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Nepotisim 2nd Mar 2009 11:40

I think he means that if you work in SYD then the same people that unblock toilets aren't the same ones that change the engines.:cool:

That said, if you work anywhere else but SYD then you won't be doing either. :uhoh:


hadagutfull 2nd Mar 2009 13:02

In Sydney (Base), Cabin Interior would be unblocking toilets.....
Base Servicing crews would be changing engines....

Bumpfoh 2nd Mar 2009 21:41


That said, if you work anywhere else but SYD then you won't be doing either.:uhoh:
With the emoticon obviously a piss take! (hopefully):ok:

Having said that there are some in SYD that believe that anything remotely important aircraft maintenance wise only ever happens in SYD.:ugh:

Short_Circuit 2nd Mar 2009 23:28

Before this gets out of hand, what is being said is.
We all do what needs to be done in the ground time avail
and with equipment / spares avail.
The complaint is that there are some individuals in some stations
who do not pull their weight, do not earn their wage,
wouldn't work in an iron lung.
We all know them and the overall percentage is very low.

Nepotisim 3rd Mar 2009 04:48

Please don't take me seriously, just a bit of good natured ribbing.;)

All the guys involved in keeping them serviceable do a great job no matter where they are based. :ok::ok::ok:

aus01 5th Mar 2009 02:35

poor QE
All you poor hard done by QF Engineers. Why donít you all just shut up and do your f&#king Jobs. No wonder QF has such a bad reputation. Just look at the endless posts of you all bickering and having shots at each other. Wake up.

Orangputi 5th Mar 2009 05:34

You wake up!
Wow big comments from a 26 year old world experienced LAME (still in nappies). Perhaps you should wake and earn your stripes before making such comments as a 2 posted probationary ppruner!

Anulus Filler 5th Mar 2009 07:17

No wonder QF has such a bad reputation. Just look at the endless posts of you all bickering and having shots at each other.

Who's bickering and having a shot at [email protected]

BrissySparkyCoit 5th Mar 2009 07:22

Aus01. Thankyou for your constructive comments. Good to see you contributing meaningful discussion. Now please troll elsewhere.

Mr.Buzzy 5th Mar 2009 08:00

Hmmmm PERuNe?.........


Hardworker 5th Mar 2009 22:44

We all know them and the overall percentage is very low

It has actually increased, 12 Operations Managers...
It long overdue, time a managerial shake up, send the RH DH TD KM GH of this world somewhere else, the mis management and loss in real dollars figures is ridiculous!
The A380 introduction a joke, the A330 licence coverage an even bigger one....but like all LAME's we get on with trying to keep the fleet safe - no matter how dangerous some of the aircraft return from overseas maintenance, with major defects, we just fix it all and move on. No recognition, no thanks, just management ducking for cover...
QF engineering is a far cry from what it was and what it was capable of doing, now its a barest of all operations, with limited resources and capabilities

Ngineer 6th Mar 2009 02:13

It has actually increased, 12 Operations Managers...
Thats just great!! They cut down on manpower and overtime, then employ more managers. When will these guys ever learn. Too many cooks spoil the broth (especially when they cant cook). Its time for them all to go, and let us get back to the basics. Things are not improving.

The A380 introduction a joke
This is old history re-visited. We tried this with the 744 crews and it didnt work. We tried to tell them the A380 crews would not work and they would not listen. This is just empire building, incompetance and un-accountability. People too proud to admit mistakes and move on. Unfortunately later, rather than sooner, things will change.

Engineer_aus 6th Mar 2009 12:36

Just remember the Part Timers. QF Syd will all be part timers soon. you watch. I am glad nothing has changed since I left many moons ago!

Hempy 6th Mar 2009 13:32

Buzzy unless you have something worthwhile to contribute piss off, troll

D & G Reporting Points: Airline and RPT issues in Australia and enZed.

Bolty McBolt 7th Mar 2009 00:55

Big thread drift...

We tried this with the 744 crews and it didnít work
I fail to see the similarity between the introduction of the 744 and the A380.
The 744 crews were started to maintain continuity of recurrent defects while the fleet was small. It was about learning to trouble shoot the digital disaster...
The 744 crew worked with and along side the other servicing crews until 90% of servicing crews had their own coverage and the 744 crews were dispersed.
Every one was brought up to speed the "old way", by passing on what we have learned so that we save our peers making the same time wasting mistakes. These days its called CRM and needs to be taught but that is another thread all together.

The A380 introduction is a new aircraft, new system of maintenance, new e-log, e-maintenance (marlin etc)and not 1 person outside the A380 bubble has been shown yet alone trained in any of the new systems.

The (legacy) base maint engineers have been so fire walled away from the introduction of the A380 that if the "biosphere" that is hangar 96 were to need backup due to any shortage of skills or manpower as the fleet expands, no one would be able to even assist as it requires a 14 day Gen Fam course to even look at the behemoth yet alone come up to speed on the system of maint.

Will be interesting to see what happens as Base and Team A380 compete for the same manpower in what is left in the job market of available engineers.
Both want an extra 50 heads rather than pool their manpower :}
It will be interesting to see which clown wins the tug-of-war

Mr.Buzzy 7th Mar 2009 09:20

Sure thing Hempy!

Interestingly, I note your contribution to this thread has been nil. (Aside, of course, from telling me to pi55 off.)


I've had my say, the individual concerned has been dealt with appropriately.

As I said, he should not have been given a second chance when "caught out" during his apprenticeship. The other eight pages of this thread are about trying to lay blame with QF management and to somehow make this clown out to be the victim.

Do the crime (twice) pay the time and move on. Don't waste 8 pages blaming "the system"

Face it, a crook will deceive ANY system, so stop your bleating and worry about why your jobs are disappearing around your ears!


Engineer_aus 8th Mar 2009 03:02

I have finally read the entire thread. "Smasher" was a very interesting engineer. He had done all his basic's, plus a JTP course, and was trying to do AA back in 2002 when I had worked with him. He really didnt like to work and hated snorks. He also thought he was above everyone else. I wonder how many more AME's are going to be caught out. Time will tell. But with Management as they were back in 2002 when I left nothing has changed and are trying to divide that huge wedge down the middle. I remember back then when they were trying to get the Airbus and Boeing crews going. I just feel for the poor apprentices that really have no chance at all. I am glad I got out of QF and enjoy my time in GA.

Bumpfoh 8th Mar 2009 09:39

Eng Aus
Sorry to be a pedant old son but he definitely did a QF B767 course.

Engineer_aus 8th Mar 2009 10:09

Thats cool, I just remember him saying that he had done the JTP.

company_spy 9th Mar 2009 08:27

Sorry to be a pedant old son but he definitely did a QF B767 course.
He had also done a JTP 767 Eng/Af l. Don't know which was done first.

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