. Is it a flying boat/seaplane? The helmet the pilot is wearing looks like that worn by German Fighter Pilots WW1. The guy at the back thinking "Don't say he has lost the p-tube again.

Jhieminga 17th Mar 2020 16:24

'Jeez... how long does it take them to wind up a rubber band....' ;)

Quemerford 17th Mar 2020 18:08

I have to say I like that a lot: it looks well-made and has a great deal of charm. No idea what it is but can't wait to find out!

Self loading bear 17th Mar 2020 18:08

Bear contemplates while holding the rear:
With that cast iron pot helmet, Dook will never get airborne”

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