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Noyade 21st Feb 2021 05:37

Avro Aldershot - with the 850 hp Beardmore Typhoon engine?

nvubu 21st Feb 2021 15:21

You have it in one with the Avro Aldershot - I thought the unusual engine might throw you.

Over to you Noyade.

Noyade 22nd Feb 2021 06:09

Thanks nvubu.

Originally Posted by nvubu (Post 10994823)
I thought the unusual engine might throw you.

It did. And for reasons I can't explain I thought the aircraft in the photo was very small.

Another to try...


Noyade 23rd Feb 2021 22:26

Some clues.
British fighter aircraft. On the extreme bottom right, on the grass, is Mutt Summers' parachute. The aircraft is being refueled at Norwich Mousehold airfield.

FlightlessParrot 24th Feb 2021 00:47

I think that might be the Vickers Type 141.

Noyade 24th Feb 2021 03:25

Indeed it is.
Over to you.

FlightlessParrot 24th Feb 2021 04:00

Thanks, Noyade.


Asturias56 24th Feb 2021 08:00

Look rather like something from Vickers to me

FlightlessParrot 24th Feb 2021 08:31

Originally Posted by Asturias56 (Post 10996612)
Look rather like something from Vickers to me

I resisted the temptation to post another Vickers aircraft.

10 DME ARC 24th Feb 2021 15:55

Bolton Paul P.71A?? OH if correct

FlightlessParrot 24th Feb 2021 21:55

Originally Posted by 10 DME ARC (Post 10996912)
Bolton Paul P.71A?? OH if correct

It is indeed the Bolton & Paul P.71A. Not as obscure as I thought. 10 DME has called Open House.

Asturias56 25th Feb 2021 11:44

Another oldie..................

Noyade 25th Feb 2021 23:16

A Curtiss Pusher of sorts?
Monoplane forward elevator = Type III pusher?

Asturias56 26th Feb 2021 07:10

Getting very close - this particular design carried out the first heavier than air flight in two far flung spots


Noyade 26th Feb 2021 20:40

Originally Posted by Asturias56 (Post 10997936)
Getting very close

Unfortunately that's as close as I can get. According to Bowers (Curtiss/Putnam/1979) - there were no designations for the early model Curtiss pushers?


Asturias56 27th Feb 2021 07:12

This one was a Curtiss but it was modded by someone else................. standing back a bit withe camera here may help........


Noyade 27th Feb 2021 07:59

They appear to be two different aircraft?
Your first image (#2097) clearly shows a large 'monoplane' forward elevator. The image above now has a 'biplane' forward elevator.

sycamore 27th Feb 2021 10:32

Sproat Lake might help......

Asturias56 27th Feb 2021 11:43

Don't understand the reference to Sproat Lake - none of these pictures were taken there AFAIK

And it is the same aircraft - it was shipped to the location seen with the hills/mountains where it performed the first heavier than air flight ever in that location and flew for several days for a (partly) paying audience - then it was broken down to and shipped to the location where the lovely ladies resided and again performed the the first heavier than air flight ever in that country where I understand a replica is on show. They may have tinkered with the design at times - it was the early days of flying after all. In the original location (not shown) it may have carried paying passengers but it certainly didn't in the hilly spot (the pilot believing it was far too dangerous to do so) - not certain re passengers the ultimate destination

Self loading bear 27th Feb 2021 13:03

Originally Posted by sycamore (Post 10998595)
Sproat Lake might help......

I think Sycamore is referring to the Philippine Mars and the Hawaii Mars?

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