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flyer_18-737 29th Aug 2008 11:46

Seems TT are marking their territory down in Tassie, with the new additions of a an extra 3daily services to HBA ex MEL and an extra service to LST ex Mel also...

EXEK1996 4th Sep 2008 01:08

Unless thay start flying into BNE and SYD and therefore fly more of the trunk routes I wonder how they can survive?

CasperA320 4th Sep 2008 02:30

Tiger Territory is down South
The Tier model is to operate the southern part of Oz first.
They plan to expand into QLD next year,then the capital cities after that.
They are not rushing or is it crawlling before you walk.
Tiger is a very low cost,no huge costs, just look at the others-$50 mil just to overnight crew- yes you need alot of SYD/MEL to pay for that.
Tigers motto-The cheapest seats-The safest Airline-And the Happiest Staff
The new CEO FOR OZ is the greatest thing to happen to TIGER and SIA are very happy with the operation-- with 70 A320s on order- Just wait & watch !!

43Inches 4th Sep 2008 03:21

Maybe Tiger is doing exactly that, crawl-walk-run, get a foothold on minor routes, work your stuff out, then enter the squable over mel-syd-bris well prepared and experienced in the local market.

Muff Hunter 4th Sep 2008 22:24

if they keep losing a million per week they won't be around for very long..

Skystar320 4th Sep 2008 23:37

Singapore with deep pockets and backed by the Ryan's? I think so.......

Just as Qantas with Jetstar Asia its Singapore's turn to go Tiger in Australia

43Inches 5th Sep 2008 09:25

Didn't tiger make $30m profit last FY?

porch monkey 5th Sep 2008 13:23

Tiger singapore did. Whole company. Tiger Oz made approx. 10 mil loss.

Wine Glass 14th Sep 2008 11:43

ADL CC base?
Hi guys,

is there any concrete word on an ADL CC base? If so, does anyone have any info or timings of when the base will open?



Artificial Horizon 14th Sep 2008 19:38

Can anyone actually post here what the terms and conditions are at Tiger. They are advertising for pilots but I can't find any info about pay. And before anyone says to do a search, I have and have just found lots of posts about how bad it is to pay for training and having to hand write flight plans etc...... Any actual Tiger pilots out there that could PM me some terms and conditions would be appreciated.



Sunstar320 14th Sep 2008 21:56

Hi guys,

is there any concrete word on an ADL CC base? If so, does anyone have any info or timings of when the base will open?


ADL base opens with 1 A319 on the 12Feb and then the ADL base expands with the arrival of a 2nd A319, with operations to begin on 1st March

Between 12 Feb-1 March, the 1xA319 will be doing ADL-MEL sectors. Then the ADL-HBA,OOL,ASP,PER begins on 1st March 2009

Wine Glass 15th Sep 2008 05:58


outstanding! Thankyou very much for your quick reply. Fly safe!

apacau 15th Sep 2008 07:19

I imagine further routes from Adelaide to be announced soon?

A little birdie also told me that due to maintenance scheduling, rather than having all A319s in ADL and A320s in MEL, the reality is that they are likely to be shared across both bases (though not yet confirmed). The extra flexibility does make sense to match capacity with demand as needed.

sthaussiepilot 15th Sep 2008 08:41

I herd from certian adelaide people that Tiger have already began negotiating new routes, however are going to "wait and see" how the currently announced routes go first.....

Should be interesting...

Sunstar320 15th Sep 2008 09:49

My Initial prediction for the Adelaide base is the scaling back to 3weekly of ADL-HBA. Just my thought, feel free to disagree...

No birdy told me this, but I have a feeling we will see Tiger enter the Cairns market very soon. Setting up a base there would also be good. Didn't Jetstar close down a base there? or was that someone else? Townsville also has good potential ex MEL, they would do well out of this

Sydney and Brisbane will come guys, might just be 10 years away, thats all:ok:

sthaussiepilot 15th Sep 2008 10:21

you've pretty well hit the nail on the head with the Cairns base,

Apparantly the hope is to get a base open there, and they are looking into Adelaide-Cairns daily or every second day... but thats pure speculation, just rumors floating around....

Sunstar320 15th Sep 2008 10:40

Jetstar seems to be doing excellent on MEL-CNS as well as Qantas. Tiger would do quite well out of Cairns as they are usually about 30/40% cheaper than there rivals. I would certainly use them for this service.

They seem keen on all this "overseas routing, using Australian Based Crew" idea though, which would suit Cairns, as well as Melbourne....

But, as Tiger are great at never letting details emerge, who knows when we will find out whats going on with this airline.......:suspect:

Skystar320 15th Sep 2008 10:45

Ages ago, wasn't QF running 742's out of MEL & SYD to CNS>?

bogan mover 15th Sep 2008 10:57

Let me just clarify a couple of things here.

Tiger doesn't need to open a base in CNS to operate there. However, I agree with Sunstar 320, CNS is probably on the radar for destinations in the very near future.

No one. Not even the managing director, knows where the next base will be. That won't be known until they've run all the numbers. And who knows when that'll be 'cause they are certainly in no hurry.

Based on the numbers, for all we know, base 3 could be Perth. They will go were the best deal is offered.

We can speculate all we like about this mob but there track record so far is to keep everyone guessing. And QANTAS and Virgin can't stand it. :*

sthaussiepilot 15th Sep 2008 11:57


Although they dont have to open a base there, you have to admit, it has a great potential to become a fantastic operating base, aswell as perth...

Yes other places have potential but I strongly belive that CNS would be a prime location for them

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