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RegDep 7th Sep 2011 12:50

How on earth you post a minute before I. We must find these at the same time. Should I sit in a Faraday cage to prevent you learning what I do skwinty? Or just learn posting faster?

Oman Salalah Airport, which goes to skwinty.

StressFree 7th Sep 2011 12:59

Yes its Salalah, Oman. I've got some others of remote Oman strips I've been into, can't find them at present but will post another time.

Over to you.

skwinty 7th Sep 2011 13:07

Try this one.


RegDep 7th Sep 2011 13:12

Been in the country but the other (at the time) airport, so I leave this to others.

sabredog 7th Sep 2011 16:23

Matekane Airport , Lesotho.

skwinty 7th Sep 2011 16:27

sabredog has control:ok:

sabredog 7th Sep 2011 18:52

Thank you,Skwinty, and my apologies for the delay in responding.
It is still;
Open House.

StressFree 8th Sep 2011 07:10

Try this, it should be the right size......


skwinty 8th Sep 2011 14:38

Hi Stressfree is it Seeb International?

StressFree 8th Sep 2011 15:56

Skwinty, no sir its not Seeb.

Clue - its a big runway for a fairly small place..........

StressFree 8th Sep 2011 18:49

Folks, I can't monitor this for a few days so I'll have to reveal the photo, its of Sfax in southern Tunisia..............

In all honesty would anyone have got it? There were few clues..............

RegDep 8th Sep 2011 19:35

Not me, not in a short time, anyhow. Although the houses were not typical for "regular oil producing places" :rolleyes:.

skwinty 8th Sep 2011 19:41

I would only started looking at Africa after I had looked at all the Oman airfields.:*:)

I took your earlier post about Oman seriously.:8

Airhopper 9th Sep 2011 15:50

I believe it is open house so here is one which does not appear to have been posted before.


jindabyne 10th Sep 2011 11:35

PNG possibly?

Makamba 10th Sep 2011 20:01

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles?

Russell Gulch 10th Sep 2011 20:13

This end of the runway looks extended, and with the embankment, reminds me of a memory of a recollection of a thought of an overrun accident, but I struggle to recall any more.

Airhopper 10th Sep 2011 22:18

It's very remote.

KeMac 11th Sep 2011 10:52

Easter Island

Airhopper 11th Sep 2011 19:50

Correct - you have it

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